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The Girl Upstairs (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
After the Party (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lost Wife (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
True Crime (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Georgina Lees

Georgina Lees was born writing, or so it seems. She started as a little girl scribbling in notepads, graduating to pounding on keyboards. At university, she started fulfilling her destiny by studying creative writing and also film.

Ms. Lees has been working a career in video-games journalism, dialing into the world’s most popular video games. In her spare time she is, of course, writing books, but also playing games and reading, preferring stories that are 50/50 terrifying and emotional. Ms. Lees is partial to fantasy and crime fiction.

Ms. Lees has written two psychological thrillers. The bucolic, unrefined English countryside and the gritty, congested London streets serve as inspiration for her stories. In the first of her novels, The Girl Upstairs, we start learning about the complicated, passive/aggressive relationship between downstairs Suzie and upstairs Emily.

Suzie has become acquainted with her upstairs neighbor, Emily, not by meeting face to face and chatting, but by Suzie observing the coming and going of her rather unpleasant and self-absorbed neighbor.

Emily seems to follow a predictable pattern- on Mondays the odors from Emily’s Italian dinner waft upstairs so Suzie cooks a frozen lasagne on Mondays. On Tuesdays is an eggy dish of some kind, Wednesdays Emily goes for the meats. Thursday through Sunday is dedicated to drinking wine with Chinese takeaway on Saturday night.

While Suzie tries to cook so their odors don’t clash, she cannot tolerate the blatant rudeness and disregard Emily has for her privacy. Emily pounds up the stairs and around her apartment in her noisy, clunky shoes and plays her music at unbearably loud levels. Suzie tries with great difficulty to ignore the rocking and pounding of the bed when she has a guy over. In the beginning of Ms. Lees’s book, we gradually gain the sense of Suzie’s fragility.

Since the loss of her husband two years ago she refuses to enter their bedroom, sleeping on the sofa or a chair. She has to push herself to go through her daily obligations of work, shopping, and housekeeping. She avoids talking to her parents who treat her with kid gloves. She yearns to talk to her sister, Claire, but holds back. She can’t even pretend she’s doing ok and she doesn’t want to worry them.

When Emily goes missing Suzie may be the one person who knows her the best. After all, she has heard everything through the thin walls and floors. Everything. Suzie may be the only one to be able to save her.

Ms. Lees’s following thriller, After the Party, is an equally suspenseful, edgy book full of obsessions and secrets. Forever three years Lizzie has been in love with Dean. They are colleagues but he’s never given her a second look.

When Lizzie is given the change of a lifetime to pursue her dream of an art career she’s ready to live in London. Working with Dean, she’s trying not to think about him but rather her work. The office Christmas party was not the best for her. That night Dean confessed he is in love with one of her closest friends. Rebecca is Dean’s chosen one. The police show up at her home a few days later. Rebecca is missing!

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