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Gemma Malley is an award-winning published British author.

Gemma attended Reading University, where she studied philosophy. She would then go on to work in journalism. She was an editor for different business magazines and she would contribute pieces frequently for publications like the Sunday Telegraph and Company magazine. She then transitioned to working in a senior communications role in civil service.

Her first novel to be published was The Declaration, which came out in 2007. The sequel The Resistance would be published in 2008. They make up the Declaration series.

She is married to her husband and they have three kids together. They reside together in London.

Gemma Malley is the creator and author of The Declaration series. This exciting series of fictional novels started off with the debut novel, The Declaration. This was followed by The Resistance and the third novel The Legacy in 2010.

The Declaration is the first novel in the series by the same name written by Gemma Malley. This is a young adult novel that can be read by anyone and has science fiction and dystopian qualities.

The world is currently in the year 2140 in this book, where being young is illegal. A scientist came up with the drug Longevity in 2030. It will keep you from dying, but not from aging. Couples keep on having children, but with no deaths, the population soars. The Declaration comes out in 2065, a document that people must sign before they are allowed Longevity where they consent to not having children (with some exceptions for wealthier politicians and others).

While some people accept the Declaration, others don’t like it. They want to have children, but also want to live forever. So they have children and they are designated as ‘Surplus’. Depending on the country, the children might be killed or taken and live with other children in what are called Surplus Halls. They must labor hard and are lectured that they are against nature. Valuable Assets are Surplus children that have essentially been promoted and can work for non-Surplus ‘Legals’ in their homes as servants.

It’s a strange society and one that revolves around that drug-produced fountain of youth. Those that do not stick to not having children are outcasts. Main character Anna Covey is one of those Surplus children. She is now living in Grange Hall. She’s now trying to atone for her parents’ actions and has been there since 2 years old.

Conditioned to hate her parents and think that they hate her for being imprisoned, Anna’s always accepted her reality. Anna is working at a Legal woman’s house and Mrs. Sharpe is nice to her. When the work placement is over, she gives her a diary to write in that she must hide it. She is part of the Pending Process to become a Valuable Asset and would lose it if it was found.

A new kid comes to the hall named Peter. She is one of those keeping his bed made and having supplies for him. But when he starts causing trouble, she’s wary of him. He calls her by the name Anna Covey, tells her stories about the outside world, and informs her that he’s there so that he can bring her home to her parents, something that they asked him to do.

This mysterious guy came in out of nowhere and now he’s talking about something that she never thought he would, and it’s difficult to believe. She’s starting to think that he’s telling the truth, but if so, what does that mean for her? She ends up getting beaten for thinking differently by House Matron Mrs. Pincent, who thinks she’s not a Valuable Asset.

When Anna finds out that some may be plotting to kill Peter, she knows that she has to do something. She goes into Solitary on purpose to talk to Peter. The two eventually come up with a plan to get to the outside world by going through a tunnel, which they manage to pull off. Now they’re officially on the lam from the Hall. Anna decides that she wants to go to where her parents would be. They get shelter from Mrs. Sharpe, who eventually will face having to give them up. The two reach Bloomsbury and she finds out that Peter was telling the truth and they do love her and have wanted her to come back to them.

Anna also finds out that she has an infant brother, Ben. Coming home to them is a stark contrast to the coldness of the hall she was living in. But when the authorities come around, will they be found and outed as Surpluses? When tragedy strikes, it may mean that Ben and Anna are freed from their Surplus status and are Legal.

Peter then finds out that due to sad circumstances he too is Legal. Anna and Peter later are residing in the home her parents owned, trying to raise Ben. They have found freedom. But can it last? Read this thriller and the subsequent novels to find out!

The Resistance is the second novel in The Declaration series by Gemma Malley.

In 2140, Anna and Peter are doing their best to lead average lives now that they’re free. They still remain haunted by the experiences that they have had living in the Hall and as Surpluses. Peter is working at Pincent Pharma for his grandfather Richard. The corporation says that it is developing a new drug called Longevity+ that will reverse aging.

Peter’s goal is to assist the underground and helping Pip, its unofficial leader. They want to take down Longevity. Meanwhile, Peter’s under secret surveillance while at work by Jude, his half-brother, who has hacked the security cameras. Meanwhile, his grandfather wants him to sign the Declaration, which he is considering.

Later, while trying to filch a document, Peter discovers a planned program to sterilize Surpluses, and his own name and Anna’s are on its list. He considers whether he and Anna should choose to sign the Declaration, but Anna’s not convinced until Richard talks to her. Imagine her surprise when she finds out that it’s a set up and she somehow has stolen documents on her.

As Peter and Anna fight to figure out what’s going on, what they find in Pharma will open their eyes to the truth forever. How exactly is this new drug they’re promising being produce

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