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Geostorm series by Bobby Akart
Author Bobby Akart writes the “Geostorm” series of science fiction novels. The series began publication in the year 2019, when “The Shift” was released.

“The Shift” is the first novel in the “Geostorm” series and was released in the year 2019. The Earth is alive. Deep under her skin is our planet’s life blood. Rivers of molten iron that push around a core, her beating heart. This moving and fluid iron generates the magnetic field maintains the delicate balance of life on Earth. Until she changes her mind.

The Earth’s magnetic field surrounds our planet like an invisible force field that is connected by a south and north pole. It is what makes compasses point to the north and keeps our atmosphere safe from the continual bombardment of geomagnetic storms from the Sun. Without a magnetic field, the planet’s atmosphere would get stripped away leaving some vital infrastructure at risk and humanity being exposed to lethal radiation.

What happens when such poles start wandering? This field gets weaker with some lethal consequences for all of humanity? The change in the world’s climate might change the face of this planet as we know it.

“The Pulse” is the second novel in the “Geostorm” series and was released in the year 2019. The European continent has been besieged by a geomagnetic storm, one that would typically cause minor disruptions in GPS and communication devices, however because of the weakened magnetic field, has destroyed the power grids.

The world has started playing a lethal game of Russian roulette with the Sun as the magnetic field weakens. Which section of our planet is going to get hit next? Follow the tale of the Squire and Sarah Boone family.

“The Collapse” is the third novel in the “Geostorm” series and was released in the year 2019. While the magnetic field starts to reverse, one well intentioned president attempts to avert the worst-case scenario: The Collapse of the power grid. However does this choice of his cause mayhem anyway? In an effort to avoid society’s collapse, does he still cause it?

One cataclysmic scientific phenomenon is building deep inside of Earth. Evidence is found that the planet’s magnetic field is reversing on itself because of a rapid and sudden pole shift. This has happened before, and it is happening again now. Except…

This time it is different. Life as we know it faces its greatest challenge to date. The Sun, our beloved star which gives us life, threatens us each day. Earth’s protective shield, the magnetic force field protecting us from cosmic rays, decays at a much quicker rate than scientists ever thought. There’s still hope, though. As dire as this crisis might appear, hope lingers as a plan is being implemented to keep America’s power grid safe from a devastating geostorm’s impact. However does this plan have the unintended consequences of bringing this nation to its knees?

Is the planet set to return to the dark ages? Are we going to destroy civilization ourselves before the Sun has its chance? Follow the tale of the Boone family, Indiana farmers and their kids that fight Mother Nature, her animals, and fellow man in this novel.

Fans found this to be pure pulse pounding excitement. Akart hooks you into the tale with masterful writing talent you hold your breath captivated by his plot twists and each page leading you deeper into this world he’s spun.

“The Flood” is the fourth novel in the “Geostorm” series and was released in the year 2019. Since Earth’s formation billions of years prior, it’s been through some cataclysmic changes. She has been fried and frozen, pummeled from space and has experienced the reversal of its magnetic poles. It happens now and the face of the planet might never be the same after.

Over the millennia, man has seen epic floods. Evidence shows the sudden reversal of the magnetic field, had a profound impact on climatic conditions. What once was frozen now has melted. The rising sea levels needed to go somewhere. In past civilizations, man was able to persevere since the waters receded every time after those floods.

Until one time they didn’t. While the catastrophe plays out, does the well-intentioned effort to save America’s power grid result in some unintended deaths? How is the Boone family going to cope with the changing face of the planet, and the brutality from their fellow man?

Fans of the novel liked the solid storyline, fantastic characters, and all of the turns and twists. Once again Bobby Akart turns this world upside down once more!

“The Tempest” is the fifth novel in the “Geostorm” series and was released in the year 2019. Since the dawn of time, four billion life forms have been created, ninety-nine percent are extinct now. The human species is the youngest of all of them. Just a blink in the eye of time, which is running out.

Imagine a world where storms inundated coastal megacities. Entire species go extinct in just an instant. Conflicts are fought over the dwindling natural resources, food, even shelter. The rapid pole shift resulting in the sudden reversal of the planet’s magnetic field altered the planet for good. Rain fell for months, waters rose after ice melted. Land masses vanished.

Humanity needed to go somewhere. Throughout the history of all mankind, humans persevered since these cataclysmic events came on slowly which allowed them to adapt and analyze.

This time was different. The end of the world came and no longer did we ask, who to die by sword or fire? We all perished because of water. While these dramatic changes in the Earth’s climate came on, superstorms, flooding, and weeks without sunlight were the norm. until.

Earth’s geologic revolution carried on. Scientists fought for hundreds of years to study and then explain the changes to this planet. Using some advanced methodology, they were able to predict our future routinely. All of this research was for naught while the rapid pole shift generated The Tempest, which is a storm of biblical proportions.

Bobby Akart is great at keeping his readers reeling in this ever-evolving apocalyptic world. Readers could not put it down and found it to be an absolutely phenomenal read.

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