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Publication Order of Galaxy Gladiators Books

The “Galaxy Gladiators” is a series of novels by the award-winning and bestselling author of paranormal romance fiction Alan Khan.

Over the years, she developed a reputation for penning romances with three-dimensional characters, adventure, and steam that usually result in happy endings.

She penned her debut novel of the “Galaxy Gladiators” series Zar in 2019 and has been at it ever since. As it stands, she has been writing for several years and now has at least 20 works in the series.
Khan has said that she writes because she cannot stop and for years has contemplated getting a bumper sticker with the words, “I’d rather be writing.”

Many of Alana Khan’s novels in the series are set in outer space, even though the struggles and emotions in her novels could happen to just about anyone.

While her name seems to fit like a glove, it is actually a pseudonym. When she first started writing she was faced with a decision on what name to use.
She has been a licensed psychotherapist for years and still practices even after she achieved success with her novels. As a psychotherapist, she did not want any of her clients to be scandalized when they read her sexy stories that she does on the side hence the use of the pseudonym.

Still, she makes use of her experience as a therapist dealing with anything from PTSD and trauma to provide unique insights when writing her novels. She usually delves into the thoughts, feelings, and motivations of his characters as she writes with a ring of deep truth and emotion.

Outside of her writing and psychotherapy practice, Alana was once the owner of a Harley Sportster which she used to ride regularly. When she lived in Denver, she had an Internet Movie Database (IMDB) credit and worked on several local movies under her real name.
She sometimes provides some of her books for free on her website and interacts with her fans on her social media pages.

The “Galaxy Gladiators” series of novels follow the life and times of human women that find love and adventure with humanoid and animal-like aliens. They had been taken from Earth and bundled into slave ships and then imprisoned in a cell where they are forced to mate with an alien gladiator.

What is interesting though is that instead of considering themselves victims, they remain strong and hopeful and ultimately mastermind a coup. The ragtag bunch of women then embark on a journey across the galaxy to find love, right wrongs and fight for their lives.
These are angsty stories that come with kick-ass heroines who are ready to tame alien alphas that are ready for redemption. They also come with hot muscular aliens and badass heroines in steamy sex scenes.
These are alphas that have been badly damaged and need all the redemption in the world hence making for some exhilarating stories with guaranteed happily-ever-after endings.

The first novel of the “Galaxy Gladiators” series of novels is “Zar.” The novel introduces Any, a woman who went to sleep like she always did and woke up to find herself kidnapped.

She is now in a slave spacecraft in a cell alongside a humanoid boar-like alien. She had been kidnapped alongside nine other females and is now being forced to mate with the aliens.
Any prisoner that refuses to copulate with the aliens will be killed by having their heads blown off. In the beginning, Anya did not believe what was happening to her was real.

However, she comes to terms with reality when she is shoved into a cell with her humanoid alien that looks like a mix of a lion and a bear. The alien tries to be as gentle as he can and does not too much time in the mating ritual but Anya still has to endure the animalistic and cruel countenance.

She later learns that the alien happens to be the top fighting gladiator on board and is even more puzzled at how gentle he was. She has no hope or ability to escape or take over the ship and finally accepts what destiny has for her.
But there is a small sliver of hope in the form of an alien that is just three feet tall and seems to possess a gift for telepathy.

Shadow is the second novel of the Galaxy Gladiators series of novels by Alana Khan. This work tells of Shadow a gladiator that is known for being an asshat. The humanoid alien is cold and angry and keeps anyone at arm’s length including Grace his cellmate.
The man was being his usual arrogant and anti-social self when he visited Numa for the gladiatorial games and met Petra. The gladiators need money from the games to buy supplies and repair the ships and he never expected to meet someone that would capture his heart.
On her part, Petra had been living in Eastern Europe when she was abducted by aliens and turned into a sex slave. She had always been a headstrong woman with a take-no-prisoners attitude but the abduction had almost broken her spirit.
When she meets Shadow, they have intense chemistry and she considers letting him in, as she believes he may be the man that could help her escape.

It is a thrilling story of acceptance and redemption as the gladiator and sassy heroine who had been done hard by people they care about combine forces to take on life and find love.

The third novel of the “Galaxy Gladiators” series of novels is “Tyree.”
The lead in the novel is a woman named Grace that was abducted by aliens. She had survived the abduction and now lives among the alien gladiators where she believes herself safe.

However, she recently was informed that one of her friends had gotten hold of her music video and posted it on a video-sharing site where it has gone viral.

Given her newfound notoriety, she has been invited to perform on the emperor’s planet. She is terrified of performing in public as she is afraid of crowds. However, she will need to perform or else anger the emperor who could wipe all of them out.
The only hope is Tyree her protector who is very good at calming her down. Even though she has never believed in fated mates, there is something very different and intensely attractive about Tyree.

She manages to give a very good performance due to being coached by her friend but things go wrong as they are betrayed. Will they survive and finally get their much-deserved happily ever after?

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