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Beyond Reasonable Doubt (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Post Mortem (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Animal QC: My Preposterous Life (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bus Stop Killer: The True Story of Levi Bellfield (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Gary Bell is a published author of fiction.

The writer was born into a family that had a history of working in the coal mines. As for himself, when he decided to leave school Gary did not have any qualifications. He was able to find work as an apprentice mechanic as well as several other jobs that included production line worker, fork lift and truck driver, door to door salesman, and fireman.

He was even a football hooligan. Things went south for him pretty quickly when he was eighteen years old when he was arrested on charges of fraud. He was in prison for a brief while and after he got out decided that he would go abroad to seek his fortune and some fame. He spent some time just going to different places around Europe. After a full two years of doing this, he found himself without a home or a penny to his name.

Bell decided that his next move would be to enroll in college to study A and O levels. As an older student he would attend Bristol University with the intent of studying law. It was there that he transformed into an ‘Old Etonian’. He did well enough to graduate and after that went to Beverly Hills in California to spend the year working as a lawyer in litigation.

Bell then decided to return to England and worked on becoming a barrister. It has been now thirty years and up that Bell has been at the Bar. In the process he specialized in defending trials that concerned murder and major fraud. In 2012, he became a QC. That is not all that he has accomplished professionally, however. He has also taken the time to become a stand up comedian, as he is always open to trying new things and challenging himself with different opportunities.

Bell also became an after-dinner speaker, something that may not be surprising to those who know him. When he was attending university, the author was involved in various debate competitions on a national level and won several of them. He also attended Princeton’s World’s Humorous Debating Competition and while he did not win, placed as a runner-up.

Bell has taken lessons and can now fly a plane. He also was the host of The Legalizer, his very own television show that was broadcast on BBC1. He has written for several national newspapers and also is featured in The Spectator in his own column. His autobiography became a best seller and is titled Animal QC.

Gary Bell is the creator and the author of the fictional series of novels known as Elliot Rook QC. The series first came into being with the publication of the debut novel in 2019, titled Beyond Reasonable Doubt. The second book is an exciting sequel that follows up the first and is titled Post Mortem. Both feature the main character of Elliot Rook, a QC that appears to be very successful on the outside but has a secret past that no one knows about.

Beyond Reasonable Doubt is the first book in the Elliot Rook series. In this engaging debut, readers get introduced to main character Elliot for the first time. This legal thriller is full of insight from a QC writer, so be sure to check it out if you’re interested!

When it comes to Elliot Rook, everyone sees what he wants them to see. They believe that they are looking at a QC of the old Etonian variety, a man that is established in his field and considered highly successful. While this impression is not wrong, what no one knows is that he used to be a petty criminal. Elliot has taken extreme pains to make sure that no one finds out his secret, keeping this information under wraps for decades. But are things about to change?

Out of nowhere, a young woman is found dead in Elliot’s home town. She is unidentified but appears to be Middle Eastern. Found somewhere along the outskirts, it looks like murder. It doesn’t take too long before a main suspect is identified. Billy Barber is accused of the murder. While he is a white supremacist as well as a football hooligan with a past of being violent, did he do it?

Rook has known Barber from his early days, and Barber wants Rook to defend him. In fact, he insists upon it. Refusing means that Barber will reveal his secret past and expose it entirely. This will mean the end of the career that Elliot has spent his entire life attempting to establish. Will he say yes to representing Barber? Did Billy Barber kill this woman, and will he expose the information that Elliot does not want to get out?

Elliot wants to avoid it getting out there if he can. What will happen? Find out by picking up a copy of this book!

Post Mortem is the second book in the Elliot Rook QC series. Elliot once was a criminal and now is a QC. Highly respected in his field, he has tons of experience when it comes to the legal field. He’s now going to need to call upon all of that experience if he wants to get his client acquitted.

A prison in London undergoes a scandal when drugs kill a number of their inmates. The drugs were tainted and now thirteen inmates are dead. Charli Meadows is an officer there. The young officer now has been formally charged with being the person that got them into the prison in the first place. Meanwhile, Charli protests her innocence.

Rook is on the job and starts looking into the charges that the prisoners had that resulted in their incarceration. He has no sooner started the investigation when he receives a note threatening him at his home. The note warns him that he should not be involved in this case. He’s also tutoring Zara at the same time that he’s trying to deal with this threat and help Charli.

Zara wants the legal chambers’ one open tenancy, and she’s taken on a huge solo case to try and ensure that the spot will be hers. Will it work? Can Rook help Charli prove her innocence? Find out by picking up this legal thriller!

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