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Publication Order of The Grayson Trilogy Books

A Single Step (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Before the Dawn (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Thicker Than Water (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Joker (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of A Shade Darker Books

A Killer Strikes (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shape of Revenge: (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Georgia Rose is a British author that writes romantic suspense. She is best known for the Grayson Trilogy. When Georgia isn’t writing or doing her administrative work, she can be found running workshops where she helps aspiring authors learn how to self-publish.

Georgia Rose has a background in country living. She enjoys the tranquil lifestyle. However, she doesn’t find harsh, rugged, bleak landscapes appealing. Georgia loves courting softer rural locations like Huntington in Cambridgeshire.

It is worth pointing out that ‘Georgia Rose’ is a pen name. The author chose it because when she first decided to become a published author, she quickly realized that the publishing landscape already had another established author using her real name.

And that author wrote novels in a genre far different from Georgia’s own. So she decided to work with a pseudonym. It also helped that she wanted to write in secret. She did not want anyone in her local vicinity to know what she was doing.

And a pen name gave her the perfect avenue through which she could protect her anonymity and live a happy, quiet life.

The author was a pretty intelligent child. She loved science and, in particular, biology. She enjoyed spending time in the science building and reading about the fauna side of things.

She wasn’t nearly as fond of PE though, primarily because she lived an active existence and did plenty of exercise in her personal life, so the class had nothing to offer her.

As a working adult, Georgia Rose started out in law. But over time, she switched careers and started a business where she provided administration services to other companies. Georgia had tried to write on more than one occasion but nothing ever came of those attempts.

So she was quite surprised in 2012 when an idea struck her as she lay on a sunbed, an idea that quickly expanded into a story that she proceeded to plot out. The story was so clear in her mind that the author knew she would never rest until she sat down and wrote it.

So that is exactly what she did. The moment she got home Georgia Rose’s fingers began to fly. She was worried that the story might drift from her head. So she refused to waste even a single moment.

Eventually, she had to go back to work. However, even when her hectic home schedule came into play, the author kept finding ways to squeeze writing sessions into her days.

It was a hectic three months. That was how long it took Georgia to complete the first draft of her first novel. She didn’t sleep or eat much so she lost a lot of weight.

But it was the sort of magical experience that the author would never trade for anything because it set her on the path to writing success. She also grew to appreciate the adrenaline rush.

Though, as the weeks, months and years went by, Georgia grew accustomed to the rigors of writing and found a much healthier way of fitting the activity into her life. Admittedly, the author does not have a strict writing schedule that she follows.

She would love nothing better than to have entire days dedicated to the production of her manuscripts. But the author has other obligations that she has to meet. Georgia works rather long hours.

You shouldn’t be too shocked to find her dealing with a client’s assignment at 10 or even 11 PM in the night. If she’s lucky enough to still have the energy for it, the author will write for thirty minutes to an hour before she sleeps.

Sometimes she will squeeze writing sessions into her workday, churning out a page or two in between clients. She wouldn’t mind doing a bit of writing in the morning but her household’s morning routine doesn’t permit her.

When she finally does settle down to write, Georgia Rose prefers to use computers over a typewriter or even notepads. Her thoughts are rarely organized. As such, she is constantly making changes to the things she writes. So she needs the flexibility of a computer to get her work done.

Most of the author’s novels are first plotted out before she sits down to write them. But Georgia doesn’t actually outline her stories on paper. She would like to take a more organized approach that allows her to jot her ideas down in notebooks, possibly even using technology to keep track of her scenes and characters.

But she doesn’t have the patience or the time for that route. So most of her planning happens in her head; she works her stories out from beginning to end in her mind and then she tries to stick to that plan once she starts writing.

Georgia rarely suffers from writer’s block. This is despite the fact that her second novel was a struggle to write. But that was only because of the pressure. Her first novel was received so well that people couldn’t wait to tell her how much they were looking forward to the sequel.

The expectations caused Georgia Rose to doubt herself. Fortunately, she eventually overcame her fear of disappointing others, though she needed her friends to help her do so.

+A Single Step
Emma Grayson lost everything, or so she thought. A devastating betrayal shattered her life. She thought she would never find peace. But then she landed a position at the Melton Manor Estate.

It was her job to manage the stables and the horses. Emma quickly found that the community on the Estate was a close-knit one. Everyone knew and looked out for everyone else.

And even though she was hurt and disillusioned beyond measure, Emma found that, at the Melton Manor Estate, it was possible for her to rediscover her zeal for life.

+Before the Dawn
People think Melton Manor is just an agricultural farm. They do not know that the people on the Estate work with and support M16.

Emma came to the estate broken. There she found a new sense of confidence and purpose. But now, even as her relationship with Trent deepens, danger arises. The people that Emma calls family are at risk and she must do everything in her power to protect them.

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