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Publication Order of Gentry Boys Books

The Gentry Boys series is a popular book series based on the genres of romance, new adult, and contemporary romance. It was written by the NYT and USA Today bestselling author named Cora Brent. The series is comprised of a total of 7 novels and 1 novella, which were released between the years 2014 and 2016. Each and every book of this contemporary romance series consists of a set of different characters. Author Brent has warned that the books of this series contain explicit language, violence, and sexual situations. And therefore, the series is best suited for all the readers, who are more than 18 years of age. Even though Brent has written the books in the form of a series, a few of the books can also be read as stand alone stories. One of the books of this series, Fall, is written as a crossover between this series and another popular novel series written by author Cora Brent, which is known as the Defiant MC series. The characters from this book and the Defiant series are pretty much the same. The books of this series revolve around the love and life stories of the male members of the Gentry family. In most of the stories, author Brent has shown how the Gentry brothers get involved with their lovers and how they go on to reach all the levels of a sensual relationship filled with passionate love and romance.

The debut novel of the Gentry Boys series as written by Cora Brent is entitled ‘Draw’. It was released by the author Cora Brent herself in the year 2014 as a Paperback edition. In the book, author Brent has mentioned the primary characters as Saylor and Cord Gentry. The central plot of the book is set in Arizona. In the opening lines of the book, Saylor is shown saying that she had known the Gentry boys all her life and was aware of what they were. They were merely a set of triplets born in a depraved fraternal family. All the siblings among the Gentry boys were sexy, wild, and rough as wolves. They were full of passion and were desperately looking for a partner. At the start of the book’s story, Cora Brent has described Saylor as a naive girl. Even after she had fully grown up into a fine lady, she had no idea about the aspects of real love. She has had a disturbing experience in the past of loving a bastard, who brutalized her to such an extent that she had to run away and take shelter in Arizona. With the hope of starting over a new life in Arizona, Saylor chooses a college town and starts to live there. Saylor says that she did not have any idea that she will a lover as hot as Cord Gentry. She used to seem him roaming around the town along with his brothers, Creed and Chase Gentry. From the first look, they appeared to her as lusty, tough, and rough forces of nature. Saylor had known all the three from her childhood days. A few years go, Saylor was seduced by Cord Gentry in a sick game. Since then, she has always hated him. When she sees him again after so many years, he looks all the same. Cord doesn’t seem to have changed even a little bit from what he was before. He continues to beat other people for money, so much so that they get soaked in blood all over. Saylor wonders how can one be heartless and dangerous for so long. But, in spite of all his negativities and untrustworthy nature, Saylor feels attracted towards him. She cannot help but think about him all the time. Her liking for him enables her to want him for life.

Cord Gentry and his brothers were always referred to as the trash white Gentry boys. The people in his family have always been in and out of prison for many generations. The type childhood that he has endured is a stuff full of nightmares. Cord had learned very early in his life that his brothers were the only people in the entire world worthy of his time. He knows that people have always seen him as a bad person, just like his brothers. But, they do not realize that he and his brothers have been scarred because of the horrors of their past lives. When Cord Gentry sees Saylor for the first time, he falls for her beauty. He wonders how much of a change has come in her personality since the time he had last seen her. Her beautiful body seemed full of passion and sensuality, which she is ready to give to her lover. Cord’s increasing attraction towards Saylor forces him to leave all the bad things that he used to do before and turn himself into a useful man worthy of the love of Saylor. He wishes to make her believe that he can be a good life partner for her and will always keep her with the utmost care. Now, it is up to Saylor to decide whether he wants to stay with him or not because she has already had a haunting experience in relation to her love life. Therefore, she wants to proceed carefully and take one step at a time.

Another chilling love story written by Cora Brent in this series is called ‘Game’. It was published in the year 2014 by the author herself. The central characters portrayed in this book include Chase Gentry and Stephanie. The book deals with the story of Chase Gentry, who finally meets his match in Stephanie. The story is completely filled with gritty realism, unbreakable bonds of brotherhood and love, and the steamy antics of the bedroom. At the beginning of the story of the book, Stephanie is introduced as a bookie. She appears to be aware of pay sheets, money lines, point spreads, etc., better than any man. Stephanie used to think that she was having the control of herself, but she realizes that things are not as she used to think after suffering a terrible betrayal. She had to pay the price with her dignity. So, Stephanie remains alert all the time so that she does not fooled by someone for the second time. Eventually, when Chase Gentry tried to get close to her, she did not let him do it. Stephanie made him realize that she is not like the other girls, with whom he could get along very easily. She knew very well that it was a great risk to get involved with a guy who is too hot and too good to handle. Chase Gentry is known to be an equally big trouble for himself as he is for the ones around him. However, the resistance of Stephanie could not last for long as she loses her heart to him. However, the people around them still think that they are not a sign of good luck for each other. They are too explosive and too intense for each other. Stephanie begins to wonder what if the people are right about them. Chase used to think that he cannot get attracted to a girl with a snotty attitude and bad temper. But, Stephanie has everything he dislikes and still he falls for her love. Their love rises to such a level that none of them appear to be ready to let the other one go away.

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