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Garon Whited is a fantasy, science fiction, comedy and humor author from Texarkana. He was born in 1969 or 1970 but his original birth certificate is missing or unavailable and hence no one knows the true date of his birth. After living all over the south with his parents, he finally decided to make his home back in Texarkana. He went to Texas A&M College, the University of Fayetteville and Texarkana College. As a college student he studied all manner of things none of which were useful in his later career as an author. After working as a cremationist, delivery driver, crime scene cleanup specialist, burger flipper, amateur ax thrower, pharmacist technician and strip club DJ among many other jobs he decided to try his hand at writing. Garon has said that over the years, he has battled blood sucking pineapples, organic golems, were chihuahuas, and vegetarian vampires, which is what makes him just the author for fantastic fiction. He published “Sunset,” the debut novel of the “Nightlord” series in 2006. Since then, he has made a name for himself writing optimistic science fiction novels in post-apocalyptic settings that usually end with feel good twists.

Whited started writing stories when she was in kindergarten since he never cared for adventures and loved to play outside. Now that he is older, he still does not have a sense of adventure with most of it taking place in his head. He started writing stories since he had a very loose grip on sanity and reality which meant that his imaginary friends often seemed very real. Despite being imaginary, these friends never shut up and he eventually realized that he could either get medicated or find a way for them to talk. It took him about six years to write his first manuscript that would later be published as “Sunset” in 2006. To be fair’ it was nothing like a novel but more like a tome with more than 300,000 words written over the half a dozen years. However, he does not complain as it was the novel that launched his writing career. Moreover, the rest of the novels in the series are about the same length. Nonetheless, he has earned to write shorter fiction works since then. As for his favorite authors, he includes the likes of EE Doc Smith, Robert Heinlein, David Drake, Roger Zelazny, Spider Robinson and Isaac Asimov. He also loves Tolkien and still keeps the battered copy of “The Lord of the Rings” that he got when he was a child.
While Garon Whited is best known for his longer works, he has become a prolific author of not only novels but also short stories. His debut novel “Sunset” of the “Nightlord” series of novels tells the story of a human physics teacher. He never wanted anything to do with the paranormal until he is turned into a vampire, which results in him proceeding to have many fantastic adventures. When Whited is not writing his novels, he can still be found playing them. He is a huge fan of role playing games and got into it many editions ago. It may be part of what led him to becoming an author as it provided some of the material for the plots and characters in his novels. Garon is a huge reader of fantasy and fiction and strangely enough, he doesn’t like vampire fiction which is a genre in which he writes in.

Garon Whited’s “Sunset” is the story of Eric, a man that never asked to be turned into a vampire. In his naive days, he never believed that vampires even existed. But then he had met a beautiful woman and when he awakened from a hangover, he bit his tongue and looking in the mirror he saw that he had fangs. He is now a fully fledged vampire that works a day job even as he learns how to live as a dead man. The most important rule is that his predatory instincts and bloodthirsty urges are a real bitch. Luckily, he will be taught the ropes by the beautiful Sasha but soon learns that life as a vampire and learning magic is the least of his worries. Things get worse when Eric finds himself in an alternate world after Sasha is killed. He is now a Nightlord who has to battle against a dragon while mounted on Bronze his magical steed. Things get very interesting when he finally meets the head of the church of light one Tobias. Soon Eric is in the middle of an epic fight set on the edge 0f the world as he battles to prevent darkness from infesting everything he loves.

“Shadows” by Garon Whited continues to follow Eric the unwitting vampire. It has not been easy being a king particularly since he is allergic to sunset and sunrise. He also has to deal with a basement full of insecurities, a mother in law that is a fire goddess, random assassins, and demonic adversaries. Added to the mix is the princess/priestess who is his daughter, a city full of wizards, several slightly deranged magicians and several squabbling princes that make everything seem like a kindergarten full of unruly kids. All this could be enough to make anyone give up but for Eric he has some supernatural objects to help him. His horse likes and understands him despite his shortcomings, he has a smart mouthed sword and the largest pet rock in the world.

Garon Whited’s “Orb” is set nine years after the events of the second novel in the series. The demon king has finally been removed from his orb but the damage he has wrought in those nine years has been devastating. Given the state of things, Halar flees and heads to another earth seeming planet alongside his horse Bronze. Halar makes use of the powers and knowledge to get himself and his friend establish themselves in the west. It is there that he meets Mary who is of another race of vampires that changes his life forever. Since they were having too many run-ins with vampires and mages they are forced to go back home to strategize.

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