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Publication Order of Georgina Kincaid Books

Succubus Blues (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Succubus On Top / Succubus Nights (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Succubus Dreams (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Succubus Heat (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Succubus Shadows (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Succubus Revealed (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
City of Demons (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
City of Demons comes after Succubus On Top (aka Succubus Nights) in chronological order.

Rachelle Mead is an exceedingly young urban fantasy writer, who is making a name for herself in the literary world. Her areas of specialty are adult fiction and teen focus as well. As one of the most promising, author’s Richelle Mead is widely known for the Vampire Academy book series, which has already been adapted into a screenplay and is expected to hit the theaters anytime from now. Born and raised in Michigan, Richelle Mead developed a fascination with folk lore, which in turn spurred her creativity. Once she completed her high school education, Richelle Mead joined Michigan University where she was awarded a liberal arts degree. She then later on proceeded to West Michigan University, where she earned her Master’s degree in the field of Comparative Religion. After completing her Master’s degree, Richelle Read relocated to Seattle, where she joined the University of Washington.

Mead was once again awarded a Master’s degree in Teaching Middle and High School English. After being awarded her second Master’s degree, Richelle Mead then began teaching Middle School. It was during this period that Richelle Mead began to settle down and even started a family while writing during her spare time. Despite being a full-time mother and a teacher, Richelle Read still managed to pen down her first novel, which became an instant hit in bookstores throughout the world. Due to the success of her first book, Richelle Read became a full-time writer. She has, in turn, produced several bestselling novels. Apart from penning down novels, Richelle Mead has also been a regular contributor to several anthologies, thus making it easy for her to find several compelling works. When she is not writing, Richelle Mead can be found traveling to new locations.

Despite the fact that Richelle Mead is widely known for the blockbuster that is about to hit the theaters soon, she has several other book series that have also performed exceedingly well in the international market. One of her best performing series is the Bloodline Series, which is a spin-off of the Vampire Academy. Just like Vampire Academy, Bloodline is centered around the conflicted and top-secret universe of the Vampire Academy; a world where vampires, ensure that they blend exceedingly well with the upper-class society of the human world. Nonetheless, in this highly entertaining series, the main character shifts from the awe-inspiring vampire princess and the guardian to her exceedingly younger sister, the alchemist. Richelle has done an excellent job of playing the idea of an alchemist by twisting them in her story. She portrays them as humans who protect humans from massacre and guard the vampire’s secret. Despite the fact that her two vampire series performed extremely well, the author’s series about the exceedingly powerful succubus, Georgina Kincaid is also another highly entertaining series.

Georgina Kincaid Series

The Georgina Kincaid series focuses on the seedy underbelly that a majority of the paranormal writers, would not dare to touch. In the first book in the Georgina Kincaid series, the author, Richelle Mead introduces the readers to the protagonist, Georgina Kincaid, a conflicted but skillful succubus, who resides in a big city. While her real job is reaping souls for hell, Georgina Kincaid has everything that you could ask for; a seductive body, expensive clothes and jewelry, and the ability to drain souls with just a touch. Despite the fact that she tends to disagree with her manager from time to time, Georgina Kincaid has it easy in life. Because her job is not that demanding, Georgina decides to take a pet job at one of the local bookstores. It does not take long before things began to get a little bit complicated when Georgina Kincaid fell in love with a human author. Georgina cannot touch her human boyfriend without necessarily sucking the life out of him. This, in turn, puts her on the watch as she tries to balance her twofold life without necessarily killing those that she cares about but ensuring that she keeps her quota.

Because this was Richelle Mead’s book series, it is exceedingly easy to see why the series flew off the shelf as it somehow relates to balancing professional life, personal life, Georgina’s soul sucking job, her relationship and her relationship with her boyfriend as well. The second installment in the Georgina Kincaid book series is Succubus on Top. In this book, Georgie and Seth are in an exceedingly stable relationship. Apart from going on romantic dates, they also get the chance to spend time with Seth’s family and also do a lot of other exciting things that couples normally do, when they are in a happy relationship. However, as it is the case with any relationship, there is normally than incessant and unspoken need that has not yet been fulfilled. Seth is in love with Georgia not because of her greatness but rather for who she is as a person. The relationship that the two have is not based purely on sex, which in turn makes it exceedingly beautiful.

In this book, Georgina made another deal with the devil, and now she is forced to put her feelings aside. She has to go and get new souls for hell. Georgina decides to use the powers of her supernatural friends to find out what exactly was happening to Doug. This case was full of twists, and it did not take long before she found out that she was in danger.With that said, Seth is an excellent character, who is truly in love with Georgina. Seth is geeky and socially awkward as well. Georgina, on the other hand, is an exceedingly complicated character, who is socially awkward, curious and flawed as well. However, she still can get things done effectively. Succubus Dreams is the third book in the Georgina Kincaid book series. In this book, Georgina has been experiencing some exceedingly weird dreams. With each dream comes a drain of her energy. Georgina should be able to find out exactly what is happening before she is completely wasted. With that said, Succubus Dreams is a great addition to the series. This is a fun read that has been set in the immortal world of angels, imps, assorted demons and deities as well.

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