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Georgia Hunter is a historical fiction novelist that is best known for her debut novel “We Were the Lucky Ones” that she published in 2017.

The first seeds of her novel were planted when she heard tales of her family while at a home on Martha’s Vineyard. She heard of a woman hiking through the alps, hiding in plain sight using fake identities among many other gruesome stories and experiences.
The twenty-one-year-old Hunter had stumbled into the conversations among her older relations many of who had come to the US from places as far off as Israel, France, and Brazil.

She heard some mind-blowing stories that she had never heard before and felt that someone needed to pen down the stories of their family during the Holocaust and World War II.

Hunter never expected that it would be her that would be committing the memories of her grandfather, his parents, and four siblings. About 10 years later, she published “We Were the Lucky One” which went on to be a blockbuster work.

Her debut novel follows the life and times of the Polish Jewish family of her grandfather as they were forced to flee and scatter following the outbreak of the Second World War. The five siblings and their parents were driven only by the need to survive and one day reunite as a family.

Hunter got a first look into the history of a family when her class was given the assignment to investigate their ancestral past. She was then a fifteen-year-old, but it was not until she went to that family reunion in Massachusetts that she saw things more clearly.
Years later, she got tired of her career in marketing and branding and began thinking maybe she needed to tell her family’s story. When she told her mother that she wanted to pen her family’s story, she went to the bedroom and came back with a stack of photos and letters she had been keeping for years.

Several years later, she mustered the courage and began interviewing relatives in 2008. She would then travel to France and ultimately to Paris where she walked the streets that her father had walked and sat down with family.
She followed her grandfather’s footsteps in the Montmartre neighborhood where he used to spend a lot of his evenings in the jazz clubs. He had been living in the neighborhood when war broke out in 1939 and he quickly realized that it was impossible to stay put or head to Poland hence he left for Brazil.

Her grandfather never heard from his parents, two brothers, and sisters all this time. Following ancestral paths, Georgia Hunter went to Italy, England, Austria, Brazil, the Czech Republic, and Poland. Here she interviewed family, sifted through the archives, and toured cities and towns.

Even though Georgia Hunter was born in Massachusetts, she spent most of her time growing up in the town of Providence on Rhode Island. She would then go to the University of Virginia where she got her degree in psychology.
Thereafter, she embarked on a career working in several companies as a marketing and branding expert. About ten years into her career in marketing, she began to work as a freelance copywriter and also began to look more seriously into her family’s history.
After living in Seattle Washington for seven years, Georgia Hunter and her husband left and moved to the small town of Rowayton in Connecticut. Her parents Isabelle and Thomas Hunter had been living there for years and she had several cousins living in the nearby town of Southport and Fairfield.

In addition to her novel, she also runs her own website as a companion resource for her novels on the Holocaust and Second World War.

When she is not giving book talks, working on revisions, dreaming up ideas for her next novel, or helping with the Hulu Project, he can be found going on adventures with her two boys and her husband or just relaxing at home in Rowayton Connecticut.

“We Were the Lucky Ones” by Georgia Hunter is the intriguing story of a Jewish family that is ripped apart following the start of the Russian and German occupation of Poland.

These events happened just before the beginning of the Second World War and Hunter chronicles a searing story of how they find each other over the years. The work is set in 1939 and follows three generations of the Kurc family that try to live their lives as they used to even as the prospect of war comes ever close.

Much of the conversations around the Seder family table are of budding romance and new babies rather than the hardships that Jews in Radom increasingly face. It is not long before the many horrors they have been getting reports about all over Europe come to their doorstep.
During the war, the family will need to learn to survive in a time filled with death, barbarity, and desperation. They live in a reality in which almost all basic truths they once held dear including their safety, family, and home has been taken away.
As one sibling tries to flee Europe, another is forced into exile while others try to keep themselves alive by working in the factories for many hours on empty stomachs. Others survive by changing their identities and then hiding in plain sight.

They are all driven by the human urge to survive and the fear that the family might never be reunited. In their quest, they have to rely on inner strength, ingenuity and hope to stay alive.

Georgia Hunter’s “One Good Thing” is a historical fiction work that just like “We Were the Lucky Ones” is set in the era of the Holocaust. The work is told from the viewpoint of a young woman that has to depend on her inner strength to survive in a world that is nothing like it had ever been.

This is a brilliant story of survival, friendship, romance, and motherhood.

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    Thought I had read that you were working on another novel, an Italian story. Can’t find it. I revere We Were the Lucky Ones very much and seek to read another great story. Best to you! Ben


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