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Firing Point (With: Don Keith) (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Operation Golden Dawn (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

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In the Arms of Words: Poems for Disaster Relief(2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mo' Joe: The Joe the Poet Anthology(2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Trumped(2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
What Saves Us(2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

George Wallace
Born and raised in Eastern Ohio, Commander George Wallace got his commission in the US Navy and a degree in engineering from The Ohio State University.

After the memorable interview with Admiral Rickover, he got accepted into the submarine communities and nuclear power. George served on two of Admiral Rickover’s famous “Forty One for Freedom”, the USS Woodrow Wilson SSBN 624, and the USS John Adams SSBN 620 during which time he made nine one hundred day deterrent patrols through the Cold War’s height.

He served as Executive Officer on the Sturgeon class nuclear attack submarine Spadefish. Spadefish and all of her sisters were decommissioned during the downsizing that occurred during the nineties. The passing of this great ship served as the inspiration for the novel “Final Bearing”.

He then commanded the Los Angeles class nuclear attack submarine USS Houston SSN 713 from early 1990 until August 1992. During this tour of duty George worked extensively with the SEAL community to develop SEAL/submarine tactics. It was under his command that the Houston was awarded the CIA Meritorious Unit Citation.

In the year 1995, Commander Wallace retired to the civilian business world, after having spent twenty-two years of service on nuclear submarines.

The novel “Firing Point” was adapted into a movie called “Hunter Killer” which starred Gary Oldman, Gerard Butler, and Common and was released in 2018.

George’s debut novel, called “Final Bearing”, was released in the year 2003. His work is from the thriller genre.

“Final Bearing” is the first novel in the “Hunter Killer” series and was released in the year 2003. Commander Jonathan and the rest of his crew on the Spadefish, the old attack sub, are on a final mission. One US Navy SEAL team is being inserted into South America. They have orders to destroy the secret labs of the world’s most notorious drug cartel. It is the Spadefish’s job to provide assistance.

However the Juan de Santiago, the violent billionaire drug lord, has got a whole private army and his own futuristic and new mini-sub. He’s going to do anything in order to protect his empire. And he knows full well that the Americans are coming.

This writing team of George Wallace and Don Keith spin a tale that is thrilling, suspenseful, and non-stop action. Some readers felt like they came close to feeling the heat in the submarine’s nuclear reactor.

“Dangerous Grounds” is the second novel in the “Hunter Killer” series and was released in the year 2015. When one terrorist mastermind triggers a rather sinister deception, the world gets tossed into peril.

One DEA agent that is investigating the Asian drug trade stumbles across a lethal plot. A Navy SEAL team’s tasked with locating stolen Russian nuclear weapons in east Asia. One young Naval Academy midshipman gets trapped on board a hijacked sub.

Together, this unlikely team of Americans has to battle against criminal drug syndicates and terrorists in the most lethal waters on Earth. For should they fail, a nuclear Armageddon is going to be unleashed on mankind.

This novel is a wild ride that takes you deep into the operations of the American Navy with plenty of suspense and action.

“Cuban Deep” is the third novel in the “Hunter Killer” series and was released in the year 2019. When one Venezuelan Admiral tries one ambitious grab for power, America’s elite warriors have to stop a disaster of unimaginable scale.

Admiral Juan Valdez is the puppet master behind the dictatorship in Venezuela. He has spent years modernizing Venezuela’s military as the poor in his country continue to starve. The whole time, he was working on his grand plan of seizing most of Latin America. Now Admiral Valdez is convinced that Peru, Bolivia, and Columbia are within his reach. When the time’s right, he’s going to strike.

However the true key to his victory lies up north. With the recent discovery of massive undersea oil deposits, he has to take Cuba. For oil is money, and money’s power. The submarine USS Toledo’s crew, along with some intelligence operatives and SEALs have been sent in to protect America’s interests. However with Russia’s best tech at Valdez’ disposal, his elaborate plot puts the Americans in the line of fire.

“Fast Attack” is the fourth novel in the “Hunter Killer” series and was released in the year 2019. The belligerent Russian president looks to reunite the Soviet Union, starting with Lithuania. However before the United States is able to send military aid, Russia’s navy forces a dangerous face off out in the Atlantic. While a Russian fleet moves into a blocking position, one pair of spies tries to sabotage the US Navy.

As a hurricane bears down on the Atlantic, and the US fleet ordered back to port, two American subs and a tiny team of Navy SEALs are all that has stuck around. Commander Joe Glass and all his fast attack subs have to defeat the Russian forces, or he risks losing the global balance of power for good.

“Firing Point” is the first stand alone novel and was released in the year 2012. At the very top of the world, in the bottom of the sea, a war has started.

Below the polar ice cap, an American nuclear sub moves quietly within the freezing water, tailing one brand new Russian submarine. However the usual, unspoken game of hide-and-seek between the opposing captains ends when Americans hear the sounds of flooding and disaster, and the Russian’s sub sinks in one thousand feet of water. The American submarine rushes in to help, just to join its former quarry down in the deep.

The situation ignites the tensions felt all around the world. While both Moscow and Washington get ready for what might be the start of World War III, the USS Toledo, which is led by untested and young Captain Joe Glass, heads out to the location to give some aid. He quickly finds that the incident wasn’t any accident. And that the men behind it haven’t yet made their final move. A move that only Glass is able to stop.

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