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Gerald A. Browne is an American published author of fictional novels. His middle name is Austin. He is married to his wife, Merle.

Born November 29, 1924, Gerald grew up in Connecticut in Litchfield County. He would go on to attend higher learning at the University of New Mexico as well as Columbia University and win a few literary awards.

The first fictional novel to come out from Browne is titled It’s All Zoo. The book would be published for public consumption in 1968. He wrote the book while in Paris, living there for a time and finding work operating as a photographer in fashion. He has since come out with several more fictional novels, including 1972’s 11 Harrow House. The book would be adapted into a 1974 film starring Candice Bergen and Charles Grodin.

He would continue to write a slew of novels, including the 1974 novel Hazard and the 1976 novel Slice. He would also write such books as Green Ice, which was developed into a 1981 movie. The movie was about an engineer that was going through a tough point in his life when he becomes involved in an unlikely adventure with a woman and a wealthy magnate who made their fortune off of emeralds.

Hazard is one of the early novels to come out from author Gerald A. Browne. If you enjoy spy novels or James Bond or anything involving suspense and crime, then be sure to check out this interesting fictional novel for yourself and experience all of the action included in it!

An intelligence agent who’s used to working on a freelance basis has a gift that could be deadly if you encounter him. When he makes up his mind to go after a group of dangerous terrorists, they’re the ones who better watch out.

A train is moving through the night and making its way across a horizon. It cannot be identified as the serial numbers on it have been carefully painted over. Even more suspiciously, the cars that it carries are all empty without anything in them except for staff. These would be the soldiers present, who are stationed there to keep an eye on the cargo and make sure that it doesn’t go anywhere.

The mission of the train is unknown to anyone that does not have access to that information. The trip and its purposes may be classified, but that does not mean that there are not people out there that know about it. For example, as the train moves, there are four men out there in the night that are simply waiting for it. They’re closely watching this train and for a good reason.

The men have an idea that the train is carrying something on it that could be valuable and dangerous at the same time. How dangerous are we talking? Just as dangerous as a bomb on the nuclear level, and that’s saying something. The men want to get a hold of whatever it is so that they can have it for themselves and then possibly sell it or hand it over to people that could use it.

But to get to the secrets that the train carries, they’re going to have to pull off a crime that is going to require a lot of boldness. Still, they’re committed to do whatever it takes when it comes to pursuing this triumph and have committed to the cause. But little do they know that their hopes for victory may be dashed by the last thing they expected– a man named Hazard.

The name is unusual enough, and Hazard himself is a unique character. Hazard is a man that plays by his own rules. He likes to gamble and he likes to drink. When he drinks, he really goes for it. He also has a passion for gorgeous women and has an innate dislike of authority. Hazard also happens to be an intelligence operative working freelance. He might not be the person that you think of when you picture a hero, but that’s all the same to him. He’s not in it for people to call him a hero.

When a body turns up dead in the Hudson River, Hazard all of a sudden has a new mission. He has sworn revenge on whoever killed this idealist, a man with honor that ended up getting murdered for it. The operative promises himself that he will find the men who did this and destroy them completely. If that means saving the world as part of the deal, then so be it.

What will happen in this action filled thriller novel? Catch all of the suspense and find out how it ends by picking up a copy of Hazard for yourself!

Slide is a suspenseful fictional novel involving disaster written by Gerald A. Browne. When the southern coast of California experiences a huge mudslide, they are anything but prepared.

California is known for being sunny and bright, and that’s precisely why the people in southern California love it so much. They’re all sun worshipers in some sense, but the weather has taken a turn for the worse. The sun has gone away and for over two weeks the rain has continued to fall in this area.

It’s falling to such an extent that crops are being totally destroyed, the ground is coming apart, and coffins are being pushed up from their resting places and ending up in the yards of residents. Rattlesnakes are having to come from their nests and the excess of them mean that people are finding them in their houses.

The rain keeps going, and people start to get uneasy. Too much rain can kill, and the panic is setting in. Then the earthquake starts, sending the ground sliding. At the Seaside Supermarket, it’s just another business day until disaster hits. Its customers are diverse and interesting. There’s Frank, an architect, a Hollywood producer, a road-tripping young couple, and more.

The store begins to move down the hill as the dirt moves, and stops under a bunch of mud. Frank knows structural engineering. Can he help the staff and customers get out before they get buried in there? Find out by picking the thriller Slide by Gerald A. Browne up for yourself!

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