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Publication Order of Gateway to Chaos Books

Seeking Safety (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
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The “Gateway to Chaos” series is a set of post-apocalyptic fiction novels by bestselling author TL Payne. While she is a relatively new author, she has made a name for herself writing several blockbuster series in the genre.

Payne has said that writing is something she has always loved to do ever since she was a young adult and she is not going to stop any time soon. She now pens most of her works from her home in South Central Missouri, where she lives on a tiny farm next to the Mark Twain National Forest.

When she is not writing her novels, she is usually engaged in a range of hobbies from using a metal detector to find hidden treasures, hiking or camping. Since she lives on a farm, she also loves to chase wayward sheep in her pajamas.

Payne loves exploring new places and travelling and some of her experiences have been the inspiration for the settings in some of her novels.

The “Gateway of Chaos” series of novels is a post apocalyptic set of stories that introduces several characters whose lives are changed forever following an EMP attack that has resulted in widespread and total power failure.

At the beginning of the series, the characters have hope that the power will be restored as they do not know that it had been caused by an EMP. It is fascinating to see how the characters react when they realize that they have a big problem on their hands and power might not be coming back any time soon.
What makes this even more interesting is that the story is that the EMP happened while the country was in the grip of winter, which makes conditions even worse. When things start worsening, the characters realize that they have to leave to escape the fires and violence sweeping nearer to what they had once called home.

TL Payne is brilliant at conveying how desperate people can get in times of unprecedented crisis and chaos. There is a lot of tension as people’s true characters come out as they try to survive. The author is excellent in building the tension and characterization and raises the tempo as the series progresses.

“Seeking Safety,” the debut novel of the “Gateway of Chaos” series of novels by TL Payne, opens to the national power grid of the United States crippled by an EMP attack. One of the most powerful enemies of the US had successfully managed to launch the attack through the Midwest that had sent America back to the stone age.
The lead character in the novel is Raine Caldwell, who finds herself and her friends in dire straits as the crisis happens deep in the winter season. They now have to deal not only with frigid winter conditions during the day but also darkness during the night.

Emergency services are virtually non-existent as all vehicles are stalled on the streets, meaning that there is no means of transportation for personnel. They have also received reports of fires breaking out in St. Louis and the society is in the grip of chaos even as violence fills the streets.
When Raine’s building catches fire, they are forced to flee into the frigid streets to try to find any place they could find shelter even if only for a short time. It is a gripping story of ordinary citizens trying to survive using all means necessary.

“Seeking Refuge,” the second novel of the “Gateway to Chaos” series of novels, continues to follow Raime and her friends who are trying to survive an EMP attack. Together with a group of neighbors, they had to leave their apartment building, which had been engulfed in flames.

Out on the streets, things are very tough due to the chaos and violence. They soon pick up two other strangers who become part of their group even though these two are from the suburban part of St Louis.
At the start, they believed that it was only a matter of time before the government would step in and stop the chaos. After several weeks waiting it out, they know that nobody is coming to their rescue and they have to make the best of a terrible situation.

It is a realization that hits them hard as they now have to act quickly to find safety from the violence on the streets and the frigid winter cold.

“Seeking Justice” by TL Payne is the third title of the “Gateway to Chaos” series of apocalyptic novels. Raine and her friends believed that the best thing for them was to get out of the city. But once they are out, they learn that the fury of the winter and violence are not exclusive to St. Louis.
They are tested to the limits as they begin to survive and settle into life without modern conveniences. They will need to adapt to their new world fast as they soon have to confront a band of dangerous and ruthless people. Soon after settling in their new abode, they have to work together to find justice for one of their members who is kidnapped.

It is a gripping tale of ordinary Americans struggling to forge forward when everything seems to be stacked against them.

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