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Silent Night (1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
Creeping Shadows (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon

Garrison Allen is an American author of fiction. He writes books in the mystery and thriller genre. He was born on June 23, 1939, in East Tawas, Michigan. Allen passed away on July 14, 2012. Garrison Allen is his pen name. He has used it to write several Big Mike books. He also writes under the pen name Gary Amo.

Allen is a past President of the SoCal/MWA. He has written several thrillers under his Gary Amo pen name and even received an Edgar award nomination. His first full length fictional novel that stood alone (not included in a series) is titled Silent Night. He released it under the Gary Amo pseudonym. He also wrote another novel titled Creeping Shadows under the same name.

Garrison Allen is the originator and the author of the Kate Gallagher mystery series, written under the name of Gary Amo. The series started with the debut of the first novel in 1990. It was titled Come Nightfall. Three years later, Come Darkness came out. The sequel focuses on Kate’s attempt to prove that her brother in innocent of murder before a jury finds otherwise.

He is the originator and author of the Big Mike mystery series. It was written under the name of Garrison Allen. The series kicked off in 1994 with the release of the first novel in the series. It was titled Desert Cat. The sequel came out the next year, titled Royal Cat. It was followed by Stable Cat, then Baseball Cat, and the fifth and sixth books in the series, Dinosaur Cat and Movie Cat.

Desert Cat is the first book in Garrison Allen’s fun fictional series of novels. This book came out in 1994 and readers have been excited to read every following book in the series ever since!

Penelope Warren is a bright young woman that owns a book store that specializes in mystery novels. She spends her time running the store and hanging out with her cat Mycroft. One day she’s minding her own business when a case comes her way.

A baby Seismosaurus Rex fossil has been found in Empty Creek all the way out in Arizona. It’s a huge break for science, but then things take a turn for the worse. In fact, they take a turn that is downright deadly. When a young scientist is discovered murdered, no one knows what to think.

It’s up to Penelope and her feline companion Mycroft (known by the nickname Big Mike) to get to the bottom of this deadly case. As murder mysteries go, this one is about as large as a Tyrannosaurus Rex would have been back in the day. Can Penelope and her cat take on this case and solve it once and for all?

Find out by reading the very first book in the acclaimed Big Mike series from author Garrison Allen!

Royal Cat is the exciting sequel to the debut novel in the Big Mike mystery series of fictional novels by Garrison Allen. Empty Creek, Arizona is the site of the annual Elizabethan Spring Fair. The fair is nearly authentic to the Elizabethan era, but also leaves a bit of wiggle room.

Everyone who goes to the Spring Faire feels like they have gone through some type of time warp. It’s one of the most popular attractions in the town and it happens every year, transporting visitors to another time and place entirely. The people who live here love this fair and go to great pains every year to dress up and make sure that a good time is had by all.

You’ll see everything when you go to the Almost Authentic Elizabethan Spring Fair. The citizens who live here dress up in their finest attire of doublet and hose, determined to bring to life the very look and feeling of that time. It is a time to enjoy the imagined revelry of an era that was known for its liveliness.

When it comes to this fair, everything is colorful and an air of joy and fun is in the air. Bards walk around partying and eating from legs of turkey. Trained minstrels peddle their wares in the form of music, usually strung out from a lute. Even regular women turn into wanton wenches whose hobby is keeping the companionship of many a lusty cavalier.

Just like in the Elizabethan times, anyone who is found to be misbehaving is sent to do their time in the stocks. Want a sip of water? Then someone must put the glass to your lips and let you drink. People who misbehave can be sent here at any time.

Perhaps someone will end up in the stocks by the time the fair is through. Or perhaps they will be turned over to the police, because some malevolence is in the air at this fair. There’s more afoot than just people being marry, and many of the festival goers would be disheartened if they truly knew what was about to happen.

In the middle of the night, it turns out that Queen Elizabeth has been assassinated. Her Majesty has been killed in the dark, and now that she is gone, there’s a murder case to be solved. Penelope and Big Mike, her trusty Abyssinian cat, must do what they can to figure out who the killer is before it’s too late.

The book store owner has inherited the queen’s crown, and now she and her feline sidekick must figure out who killed the queen and why. Now it’s Penelope’s job to take over the throne and rule over the fair goers, and do what she can to find out who killed the Queen– even if it means putting herself into danger in the process.

Can Penelope and Big Mike complete their mission and catch a killer? Or will the amateur detective find out that murder cases are best left to the professionals? You will be turning page after page trying to discover who the killer is! We can’t tell you here, but pick up Royal Cat by Garrison Allen to find out for yourself and catch all of the Elizabethan action for yourself.

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