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Gems Of Wolfe Island Books In Order

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Publication Order of Gems Of Wolfe Island Books

Gems of Wolfe Island is a series by New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Helen Hardt. She’s an award-winning author of contemporary and historical romance novels. His passion for writing started with the books her mother read to her at bedtime. She wrote her debut novel at six and has never stopped since then.

Moonstone is the debut in the Gem of Wolfe Island series. Katelyn Brooks, a twenty-nine-year-old lady, was among the first people to leave the retreat center on Treasure Island. After six months in therapy, she couldn’t wait any longer to leave the south pacific island where she had been held captive for a decade.

She feels lucky; even though she is hunted most of the time, she hates humiliation. Katelyn was on her way to start a new life in Columbia when she was taken at the age of eighteen. Now she’s starting her adult life with no education past high school or experience.
Derek Wolfe and his father, Jim, captured Katelyn. She felt no need to go to her parents as she felt at ease accepting the Wolfe’s invite to live in their safe house in Manhattan. Now years have passed, and she can be thankful that she’s alive. Even though she suffered ten years of being hunted, raped, and humiliated, she’s happy that she is free.

Free to be anyone she wants, Katelyn can now start over, but all she wants is to be herself. Luke is running from his past while carrying demons on his shoulders in the form of a tattoo. Currently working under the supervision of a restaurant in Manhattan, he meets Katelyn and can’t deny her beauty and the pain he sees in her. Luke and Katelyn have a past that they should work through to have everyday lives. As one returns to her life, the other is running from his.

Katelyn, known as the Moonstone, was held captive and forced to submit to the desires of wealthy men on the island. Left with no option but to do the unimaginable to stay alive, She has suffered a lot of terrible acts and is trying to get over her past. Katelyn wants to reclaim her life with the assistance of the Wolfe family. She wants to find healing and take back control of her life which she feels doesn’t include falling in love with a handsome waiter.

She first wants to find a job to earn a living and keep herself occupied. Luke Johnson is a charming man dealing with his struggles and past. He is a recovering alcoholic, and all he wants is to be under the radar. He wants to try as much as possible to stay on the right track. To do all this, Luke had to right all the wrongs he had done. He is not ready to look for love at the moment, but when he sets eyes on Katelyn as she walks past the restaurant doors, her beauty catches his attention.

Luke feels attracted to her, and circumstances put them together; none can resist the chemistry and sparks between them. He gets active after Zee wolf goes into labor, and Katelyn offers the help she needs. Helping Katelyn with the situation played a big role in their growing chemistry.

However, what Katelyn doesn’t know is that Luke has a secret and a big one that could be a threat to both of them. Katelyn is a strong-willed, determined lady who tries to reclaim her life even when her past isn’t escaping her fast enough.
When one night she faces the horror of her past face to face, Luke knows something isn’t suitable as she can notice how terrified she has turned. Katelyn fears that her past might repeat itself, but with Luke’s help, she can get off the situation. After this, their chemistry ignites even when there are things neither of them wants to tell the other, no matter the attraction.

Soon Luke realizes that it’s time to face his past before it is too late, while Katelyn is caught up in the middle, which causes her more pain than she imagined. The romance between the two love birds will keep you on edge.

Raven is the second installment in the Gems of Wolfe series. Katelyn Brooks has been the happiest for a long time. In claiming her life back, she faced the one person who betrayed her, gained a tremendous executive assistant position, and fell in love with the charming Luke Johnson.

Luke adores Katelyn so much, but he knows he isn’t worthy of her. His life is fake; until he faces his past and makes amends, he can’t be in a relationship with her, no matter how she feels. He feels that he deserves someone with everyday life.

While at the bus station, Luke realizes he is not alone and soon feels pointed at his back. Later, Luke is attacked and taken away by someone who appears to have some information about his past. The person who ambushes him calls his street name Lucifer Raven.

After dealing with his capture, Luke heads back to LA for redemption. Katelyn is by his side, thinking she’s taken a fool. She feels heartbroken and scared that she isn’t good enough for Luke after leaving her without notice. She tries all she can to move on and overcome her heartbreak but soon, her world shifts again as a phone sends her back to her home in LA.

The call informs her that there is a family emergency back home, and she tries contacting Luke all the time, which instead lands her in more trouble. Luke has returned to his old life and soon finds Katelyn entangled within his past. He has to make a choice a choice that might have fatal consequences. Katelyn is facing some dangers that she must prove to have the strength to endure. Their inner strength has to dig deep through sheer determination as they get the power to overcome a hard time.

How both their pasts collide together shows that there is the power to live for their love.

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