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George Lee Miller is a bestselling author of thriller crime and mystery fiction works.

Outside of his writing, he is a former theater director, Navy corpsman, and cowboy who now spends his time between writing his next Nick Fischer adventure and working as a teacher at the local college.
He currently makes his home in Central Texas where he lives with his wife and their Labrador retriever.

“Not Forgotten” by George Lee Miller tells the story of a popular local attorney vying for the governorship, a dirty cop, and the heir to an oil fortune.

These three men are guarding a dark secret about a young coed from the poorest city suburbs that was found dead in the San Antonio River. It is a dark secret that they will do anything including kill to protect.
Law enforcement had declared the death an accidental drowning even though her desperate mother was convinced that she was murdered. When the police ignore her pleas she seeks help from Nick Fischer.
Dodging threats and bullets from a dirty cop, Fischer follows a twisted trail leading from the upscale neighborhoods of San Antonio to a remote ranch where many visitors tend to go missing once they enter.
For the new private investigator and former marine, to find the killer by taking on the privileged elite, he needs to risk his family, his career, and his own life.

Set in Texas, it is a fascinating work with the age-old revenge, blackmail, murder, and old boy vigilante hero.

George Lee Miller’s novel “Second Chances” is a riveting work that tells the story of Dragon, a ruthless sex trafficker terrorizing rural Central Texas.

Meanwhile, Maya is an eighteen-year-old who just moved back in with her grandfather who is a crusty old rancher. She has to deal with a longing for her old life living in southern California in addition to major culture shock.
When she meets Dragon, she instantly falls for the charismatic man and never makes it back home. Given her grandfather’s reputation, the sheriff believes Maya has gone back to California.

But her grandfather believes that even if she did, he deserves another chance and is determined to find her before it is too late. Even though he still has a bullet wound from his last case, Nick will do everything to track down Maya.
He follows clues that lead him down a dank rabbit hole full of human trafficking and drugs. The Dragon is known to work south of the border and across state lines in the US as he sells his victims to the highest bidder.
Since the sheriff is not providing much help, Nick takes the law into his own hands as he is convinced that is what he has to do so that Maya can get a second chance.

It is a compelling work that will draw you in right from the start and keep you engaged up to the last page. The thriller also comes with unpredictable turns and twists that will always leave you wanting more.

Last Rodeo by George Lee Miller is an interesting work of fiction that opens with the body of a cowboy found dumped at the San Antonio rodeo.

In his hands are an empty snuff can full of painkillers and a pistol. Since the young man had been a wounded veteran, the question is if it was murder or a cry for help.

Meanwhile, law enforcement declares it a suicide while the District Attorney who is motivated BY politics could not be any more gleeful at charging Nick Fischer.

The pistol found in the hand of the dead man belonged to Nick and this puts him in the crosshairs of law enforcement opposite his new girlfriend Diana Ochoa, the SAPD detective.

However, the estranged father of the cowboy believes his son was murdered and gets Nick to try to track down the killer. Clues lead him toward an enforcer with shadowy links to a drug cartel from Mexico and a pill mill-operating doctor.
Nick starts investigating and outs the operation only for the six-year-old son of Diana to go missing. Meanwhile, the only witness in the case is found dead, hanged on the river bridge.

Nick is warned to drop the case or the kid will die but with time running out and no backup, he will need to deal with the enforcer all alone if he is to bring a killer to justice and save the boy.

With meticulous descriptions of firepower, guns, and fight scenes combined with just the right amount of romance, it is one of the most gratifying thrillers you could ever read.

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