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Gears of War Books In Order

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Publication Order of Gears of War Books

By: Karen Traviss, Michael A. Stackpole, Jason M. Hough

Karen Traviss is a writer based out of the United Kingdom who worked as a journalist and served in the Territorial Army for a period of time. She started working as a science fiction writer in the early 2000s and is highly interested in fantastic worlds. She graduated from the Clarion Workshop, a prominent program for science fiction writers that focuses on various aspects of the genre and how to produce quality stories in the field.

In 2004, Traviss wrote City of Pearl, an original work that was nominated for a Philip K. Dick Award. She has also written a few sequels to the book as it has become the most popular line of books that she has made.

Her strong work has prompted many groups to contact her about writing science fiction books based on various intellectual properties. These include the Gears of War book series plus a few Star Wars novels, particularly the Republic Commando stories in that series.

About the Gears of War Series

The Gears of War series by Karen Traviss is a line of books that takes place in the universe of the video game series of the same name. Gears of War is a series created by Epic Games and its founder Cliff Bleszinski about humans competing in battles between many outside entities. These include the Locust Horde, a mysterious reptile-like race, and the Lambent and Swarm, a grouping of mutated reptiles. Much of the series takes place in the future on the planet Sera, a place that is somewhat similar to Earth.

The stories focus on humanity’s efforts to defeat the Locust Horde and its allies as a means of saving civilization. The series focuses on many great battles but it often places an emphasis on the value of strategy and cover.

The video game series has been popular on many Microsoft gaming platforms including the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Traviss’ books expand upon the Gears of War stories. The books focus on the characters involved in many important battles. Some stories also take place in between many of the installments of the games. The games expand upon some of the characters in the series and show many motivations that they hold. These stories are especially fascinating for showing many points about how the Gears series has moved about and how the past often comes back to haunt the people serving in the fights to this day.

Books in the Gears of War Series

Aspho Fields

Aspho Fields is the first book in the series and works as a prequel to the Gears of War series in general. It follows three soldiers, Marcus, Dominic and Carlos, as they head into Aspho Fields in a battle that will impact the Pendulum Wars that much of the series is heavily based around. As the Locust Horde continues to attack humanity on Sera, the soldiers team up to fight against them although they are soon separated. But as an old friend comes along, Marcus is put into a difficult situation. This comes as he has a secret that he is aiming to keep as it could impact the course of the war if it is let out. The new person who comes along proves to be critical to the mission. As it turns out, there is much more to Carlos than what meets the eye, thus putting the relationships between the soldiers in danger of harm. This especially puts the armies at risk of harm as the Locust continues to strengthen and spread.

Jacinto’s Remnant

The second book in the series goes back to the earliest days of the war between the Locust and the humans. The city of Jacinto has to be destroyed as a means of stopping the Locust. This is in spite of the city being the last fully formed place on the planet. Marcus and Dominic return to get the refugees in the city out and to safety. But as they soon find out, the Locust is anything but an easy target. Much of the story focuses on the flooding of Jacinto, an event that is featured in the second Gears of War game.

Anvil Gate

Anvil gate occurs not long after Jacinto is destroyed and the Locust appears to have been destroyed as well. Marcus and many others go out to fight raiders and pirate gangs who are pillaging many ruins around the planet. But while Marcus and others are fighting, there are concerns about the Lambent species spreading. This is a mysterious grouping that even the Locust had feared. As the Lambent spreads and starts to devour many colonies that have been set up, the Gears and various gangs are forced to team up to defeat the threat. But not much is known about the grouping and what makes it different, thus adding to the mystery surrounding the creatures.

A good part of the story focuses on the history of the Anvil Gate siege. This event in the game series took place well before Aspho Fields. The massive fight was an important moment that influenced some of the offensive strategies that have developed over time.

Coalition’s End

Coalition’s End occurs not too long before the events of the third Gears of War game. The story involves the ongoing Lambent invasion and the struggles that come between many people within the organization. As many of the Gears fighters continue to struggle and find ways to resolve the invasion, many loyalties are tested as there are legitimate concerns over how the sides are formed and supported. The coalitions are especially under attack by a series of traitors that have sold out the Gears.

Continued Adaptations

The books in the Gears of War series are all based off of various games in the series. The books have especially been produced alongside many events that take place in the games. Although people do not necessarily have to have played the games to fully enjoy the books, it does help to at least have a bit of a background in the games to see what can happen.

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