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The Game Maker Series
The Game Maker is a series of adult fiction by American author of contemporary, paranormal romance and young adult books Kresley Cole. The series features strong alpha males who are linked to the Russian Mafia and sassy women who captivate the men they meet. The mafia dealings bring a lot of action to the series, and the erotic bits show how the strongest of men become weak when love is in the air.

Kresley Kole began her The Game Maker series in 2014 when The Professional was published. The series lasted three books concluding in 2016 with The Player. The stories are somehow linked, but each book comes with a solid plot so you can enjoy each as a standalone. The Russian mafia involvement gives the series quite an edge, and it helps that all the main male characters come with sexy Russian accents.

The Professional
In the Professional, we meet Aleksandra Sevastyan, a mafia enforcer, also known as “The Siberian.” Aleksandra stays loyal to his boss until he meets the boss’s daughter. The long-lost girl is a tantalizing redhead who occupies Sevastyan’s mind like no one ever did. While Sevastyan job is to protect the boss’s daughter, he ends up failing to do the job he is hired to since he wants to possess her as well, but on his terms.

Natalie Porter is your average American Girl. She was raised by adoptive parents who are careful to introduce her to the processes of farm life. When Natalie comes of age, she decides to go in search of her Russian birth parents. Unfortunately, she comes to a dead-end and decides to shelve her search plans as she is already busy holding three jobs. While Natalie does not think much about her failed search for her parents, her inquiries do not go unnoticed. Soon enough, Sevastyan goes to search for her.

Natalie’s first encounter with Sevastyan leaves her feeling all warm inside. She has barely gotten over the effect that Sevastyan has on her when he whisks her to Russia. Here, Natalie is exposed to obscene wealth and nasty pleasures. Natalie’s protector becomes her weakness, and the more time she spends with him, the more intense her feelings get. That said, Natalie knows all too well that while their feelings are mutual, nothing much can come out of their relationship. Sevastyan, a huge mafia enforcer, is the complete opposite of Natalie, a simple young woman with a small-town upbringing. The chances of the relationship being anything but casual are minimal.

Neither Sevastyan nor Natalie is prepared for the kind of emotions that come to life when the two get to know each other a little deeper. While Sevastyan likes to be bossy and take over in the bedroom, he has a soft side that shows when he is with Natalie. The young girl has a wild side as well. Sevastyan’s skills between the sheets bring out her wild side, turning their meetings into steamy and sexy episodes where they both work to quench their thirsts for each other.

If you are looking for an action-packed suspense novel with some bit of erotic scenes, this book is ideal. The pace is just perfect, and the details about the Mafia are nothing but exciting. The characters are also fascinating, and there is no doubt that you will fall in love with the hero and heroine in this story. Travel to the world of fantasy full of hardened men who think that they can get everything they want and opulence that many of us can only fantasize about.
The Master
The Master is the second book in the Game Makers series, but it can also be enjoyed a standalone. It introduces us to Maksimilian Sevastyan, a rich and irresistible mafia boss cum politician. Sevastyan has complicated desires that involve obedient blondes who are willing to go to great lengths to please him. Things change when he encounters a brunette who not only disobeys him but also comes with a body that the mafia boss cannot resist.

Catarina Marin is a young wife who has everything going great for her until her world falls apart. Catarina’s situation forces her to flee to Miami, where she does odd jobs like cleaning houses for wealthy clients. While she could secure better jobs, Catarina prefers these jobs as they keep her off the grid. However, she gets a hint that her cover has been compromised. She has to get some quick cash and continue running before her past catches up with her. She decides to take her friend’s place as a high-priced call girl so that she can get some quick and skip town.

Fate brings Sevastyan to her doorstep, and when he tells Catarina whatever he is willing to do to her, she almost leaves the room. However, after spending time with the bossy Sevastyan, Caterina is glad that she changed her mind. Her encounter with the handsome Sevastyan is nothing but mind-blowing. The two become lovers and their feelings for each other are out of control. However, they understand that deadly threats surround them, and escaping is quite a task. The relationship also experiences a few hiccups along the way. For one, trust is an issue, and the insecurity is deep enough to destroy this budding relationship. There are also deep secrets that neither of these two is willing to disclose to the other. In the end, the book leaves you wondering whether it will be possible for Maksim to overcome the shadows in his past and offer Caterina the future she desires.

Like the previous novel in the series, The Master is fast-paced novel that will get you hooked from the first page. The action in the story is courtesy of the Russian Mafia and Caterina’s colorful past. The main characters are quite interesting, and the jaw-dropping romance scenes will have you looking forward to the next scene. The story is beautifully written, and you will easily get lost in it as the characters entice you to travel with them through the life journeys.

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