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Every Day Is a Holiday (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Life's a Beach (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Not Tonight, Josephine: A Road Trip Through Small-Town America (1988)Description / Buy at Amazon
Free Country: A Penniless Adventure the Length of Britain (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Operation Ironman: One Man's Four Month Journey from Hospital Bed to Ironman Triathlon (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Travels with Rachel: In Search of South America (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
How Not to Get Married: A no-nonsense guide to weddings... from a photographer who has seen it ALL (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

George Mahood
George Mahood is a travel author best known for his Free Country novel. This award-winning writer writes from his experiences, and the stories are so captivating you will keep turning the pages. George studied English Literature and Communication Studies at Leeds University.
After college, he traveled the USA for a year and spent a few years making garlic bread and raising funds for charity. Today, this UK-born author works as a wedding photographer, a lead singer and guitarist of his band, and a midfielder in a Sunday-league football team.
George says that he has more exciting adventures to include in his future books. If you have read his novels, you can only hope that he will be adding to his list of published works soon.

Free Country
Free Country is a funny memoir detailing the author’s adventure from England to Scotland. With nothing but a pair of Union Jack boxer shorts and a camera, George Mahood and his friend Ben set off on a journey of 1000 miles.

Is it possible to travel with no money? How will these young men manage to move from one region to another without a penny in their pockets?
The idea is to cycle from Lands End, Cornwall, to O’Groats in Scotland. However, these two friends have no bikes or money, and they plan to rely on the generosity of the British people for them and every other need, including food, clothes, shoes, accommodation, and beer. So, how does this adventure end? Will the British public help these two friends accomplish their mission?
Well, this hilarious adventure proves how kind and generous the British people are. George and Ben were offered Bikes, food, and enough booze to make their trip memorable for three weeks. The duo slept in hotels, barns, and on a canal boat. It is surprising how many people were ready to offer total strangers clothes, accommodation, and food.

This memoir will restore your faith in humanity. While a few people were not so welcoming to this duo, the majority of the British people ensured that they had everything they needed on their journey. Since it also comes with an audio version, it is ideal when you are traveling.
Bring it along on your road trip and get to learn some tricks and tips that you can also incorporate into your adventure. Anyone who loves traveling will find this book exciting.

Told with great humor, this story will you laugh and at times leave you with tears in your eyes. George and Ben’s adventures are entertaining, and relying on people’s generosity makes this more than a travel story. The author shares their struggles and all they did when the day did not end as they anticipated.
If you are looking for a pleasant diversion from today’s troubles, this book is perfect. You will enjoy reading about the moments, struggles, and everything in between. The writing is outstanding, and the pacing is well done. These adventures will make you feel mushy and happy, but when you least expect it, something poignant will come up.

Free Country is a perfect read if you want a good laugh and something uplifting. It is fun following George and Ben throughout Britain and experiencing their high and low moments with them. The story gets so captivating that it might keep you awake at night, eager to read about the next adventure. Fortunately, the book is about 320 pages, and you can enjoy it all in a sitting or two.

Not Tonight, Josephine
Not Tonight, Josephine is a hilarious adventure through the US. George and his friend Mark plan to tour the US for a year shortly after graduating college. Their journey starts from New York, and the duo plans to explore all the back roads in the US. However, nothing goes as planned, and their misadventures make the journey even more exciting.

The first thing George and Mark need to do is buy a car to transport them around the country. For 850 bucks, they buy a Dodge Caravan they name Josephine. It turns out that Josephine isn’t in the best condition and needs expensive repairs before the start of their journey. While they do find someone to fix the car, the repairs eat into their finances, and they start their trip with minimal to live on.
If you are American, you will enjoy seeing the country through fresh eyes. The beauty George and his friend marvel see in National Parks and other tourist attractions spread across the country.

They also enjoy visiting Walmart and making sandwiches that would make you drool. However, they also encounter a few challenges, and their plans end up changing midway.

First, George’s friend is forced to fly back home thanks to visa problems. With very limited finances, the author has to earn some money, and his girlfriend joins him for the rest of the trip. Fortunately, because he takes the road less traveled and mostly stays in small towns, he manages to complete his journey on a shoe-string budget.

There are many things to love about this book. First is the humor and flawless writing. The adventures are sure to leave a smile on your face, and the descriptions are detailed. Josephine also adds to the fun, and, surprisingly, she completes the journey, even after threatening to break down at any moment.
The author highlights all the notable places he visited on his trip and the things that made these places memorable. He also talks about the fun people he met along the way. His diet of bread and bologna and the occasional dinner treat sounds interesting, and his positive outlook on life shines throughout this book.
This is a perfect choice for easy and fun reading. The book is just about 340 pages, and you can read it all in about two sittings. Not Tonight, Josephine is another exciting dive into the world of travel and all its unforeseen adventures.
What starts as a well-planned trip turns into an experience characterized by many unexpected twists and turns. The author’s positive attitude is evident, and even in the worst of situations, he still finds something to laugh about.

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