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Georgia Clark
Georgia Clark is a contemporary romance author best known for The Bucket List novel. Other notable works include It Had to Be You, The Regulars, and Parched. In all these stories, you meet women who find love in themselves and others despite the tough situations they encounter in life.

Clark was born in Australia, but she later moved to the US and lived in New York for over a decade. She later relocated to Brooklyn, where she currently lives. In addition to being a renowned novelist, Clark is also the founder of a few live shows. She also enjoys sleeping in and occasionally indulging in fun and salty snacks.

The Bucket List
The Bucket List stars Lacey Whitman, a 25-year-old woman who has just learned that she carries the BCRA1 mutation. With this mutation, Lacey is at a high risk of getting breast cancer. Doctors offer two solutions to save her life: increased monitoring which will involve tons of doctors’ appointments, or a preventative double mastectomy.

Lacey isn’t ready to lose her breasts. At least not until she has put them to work. After living a sheltered life before coming to New York, Lacey knows little about her sexuality. Her busy schedule juggling two careers does not make her life any easier. She also doesn’t want to visit the doctors now and then. What is a girl to do when confronted with such hard choices?

With the help of friends, Lacey comes up with a boob bucket list. This list marks the beginning of a sensual exploration year for Lacey. Her journey and escapades will make you laugh out loud, but the serious tone and Lacey’s weighty decision help balance things out.

Even when she is having the time of her life, Lacey often has to worry about her health. Fortunately, she has enough friends to help her celebrate the good times and handle the challenge she encounters on her journey.

There is a twist to this story; as Lacey ticks items off her bucket list, she starts to understand herself and her body. She begins to accept the possibility of losing both her breasts and understands that she can choose to be a victim or fully embrace who she is and feel empowered. Her diagnosis did not mean that she couldn’t have the life she always wanted. Even without breasts, Lacey could achieve all the goals she had set for herself.

This is a smarty, witty, and saucy book on women’s empowerment and their bodies. Many would be insecure if, in Lacey’s shoes, it is amazing that she looks past her limitations and whatever isn’t working for her. From the story, it is clear that the author has researched BRCA1 and its physical and mental effects on the body. The information is accurate, and anyone with this gene can borrow a lot from Lacey’s experience.

The Bucket List is an intriguing read with emotion, humor, and tenderness. Lacey’s journey to self-acceptance will make you laugh, and you can but admire her for her courage. The sex scenes bring just the right amount of light to a story with so many hard decisions to make.

It is easy to fall in love with Lacey and wish her well in her adventures. The narration is well done, and the pacing is just right for this kind of story.

It Had to Be You
It Had to Be You tells the story of Liv, a woman whose life is about to take a drastic change. When Liv’s husband Eliot Goldenhorn unexpectedly dies, she is devastated. She is even more shocked to discover that her late husband was not only a cheater, but he had left half of their business to his mistress Savannah.

Liv and Eliot had run their wedding planning business in Brooklyn for over twenty years, and now she has to work with a new partner, one she doesn’t particularly like.It isn’t easy for Liv to deal with the loss of her husband and all the changes happening in her life.

She has to come to terms with her husband’s affair and betrayal and see the younger woman he cheated with every day at the business they now own together. However, what starts as a rocky relationship turns into something that Liv couldn’t have imagined. How does Liv achieve this transformation in such a short term? What helps these business partners’ relationships despite the rocky start?

This story cleverly links Liv, Savannah, and a few other couples. Every character in this story undergoes trials in relationships, and it is amazing how they overcome these challenges. Friends come to the aid of those in pain, and in the course of helping them overcome their grief, new bonds are formed.
Wouldn’t life be easier if we all had friends like these in our lives? Darlene and Zach are such a lovely couple, and it is admirable that they have such a deep connection with each other.

On these pages, you will encounter a widow and the divorced man that she is dating, interracial couples, a bi-curious couple, and a gay couple. Their stories will take center stage at certain times, leaving the protagonist in the background.

However, Liv’s story unfolds at a steady pace, and you will love how everything works out for her. These characters are different in so many ways, yet the author manages to tie their stories together. The writing is outstanding, and the storyline remains enjoyable to the last page.
There is also so much love in this story that it will leave you feeling all warm inside. You will easily fall in love with the protagonist and all her friends. Everything from the pacing to the writing style is also just right. This character-driven rom-com is sure to keep you turning the pages.
It Had to Be You is a story of a secret romance, second chances, and steamy relationships. It is a perfect choice if you are looking for a well-written rom-com. Liv is such a likable character, and, amazingly, she manages to look beyond her situation and embrace love when it comes knocking. The rest of the cast is just as intriguing.

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