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Publication Order of Georgia Books

The “Georgia” series written by crime author Karin Slaughter (who is a big fan of crime stories) are from the mystery and crime genres of fiction. Will Trent and Sara Linton investigate crimes together; Will works for Georgia Bureau of Investigation as a special agent and Sara works as a pediatrician and coroner on a part time basis.

The series is a combination of the “Grant County” series (for which Slaughter is most known for) and “Will Trent” series. Will Trent and Faith Mitchell (both from the Will Trent books) and Sara Linton (from the “Grant County” series). Detective Lena Adams and Sara’s ex-husband (whom she married again) both are in these books. It is a result of the main characters from each series investigating a case together.

The first book was released in the year 2009, and was called “Undone”, and two sequels would follow each year after, with the third novel being released in the year 2011. The series came about two years after the last “Grant County” book came out, and was published after the second “Will Trent” book. The series is set in Georgia, which is the state that Slaughter was born and raised in and where she sets a lot of her work in. She has described “Grant County” (more specifically Heartsdale, Georgia) to be like every southern town that she has ever visited wrapped into one.

“Undone” is book one in the “Georgia” series and was released in the year 2009. The police have set up their home base near where Sara’s patient was found. Will Trent does not wait long to go through the cop’s lines. Not even for an okay from his superior officers. He is able to find a house of horrors by himself, that is buried under the ground, as well as another body.

Will and Faith are able to take the case on, and take on an investigation related to the one they are already working. Another woman has been taken; she is a young, smart, upscale, and independent mother. This is a truth that hits them all hard. They have located the torture chamber, but the killer is still free to kill.

Some have found a new author to read all of their books in Slaughter, as they tear through each one just as fast as they get their hands on one. Fans of the novel found this to be a major page turner, and will read more due to the fact that they are hooked on this. Some like seeing how the characters are developed even further here in this one. This one pulled them in, as they saw how Will and Faith went about catching the killer.

“Broken” is book two in the “Georgia” series and was released in the year 2010. Will Trent arrives in Grant County, and finds that cops are protecting their fellow officers. There are too many unanswered questions that he has about an inmate’s death. Officer Lena Adams is hiding things from Will, which is something that he cannot understand at the moment. Nor does he understand her role in Grant County’s popular police chief dying, either. Additionally puzzling for him is why Sara Linton needs him more than ever before to help her solve the case.

Trent looks into the police officers in Grant County, while the other cops investigate a young woman that was pulled out of a frozen lake after she was killed. Right as Lena Adams is about to crack, Will puts the pressure to her. He is caught between two women that are both complex and determined; he tries to figure out why Linton so passionately does not trust Adams, more about Chief Tolliver’s death, and the town itself. Things come together and Will Trent unravels a case with a bunch of big secrets. He comes up on a thin blue line that some may kill over should it be crossed.

Some cannot wait to see where things go after this book, as this was an interesting read, as the town thinks Sara and Will are perfect for each other and tell him quite a bit. Fans of the novel liked how Sara and Will were able to become better friends over the course of the investigation. They had to face things, while being vulnerable, and had to get stronger as a result, they developed more trust in each other too. This is an author that always gives pretty good thrills to her readers.

“Fallen” is book three in the “Georgia” series and was released in the year 2011. Faith Mitchell’s mother has not been answering her phone. Her door has been left ajar, and there is some blood up above the knob. Hidden in the shed behind the house, is her young daughter. All of the training she got from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation was thrown out of the window as she ran right through the house, with her gun drawn. There is a dead man located in the laundry room, not to mention a hostage situation in one of the bedrooms. The only thing missing, is Faith’s mother.

It turns deadly, and Faith has a lot of questions as a result; she does not get many answers to them, though. Will Trent will have to help find her mom, and they will need Sara Linton’s assistance. Faith is a suspect and witness, not a cop this time.

She needs to find her mother and will have to fight police corruption, murder, and bribery, things the thin blue line likes to bury. She will either keep the truth buried down forever or expose it all.

Some like that Will is able to have someone in his life that actually seems to care about him and understand certain things that happened to him as a kid. Fans of the novel find that they devour these books in just about a day each and every time. They are that captivating, and the readers have been waiting since the end of the last one to get a new one. Slaughter does a great job of writing, developing her characters, and telling a dark and gritty mystery. Slaughter is a top notch writer, especially if readers like their mysteries dark and gritty.

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