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Publication Order of Ghatti's Tale Books

Finders-Seekers (1993)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mind-Speaker's Call (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
Exiles' Return (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Ghatten's Gambit Books

Sunderlies Seeking (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Farthest Seeking (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

About Gayle Greeno

An American author, Gayle Greeno is well known for writing several much loved fantasy novels for younger readers over the years. Looking at the science-fiction genre too, she’s a well established author who always manages to entertain with her extremely imaginative stories. Reaching a worldwide audience, she creates books that are well written and well paced, keeping her readers engaged every step of the way. Drawing from a number of different influences, her work is inspired, making for fiction that is entirely unique to her and her alone.

Producing a number of book series too, she always ensures that her readers continually come back for more time and time again. There’s lots of meaning within her work, as she provides a clear set of recurring themes and ideas that are idiosyncratic to her. It’s also her imagination that’s to be admired greatly too, immediately capturing the attention of the reader right from the outset. Resonating with readers from all over, she takes her audience on a journey, not letting go till the very last page.

Creating long lasting characters as well, many of her protagonists have gone on to become iconic in their own right over the years. With readers of all ages being able to relate to her books, her stories are great for children looking to begin reading for themselves. Her stories really manage to stand apart from others in their genre, making a unique impact all of their very own. With lots more to come still, there’s plenty of room to continue expanding upon her stories and series indefinitely.

Early and Personal Life

Born and raised in Glen Falls, New York City, in 1949 on the 1st of March, Gayle Greeno would grow up with a keen interest in both reading and writing. Showing a passion for the fantasy genre, she would develop her craft, becoming more than adept in the art of storytelling. Drawing in inspiration from the world around her, she would always be on the lookout for the next big idea to help inspire her.

Developing her style and tone, she would later to go on to publish two fantasy series of her own, along with a stand-alone novel. These books would see her become a huge success, with many readers from around the world returning to her work time and time again. Currently still writing, she remains a firm favorite of both the critics and the general public alike, which will be the case for some time to follow.

Writing Career

In 1993 Gayle Greeno would publish her first book titled ‘Finders Seekers’ and it would also be the first in the ‘Ghatti’s Tale’ series of fantasy novels. The following year she would publish its sequel titled ‘MindSpeaker’s Call’ in 1994, with its story continuing from the first. She’d later finish the trilogy with ‘Exiles’ Return’ in 1995, which would close the fantasy series with its big finale.

Releasing her second series in 1998, she would begin ‘Ghattens’ Gambit,’ which would also be a fantasy franchise. Starting with the novel ‘Sunderlies Seeking,’ she would then go on to publish the follow up ‘The Farthest Seeking’ in 2000. In 1997 she would release a stand-alone titled ‘Mind Snare’ and her books have seen her make a name for herself, as she’s become a recognizable brand for many.

Exiles’ Return

First published back in 1995, this came out on the 1st of May that year, and it would be released through the DAW imprint. Continuing on from the previous book, ‘Mind-Speaker’s Call,’ published the previous year, this would be the third and final title in the ‘Ghatti’s Tale’ series. It’s best that the books are read in order to get the most out of them, as they all follow on from one another with an ongoing arc.

A neighboring land to Canderis is harboring the Resonants giving them a home, which shakes the Canderis realm to its very core. These Resonants are a race of people capable to using their telepathic skills to reduce people to servitude, turning them into mindless slaves. This news terrifies people, as it seems this could potential change everything, transforming life as they thought they knew it. Will they be able to get through this, can they overcome the Resonants, and what will become of the exiles’ return?

Finishing the Ghatti’s Tale trilogy, this provides a conclusive ending to the series that fans will really appreciate. Making the most of the world and the characters, Greeno pushes the concept to its fullest, really allowing it to come alive. For anyone who loves good solid fantasy this is a great addition to the genre, really bringing the imagination to life upon the page.

Mind Snare

Once again published through the DAW publishing house, this would be a stand-alone title, this time using elements of science-fiction. Brought out in 1997, it would be released on the 1st of September that year, making for another inventive release in the backlog of Greeno’s work. It’s an easy book to pick up, making it instantly accessible for fans of the author, and of the genre as a whole.

Looking to put an end to the acting careers of the Stanislaus Troupe once and for all, an assassin has left Jerelynn on the edge of death. Now Glynn, her son, wont let his mother die, as he sets about using otherwise forbidden experimental technology to keep her alive. The assassins want to finish the job though, and it is up to Glynn to keep both him and his mother alive whatever it takes. Will he find out who’s after them, why are they being targeted, and can they ever hope to escape the mind snare?

There’s numerous ideas, themes, and deeper concepts running throughout this book, really making it work on many levels. It’s a well written and imaginative story that’s extremely engaging and entertaining with fully developed characters. The use of science-fiction is also well managed to, making this an interesting self-contained story from Gayle Greeno as an author.

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