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Gary Grossman is an American author of a variety of novels that include fiction novels, self-help and motivational novels, and nonfiction books. Grossman is well known by readers for his Scott Roarke series. He graduated in Boston from Emerson College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. He also earned a Master’s Degree from Boston University in Urban Affairs.

He does not only write books; he works as a journalist in television and print, is a TV historian, and is a television producer that has won Emmy Awards. He has worked at several cable networks; in fact, over twenty-seven networks that include PBS, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC News.

Gary Grossman is also a partner in Weller/Grossman Productions along with Robb Weller. It is a service and information television production company as well as a documentary production company that has produced an incredible amount of programs. With other six thousand productions under their belt, Grossman and Weller have won several awards for their work. This includes the Governor’s Emmy Award for Healing the Hats, a USA Network special in 1996. They also received an Emmy for the Best Informational series for their Food Network show Wolfgang Puck in 2002.

His production company has had series that have aired on tons of cable networks on everything from The Learning Channel to NBC and History Channel and far more. He first started out as a disc jockey from the young age of fifteen at the local radio station WHUC in Hudson, New York. He would go on to work at WBZ, a Boston television station, worked as a special contributor at The Boston Globe and eventually worked at The Boston Herald American as a television critic and columnist.

Grossman’s articles have appeared in magazines as well as The New York Times. He has also taught classes in journalism and media at USC, Boston University, and Emerson College.

Grossman then moved to Los Angeles. He lives there to this day with his wife, Helene Seifer. She is also a writer. They have three children together. Grossman also belongs to the International Thriller Writers Association and serves on boards at both Emerson College and Boston University.

He is the author of the 2015 novel Old Earth, a historical fiction novel that dives headfirst into the world of Galileo Galilei and a secret that may rock the world, even years later. He has also published several nonfiction books that include Saturday Morning TV and Superman: Serial to Cereal, as well as working with author J. Robert Parkinson on a book about business management.

Executive Actions is the first book in the Executive/Scott Roarke series. If you love David Baldacci, you’ll love this detailed action thriller from Gary Grossman! When an assassin has a Presidential candidate within his sights during a primary speech, you know that things are already in action. Pulling this trigger is going to change everything– that’s why he’s getting paid to do it.

The target is Teddy Lodge, a Democrat and popular candidate for election. The media was going to eat him right up. But Teddy doesn’t get taken down by the bullet. His wife is killed by the assassin instead, and the election campaign is changed. Nothing can be taken back now.

Instead of killing Lodge and taking him out of the race, Teddy Lodge now has the public’s sympathy. His campaign benefits from the killing, as everyone knows his name now as the brave candidate whose love was murdered by dirty hands and evil intentions. Teddy is a rising star and is now set up as the man that the others will have to beat if they want to win.

Teddy Lodge is the single greatest threat to the continued presidency of Morgan Taylor. The President assigns Scott Roarke, a Special Service Agent, to the case. Once Scott starts looking into things, he starts to catch onto a plot that has been in the works for what appears to be three decades. The goal of this conspiracy is to change America’s Middle East allegiances.

A plot that was formed all the way in the days of the Soviet Union can have massive impacts, even thirty years later. There is so much involved, from a Middle Eastern heir who hungers for power or a sleeper agent that will be used as another pawn in the chess game. This political thriller is full of twists and turns and will have you guessing until the end. Will the Constitution and the Presidency survive the conflict?You’ll have to pick up Executive Actions to find out!

Executive Treason is the second book in the series about Scott Roarke from Gary Grossman. In this exciting sequel, Scott Roarke is back, and the cases he’s investigating are more insidious than ever. In the last book, readers saw how a terrorist organization kept under wraps for decades came frighteningly close to accomplishing their goal of replacing the President with an agent of their own.

All that it takes is having the right guy in a position of power, and the terrorists very nearly achieved their goal. But while they failed to achieve that mission, they’re not going to let a little thing like failure get them down. These guys are going to try until they succeed or are stopped for good.

Even though they couldn’t gain control of the government with their previous plot, the terrorists have come up with a new plan to attempt to destabilize the government of the United States. When a White House staff member is mugged and murdered, the special agent is assigned to find out what happened.

Scott Roarke starts to investigate but soon starts to suspect that the murder is closer to home than he previously thought. Could it be the same assassin who always eluded his grasp? His secret enemy may be responsible for this. But when Roarke starts finding out info about the assassin’s past, he may be more equipped to take him on than the killer realizes.

Scott is trying to stay one step ahead of the killer, but he’s going to need all of his resources and skills if he’s going to catch this deadly assassin. Can Special Agent Scott Roarke do it? Find out in the thrilling second installment of Executive Treason!

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