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Publication Order of Gentleman Bastard Books

The Lies of Locke Lamora (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Red Seas Under Red Skies (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Republic of Thieves (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Set within the ‘Therein Throne Empire’, a broken world containing a number of descendant states, this is a series of seven planned novels in total from American fantasy author Scott Lynch. With the first three having already been published, there are still five waiting to be released. Lynch has also mentioned that there will be a further sequel series to arrive afterwards, which will be set twenty years into the future and will also be seven books long.

These fantasy novels are based around the exploits of chief protagonist Locke Lamora, a resourceful young con-artist and thief. Looking at a period of between fifteen to twenty years of his life, they feature an insight into his world and the various supporting characters who inhabit it. There are also supplementary novels featuring these cast members in different adventures of their own, as it’s a world Lynch continues to expand upon, where con-artistry is still a new and intriguing form of crime with as yet to be witnessed consequences.

Gentleman Bastards: The Lies of Locke Lamora

The first of the ‘Gentleman Bastards’ series, initially published by Lynch on June the 27th, 2006, this was the book that was to introduce the character of Lock Lamora to the world, along with the rest of his universe. With a film being optioned before it had even been released, this has been awaiting production for some time now, with a script from Lynch currently under-way. There are also reports that a full television series has been derived from it, as the writer Ryan Condal has reportedly said he is working on a pilot.

In regards to the story itself though, Locke Lamora is both a con-artist and a thief living in the world of the ‘Therein Throne Empire’; a fantastical city of both nobles and thieves. Combining derring-do and their wits to survive, this band of thieves are not unlike Robin Hood in their escapades, as they rely on their loyalty and honor to get by. Brought up to carry the torch is one Locke Lamora, a talented orphan from Camorr, the island city.

Raised by a priest named Chains who’s eyeless, yet can see and is not actually a real priest, Locke gains both his skills and his wisdom to help him survive. The ‘Gentlemen Bastards’ are a group specially selected by Chains to use their skills in order to trick the rich and the wealthy. Soon Locke himself grows to lead this band of thieves as he comes to be known as the ‘Thorn of Camorr’, an infamous and skilled confidence trickster who’s name is spoken in hushed tones amongst the elite.

Trouble is afoot though as, despite Locke having previously fooled Capa Barsavi who’s tightened grasp on the underworld is feared by all, they soon discover that there’s a new threat under-way. Known only as the ‘Gray King’, this new contender for the ruler of the underworld has been killing Barsavi’s men, as he plans for a coup. When Locke is used a pawn in his game to seize control, it is time for the Gentlemen Bastards to take on this new threat, otherwise their entire way of life may be destroyed by this extremely savage mercenary. Can they do it in time before Barsavi seizes control of the entire underworld? What will it cost them and can they make it out alive? Will life in Camorr ever be the same again or will it become a meaningless and far more dangerous place to live?

Gentleman Bastards: Red Seas Under Red Skies

Following the events of the first novel, this second installment of the Gentleman Bastards series was originally published by Lynch on the 20th of June, 2007. In this book Locke is found fleeing to Tal Verrar in order to tend to his wounds upon its exotic shores, after the previous battle nearly destroyed him and the city where he was born. With Jean his sidekick in tow, they are soon resorting to their old tricks again, as they seek to survive doing what they do best; conning the rich and staying alive. This then leads them to their main goal; the Sinspire. A major gambling house that is the most exclusive out of all of them, combining high stakes and rich clientèle, proves to be an enticing prospect. One big problem though they soon find is that to cheat in here means certain death.

With its heavily guarded interior and upper floors set aside only for the elite, they must work their way up through the levels to get to the top by any means necessary. Overseen by the house-master Requin who’s as cold-blooded as he is ruthless, this may be their biggest challenge yet. It appears Locke has one more trick up his sleeve though, as he plans to get to the top and claim their prize; the house vault with all its treasures.

Using fake identities, they will go under the cloak of deception as they navigate all nine floors of the Sinspire making it to the coveted vault above. That would be simple enough if it weren’t for another figure from their pasts arriving in Tal Verrar to make their lives even more difficult. Not only that, but it seems this person has discovered their intentions and wants to put an end to them and their plans once and for all. Seeking atonement for their previous actions, this figure wants revenge and they want it fast. Will they make it to the top and get the much sought after prize? Who is this mysterious figure that wants to cause them harm? Can they make it out alive or will they become just another victim to the deadly rules of the Sinspire?

The Gentleman Bastards Series

As the series looks set to continue it’s increasing in popularity as well as scope. With the film and TV series under-way too, this will further its appeal even more. This along with the wealth of material on offer means it shows no signs of stopping, with its ever expansive universe and cast of characters and the enormous potential for sequels. The franchise appears to be here to stay as there’s plenty of life in it yet.

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