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Meet Me in London (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Meet Me in Hawaii (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Meet Me in Tahiti (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Meet Me at the Wedding (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Always Smiling: The World According to Toff (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Georgia Toffolo is an English TV personality that made her name after hosting “Made in Chelsea,” the reality TV show. The TV personality turned author signed a deal with Mills and Boon to write four romance novels. She made her debut with the 2020 published novel “Meet Me In London.” Toffolo was born in Torquay but as a teen lived in London while she attended the University of Westminster while studying for her law degree. She got the offer to join “Made in Chelsea” in 2014 and when she left the show four years later, she decided to participate in a reality TV show where she was crowned winner.

While she has often presented a picture of poshness, Georgia Toffolo sets out to challenge that notion. The Torquay born author is not as gilded as most of her reality TV stars as she comes from a very humble working class family. Her father who is a worker in the scrap metal industry worked very hard to take her to a good college. Once she was done with her degree at Westminster University, she took a punt on joining a reality series and this opened the doors and made her a career. Her passion for politics has seen her work as Parliament Street’s Head of Events. Aside from her day job, she has also been a regular in British TV screens appearing in “Celebrity Hunted,” “The Great Celebrity Bake Off” and “Celebs Go Dating.” She also worked in “This Morning” on ITV among several other TV stations. Since she suffered from acne and skin issues for several years that resulted in anxiety and insecurities, she has a passion for empowering others. Given her conservative views she has often been called Boris in a bikini and several pundits believe she could be a future MP.

In 2014, Mills and Boon approached Georgia Toffolo as they were looking to attract a younger audience. As a person with a huge social media presence that includes 338,000 followers on Twitter and 1.8 million on Instagram, she was the perfect choice for penetrating the younger demographic. She has said that she intends to change the misconception about Mills & Boon as she will throw gender stereotypes into the bin and write for the contemporary woman. Toff is the author of “Always Smiling” in which she writes about many of her perspectives. She famously launched “Meet Me In London” her debut novel on Instagram.
“Meet Me In London,” the debut novel by Georgia Toffolo is the story of Victoria Scott, an aspiring clothes designer. She works a day job at a bar in Chelsea and designs vintage clothes in her apartment as she dreams of one day having her own boutique. However, there are plans to open a new department store down the road and this would be a huge threat to her aspirations. She will need more than a Christmas miracle to keep her hopes alive. In the meantime, Oliver Russell is not in a very festive mood as the opening of his department store is way behind schedule. His mother is also complicating his life by pressurizing him to introduce his current girlfriend to the family. He does not have one and needs a diversion that will keep his mother busy while he works on getting the business up and running. When he meets Victoria the aspiring fashion designer, he thinks he has found the solution. He offers her to become is pretend girlfriend during the opening of the store and he will allow her to showcase her designs. But then what he thought would be just a business thing becomes something deeper. But Victoria is afraid that Oliver may walk when he discovers her sordid past.

Georgia Taffolo’s “Meet Me In Hawaii” is the story of passionate surfer Malie that moved to Hawaii to get away from the pain of a personal tragedy. While Victoria Scott was thinking of becoming a designer with her own boutique, her friend Malie Pukui had given up on Happily Ever After. She had left Devon to get away from the anguish of a broken relationship and set up in Hawaii to heal. In Hawaii she meets Todd Masters the owner of a charity foundation and affable millionaire. Even though they had met on the surf, they instantly have instant intensity and heat. Hawaii with its kind hearted and beautiful beaches provides an excellent setting for the love story. Georgia Taffolo is excellent at capturing the warmth and vibrancy of surfer life and the people without resorting to clichéd tropes.

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