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Ged Gillmore
Author Ged Gillmore grew up in England’s Midlands before he moved to London. Here, he completed degrees in literature and language at the University of London. Ged has studied at the Writers’ Studio and the Australian Writers’ Centre, which are both based in Sydney.

After he graduated, he worked in Germany, France, and Italy before he went back to London, where he spent the next eighteen years. Wanting to head to a sunnier climate, he moved to Sydney in the year 2004.

He divides his time in Ireland, the UK, and Australia. When Ged is not dabbling with his day job that pays the bills or falling off of his surfboard at Bondi, he bashes out his fiction behind a computer.

“Class Act” was long listed for Best Crime Novel 2018 by Ned Kelly Awards, which is the most prestigious crime novel prize in Australia.

His debut adult novel, called “Headland”, was released in the year 2017, and is the first of his series starring Bill Murdoch. He writes contemporary mysteries, chapter books for kids, as well as travel writing.

“Cats on the Run” is the first novel in the “Tuck & Ginger” series, which was released in the year 2015. Tuck and Ginger are a pair of cats that get on each other’s nerves. They need to pause on the claws if they are going to escape from the high-rise apartment they find themselves trapped in. escape they have to, for Rodney and Janice Burringo, their kidnappers, are wicked and warty witches. And they want to use Giner and Tuck’s body parts to construct the best witches’ cat in the entire world: a black Purrari.

Ginger, who is a cynical street fighter that has gone to seed, and Tuck, who is just a few granules short of a litter-tray, have to get over their differences. They also must survive quite a few unlikely adventures if they want to escape alive from these beastly Burringos as well as their toxic gas before it is too late.

This is an entertaining read that kept readers smiling and laughing the whole way through. It is a book full of action, humor, and whimsy. The books are for readers of any and all ages that makes readers eager to check out more from this series as quickly as they can get a hold of them.

“Headland” is the first novel in the “Bill Murdoch Mystery” series, which was released in the year 2017. Murdoch is doing fine, thank you for not asking. He is dealing drugs in Sydney for a professional crime syndicate and is saving up to buy a house by the sea. What does he really think life is, though, some fairy tale?

The syndicate is putting pressure on him fill his murdered boss’ shoes, Murdoch gets cornered by a foe just as formidable: the Australian Tax Office. They want an explanation for his large cash income.

Murdoch tells them a wonderful lie, telling Hannah Simms, the tax inspector, that he is a private detective. Simms asks him to investigate her niece’s disappearance, and Murdoch jumps at what he believes is a golden chance to outrun the syndicate. His arrival in the vanished girl’s tiny coastal home town creates an unexpected stir. This reluctant PI quickly realizes that his troubles have just started.

This book features some strong characters, fantastic thrills, action, and suspense, with a mystery that is solved in a satisfactory manner. Readers were kept engrossed by the book, finding they could not stop reading about the adventures Bill was going on and were on the edge of their seat the entire time.

“Class Act” is the second novel in the “Bill Murdoch Mystery” series, which was released in the year 2018. Bill Murdoch, ex bad boy turned into local hero, should just be pleased with the little piece of paradise he has. He has the big house near the beach and the fancy car. The trouble is, he is slowly but surely suffocating in the small town life he lives.

He gets hired to investigate who framed James Harte, a wealthy businessman, with murdering a glamorous young lady, he jumps on the opportunity in an instant. Murdoch goes undercover among the jet set, and gets pulled into an exciting world made up of horse racing, yachts, and glitzy parties. Quickly Murdoch’s shady past appears to be set to catch up with him and he falls for James’ gorgeous wife, Amanda, things take a lethal turn.

The plot and character development are balanced nicely that serves as a nice page turner. Fans of this one enjoyed seeing the scenery change so that more of Sydney could be shown off. The Sydney that Gillmore creates is great and adds to the whole experience. Readers cannot wait to check out more from this series.

“Base Nature” is the third novel in the “Bill Murdoch Mystery” series, which was released in the year 2019. Murdoch takes two cases on in just as many days. First, he is hired to locate Scott Patterson, a local man, who is the victim of a mysterious abduction. Then there is a rather impressive stranger that shows up in town with a seriously tempting offer in hand.

Has Patterson really been abducted? Is the stranger all that he seems to be?

While Murdoch gives in to the temptation and risks it all by going back to his former criminal ways, the search for Scott Patterson takes a turn Murdoch was not expecting. Quickly Murdoch and Davie Simms, his partner, get dragged into a depraved underworld of prostitution, human trafficking, and torture. Here, they will find evil on their doorstep, and face a fight for their very lives.

These characters feel like a real person and are fully realized. Readers have a lot of fun going along for their adventures in these books. The book is well thought out and well written that holds your attention the entire way through. Each of these novels strike a nice balance between humor and suspense.

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