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Genevieve Gornichec
Author Genevieve Gornichec got her degree in history from The Ohio State University, however got as close to majoring in Vikings as she could, and her study of the Icelandic sagas and Norse myths became her inspiration for writing.

She has always found mythology fascinating, however her interest in Norse myths became next-level after she took an Old Norse course at university with an amazing professor. Genevieve continues to thank continuously for getting her hooked on it. They first translated the Loki and Svadilfari tale. The fact that everyone of the gods dies at the end, is incredibly compelling to her, and it says a lot about the culture that wrote down these stories many years after the fact and the culture that believed them.

After she graduated, she wound up in a Viking Age living history group in order to fill the void in her life which college left behind, and she’s glad she did. She went into it knowing all about the sagas and myths yet knowing very little about the day to day life for people during this time.

During the class, her professor said something that sparked Genevieve’s interest in the associations that were shared by many of the kinda creepy background women in these myths. She wrote a term paper on this subject, and by the end of this quarter, she had also finished the first draft of “The Witch’s Heart”.

She spent most of the time writing the book in her undergrad dorm room during her third year at university, in the early hours of the morning, after she had finished all of her other classwork. Coffee was her best friend during this time.

Genevieve wrote the first draft in just three weeks during NaNoWriMo 2011, and is still stunned about the way that things came together, and the reason the book just has section breaks rather than chapters was she just kept on going. Granted, the bones of the plot was all of Norse mythology, and some things in mythology are so conflicting and strange, however weaving all of it together into a single cohesive tale taking place in the background of all of it felt incredibly natural. She never had this kind of experience with any of her other books she has written.

It took her ten years from when she wrote the book to actually getting it published. She wrote this book in 2011, but was also working on other books at the same time. She queried them on and off for about five years, but kept “The Witch’s Heart” close to her chest because it felt like a major part of her. When she actually took the plunge and began querying it in the year 2018, she signed with her agent less than one month later, and less than six months later was signing a book deal with Penguin Random House.

During the revision process, she wrote the whole second half of the novel two times under her editor’s guidance, since it was a bit of a mess, and the original ending she had was incredibly sad. Not even “bittersweet” sad, but “depressing” sad, because Norse mythology pretty much always ends with some kind of apocalypse. Genevieve’s editor told her that she knew she could do even better, that she could make an ending which was satisfying for the reader while remaining true to her source material.

Genevieve wound up writing Angrboda as Heid, Hyrrokkin, Gullveig, the Seeress, and Hyndla, etc. and interpreted all of their names as just one name for the same woman, and it made the story flow from that. She was intent on making this book slip into the background of Norse mythology seamlessly, which meant not actually altering the myths themselves, up to and including Ragnarok. However her issue was that she gave this single woman phenomenal cosmic power, what sort of person would she need to be not to use this power in order to save her kids and change their fates?

She certainly took a few liberties writing the story. She made Jarnsaxa a member of the Jarnvidjur, the giantesses that inhabit Jarnvid, and Skadi and Angrboda’s relationship central to this story.

Genevieve’s debut novel, called “The Witch’s Heart”, was released in the year 2021. Her work is from the fantasy genre.

“The Witch’s Heart” is the first stand alone novel and was released in the year 2021. When the banished witch falls for Loki, that legendary trickster, she risks facing the gods’ wrath in this debut which reimagines Norse myth.

Angrboda’s tale starts where many witch stories end: with getting burnt. The fire, which is a punishment from Odin for sharing visions of the future with the wrong people, leaves her injured badly and powerless. She flees off into the furthest reaches of some remote forest. There she gets found by some guy that reveals himself to be Loki the trickster god, and her initial distrust of him and of his sort, grows reluctantly into an abiding and deep love.

Their union produces the most important things in her whole long life: three odd children, who each have a secret destiny and whom she wants to raise at the edge of the world, and are all safely hidden from Odin’s all-seeing eye. However while Angrboda recovers her prophetic powers slowly, she learns that her blissful life, and potentially all of existence, is in danger.

She must decide whether she’s going to accept the fate that she has foreseen for her beloved family. Or rise to remake it.

Genevieve delivers a fascinating book that approaches Norse mythology from a whole new perspective; where old villains are heroes, and the motivations of giants, gods, and witches rarely are like they appear. She plumbs the depths of what somebody would endure for belonging, meaning, and family, and she also traces the limits of vengeance, love, and friendship. This novel is just as engrossing as it is epic, and is a testament to the ferocity of a mother’s love and the lengths she’s willing to go in order to keep those she loves safe.

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