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Publication Order of Gap Books

The Gap into Conflict: The Real Story (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Forbidden Knowledge: The Gap Into Vision (1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dark and Hungry God arises: The Gap Into Power (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Chaos and Order: The Gap Into Madness (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Gap Into Ruin: This Day All Gods Die (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon

Stephen R Donaldson was born in 1947. He is an American novelist from Cleveland Ohio. During his early years, Stephen lived in India with his family where his father worked as a surgeon. Donaldson left India to Wooster College for his undergraduate studies and later did his Master’s Graduate program from Kent State University. In this review, we shall cover The Gap Series from this author.

The Gap Into Conflict: The Real Story # 1 Gap
This exciting series talks about the adventures and the constant conflict between good and evil with the human race. Angus Thermopyle is a vile villain and a murderer. He is an iron pirate greatly feared by his adversaries, making the most infamous Delta Sector asteroid pilots stay out of his path. His enemies ended up either in the grave or as captive toys for him to torture and maim. Thermopyle stepped in at Mallory’s Bar & Lodging place with Morn Maryland, a former cop with the local police. Nick Succorso, a regular patron at Mallory’s bar, had his unique reputation and wasn’t threatened by Themoplyle’s presence or his antics.

Patrons at the favorite bar knew a storm was brewing between the two villains, But they didn’t expect it to take place so soon. The fatal collision brought down one of the greatest fighters in a frustrating victory that left both men deflated and out of breathe. It was a clashing moment of fierce battle and passionate rivalry and revenge—as presumed by their associates. The truth presented an entirely different scenario. In this book, Stephen R. Donaldson elaborates a comprehensive narrative of mighty conquests, deceptive politics and bold characters that makes the story interestingly pitiless, somewhat jittery at first but you get the hang of it after settling in a few chapters deep into the book.

There are too many grotesque details elaborating emotional distress and physical abuse mostly due to the inherent violence. The whole story was intriguing but not nearly enough to keep you hooked on the book. It’s a little bit disturbing to read the author’s descriptions of rape. It makes one think he’s a fetish of the despicable act. Most of the characters displayed roughness and masochism. I hope to read a less violent plot in the next book on the Gap series.

The Gap Into Vision: Forbidden Knowledge #2 Gap
In this series, we continue with the mindless psychological torture from the disgusting acts of the main characters. To some, it might seem thrilling, but Stephen went overboard with his descriptions in this series. Makes you question his sanity; nevertheless, you have to credit his creativity in crafting a sadistic plot with characters perfect enough for his stories. Morn thought that her ordeal ended when Nick rescued her, but the journey leaves her torn apart both physically and emotionally. Nick and his crew comprised of rogue men and the captain cannot guarantee her safety on the ship. He assumes that’s not part of the job and once again Morn has to defend herself from the monsters accompanying her.

Nick Suarcoso, the captain of Fancy, a massive ship that has sailed around the galaxy numerous times believes in trust and honesty from the women he comes across. Morn has to prove to him that she’s trustworthy, though he somehow has the urge to sleep with her; he manages to keep it together until he can figure out her motive. Due to his insecurities, Nick ruthlessly attacks Morn repeatedly, and she finally gets the better of him and manages to subdue him. Morn carefully makes Nick to believe in her. He finds it hard to trust her and takes out his frustration on her by assaulting her again and again when she finally manages to deceive him, and Nick finally assigns her some duties to undertake in the ship.

Angus Thermopylae finally lands in Prison under the influence of Nick on the authorities to capture the vile, sadistic character. Aliens referred to as Amnions in this book, and they are fearless loose cannons who enjoy tormenting humans. Nick depends on these little guys for supplies, and he must handle them with care, or else the entire ship and his crew disappears into never land. What a riveting read! Dark fantasy contains nasty carnage that will have your blood boiling and your intestines churning from the extensively well-written narrative.

The Gap Into Power: A Dark and Hungry God Arises #3 Gap
The story twists further with more betrayals and twisted tales told in real, deliberate, adamant pace. This book offers grim hope it explains the previous books and a way forward into the future. The moment of confrontation at Billingate is about to take place. The illegal shipyard, harboring dangerous pirates and vagabonds, where immorality flourishes and to every man his own, their vile appetites grow by the minute. Entry to the extraterrestrial land of the Amnion, the shipyard is an essential safe house to procure supplies and ammunition to fight humans. Morn Hyland’s fate lies in the uncertainty of her cruel masters, Nick, and company. Angus survived prison and has the police boss under his wings; he’s begun manipulating the system and hatched a plan of escape with the resident warden Dios. Morn has survived the worst kind of turbulence and once again she must get out of the hellhole pirate ship or else Angus will catch up with her.

The suspense here is inexorably gripping! This book reveals the main plot amid treason and betrayal. As the multiple devious schemes reveal yet profound intentions, the protagonist’s lives hang in the balance in the looming plans made by the Police director, the Dragon, and warden Dios. The treacherous laid out plans all take place against a background of corruption from government and police officials. Hungry powerbrokers and civil service employees toss their oaths to the wind and play by the jungle book; the winner takes it all. The swindling and betrayals put our protagonists in a dilemma. As anxiety kicks in, there’s little hope for survival.

This presents as one of Donaldson’s best books so far. The creativity and interwoven plots make up for a fabulously entertaining read that will keep you on edge from start to finish. No one is presumably safe. Well, maybe the aliens, but all the protagonists must fight to stay alive.

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