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The Other Windsor Girl (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Last Debutantes (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
An Indiscreet Princess (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Windsor Conspiracy (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Georgie Blalock is a movie buff and amateur historian known for combining her many passions and a healthy dose of period films into bestselling historical fiction works. The award-winning novelist was born and brought up in San Diego where she also went to college and majored in film production and television.

She would then begin her professional writing career writing public service announcements, promotional sports, and marketing videos at a local cable TV station. It was while she was working in the TV and entertainment industry that she met and married her husband.
During her schooling years and when she worked in advertising and marketing, she remained a history buff. Up to today, she dreams of one day inheriting a manor house and title. Until that time, she pretends to live the life of a noblewoman through the lords and ladies found in her historical fiction works.

When Blalock is not writing her novels, she can usually be found reading nonfiction history works or watching historical movies with an accent and a costume.

Blalock fell in love with words from a very young age. The first time she learned the power of language is when she was in the sixth grade and won a short story contest. It was a time when she was so into Greek mythology and penned a short fiction work about the creation of a silver swan constellation by the Greek gods.

It was the first time she got recognition for her writing but it gave her the encouragement to believe in her creativity and in herself. Her interest in Greek mythology soon turned to her reading Egyptian mythology and then right into Egyptian history.
From there, it was a simple hop, step, and jump into English history with its epic drams, queens, and kings. Georgie Blalock loves the universal themes and timelessness of the stories and how different they seemed, given that they were from a very different era.
Reading English history, there was always a magical and wondrous feeling that she always loved to lose herself into. Even though she would later work as a screenwriter for ITV, she never felt any passion for her job and hence decided to venture into fiction writing.
Writing as Georgie Lee, she published “Lady’s Wager,” her first historical romance work in 2008.

In 2019, Georgie Blalock penned “The Other Windsor Girl” to make her debut as a historical fiction author. The work explores the rebellious and wild life of Princess Margaret, through the eyes of down on her lock noble woman that is her second lady in waiting.
The author combines her love for the movies and history and some serious romance writing chops to pen a dishy and glamorous work that will leave historical fiction enthusiasts itching for more.

Since that time Blalock has been very busy researching and turning historical research into compelling novels. As Georgie Blalock, she had three historical fiction works to her name by 2022.

Georgie Blalocks’s “The Other Windsor Girl,” tells the story of the royal that outdid Meghan, Catherine, Diana, and any other royal woman you could think of. The haughty and quite naughty princess sprung into a post-Second World War society and lived a whirlwind life of notoriety and fame.

In dreary post-war England, she captivated everyone with her biting quips and cutting-edge sense of fashion. She sparkled in the company of her very wealthy entourage that would come to be known as the Margaret Set. However, the royal family would prefer she dazzle but not be too outrageous.

On the other hand, Post War Britain is not so glamorous for Vera Strathmore that is known for her scandalous novels. All Vera dreams of is to one day live and work in New York as she believes that is the only way she can be as happy as she once was before she lost her fiance in the war.

Her life is changed forever when she meets the princess. Margaret is taken with her and since she always gets who or what she wants, Vera is soon made the second lady in waiting with all the privileges and confidence of the princess.
Thrust into the princess’s royal and social life, she watches as the scandalous affair between Margaret and Peter Townsend takes shape.

“The Last Debutantes” by Georgie Blalock is a work set in a world on the cusp of change just before the beginning of World War II. One of the last debutante seasons is about to commence in 1939 and young women dance the night away, fully aware that their world might change forever.

The niece of Neville Chamberlain the English Prime Minister is among the young women who know her world as she knows it is about to end. Valerie de Vere Cole is the daughter of a neglectful mother and a debt-ridden father who decides that she is going to reinvent herself as a glitter and carefree society woman.

She makes friends with other season debutantes from the English aristocracy in addition to befriending the daughter of the American ambassador in the vivacious Eunice Kennedy. Despite being very successful on the social front, Valerie’s loneliness and fear of loss coupled with the world’s troubles are impossible to ignore.

Still, she is determined to put these fears on the back burner as she goes out to waltz and enjoy champagne, so that she can find the courage and strength to deal with the challenges of war, love, and life.

Georgie Blalock’s “An Indiscreet Princess” is a brilliant novel about Princess Louise, who is Queen Victoria’s most artistically talented and rebellious daughter. It is a story of the princess’s life that showcases her royal life in the author’s signature flair.
Princess Louise is the fourth daughter of Queen Victoria who believes her life is no fairy tale but rather a gilded prison. She is expected to sit with downcast eyes next to her mother and not to speak but she is determined to escape the constricting royal court.
She is blessed with a common touch, artistic talent, and beauty and soon makes a life for herself outside as she attends the National Art Training School. It is here that she falls in love with Joseph Edgar Boehm as she studies how to carve nude models.

While the princess cultivates artistic success, artist friends, and life outside the palace she soon learns that she has to heed the call of duty even if she is a royal rebel. For two decades, Louise fights to continue seeing Joseph and any freedom she can squeeze out of the constricting Victorian court.

But Louise is forced to make a tough choice when she finds herself back under the iron rule of Queen Victoria following a near-fatal accident.

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