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Publication Order of DI Geraldine Steel Books

The Geraldine Steel series is a series of crime fiction and thriller novels written by one of the bestselling English novelists named Leigh Russell. It depicts the chief protagonist in the role of Detective Inspector Geraldine Steel. The series is comprised of a total of 9 books, which were released between the years 2009 and 2016. In the initial parts of the crime thriller series, author Leigh Russell has shown Geraldine Steel as experience a break up from her long time relationship. She gets very much sad and disheartened at this and decides to leave for a small town called Woosmarsh, located in England, the United Kingdom. There, Geraldine Steel goes on to become the detective inspector of the town. Following this, she begins to fight against the crimes taking place in the town in an attempt to make it a safe and peaceful place to live. As per the information given on the personal website of author Russell, the Geraldine Steel series has links to other popular thriller series written by author Russell, which is known as the ‘D.S. Ian Peterson’ series. Author Russell has said that she began writing this exciting crime fiction series in the year 2009. The novel that she wrote for the first time in this series was also the debut novel of her writing career. The book is titled as ‘Cut Short’ and was published towards the end of the year 2009. As of now, author Russell is still working on some of the new plots and stories related to this series, which is going to publish very soon in the near future. In the starting sequence of the thriller series, Geraldine Steel is shown as moving to the tiny town of Woolsmarsh, England in order to stay away from all her previous life events and work on some of her private issues.

Geraldine hopes to find some peace and alone time so that she could spend some easy time in the town. But, what she comes to realize very soon that she is facing a brutal murderer, who targets young women roaming in parks. The first few events after her arrival in the small town make her feel that the life in the town is not as easy as she had thought. As Geraldine Steel tries to work out the clues and evidences to bring down the murderer, she faces a lot of challenges that make her path very dificult. However, she finds a relief when a witness comes forward to help her in catching the serial killer. But, she too becomes a target of the murderer. This makes Geraldine Steel realize that the brutal murderer is keeping a track of all her activities. As the series progresses further, Geraldine Steel finds herself racing against time to stop a killer from taking the lives of other innocent young women. But, while doing so she needs to be careful about the fact that the killer is keeping a close eye on her and might try to kill her too. Geraldine Steel does not have the fear of losing her life as far as she does not let the killer commit any more killings. The excellent depictions, strong characters, intriguing plots, and unique writing style of author Russell were very much liked by the readers as well as the critics. These factors helped the thriller series become extremely successful and also allowed author Russell establish herself as one of the prominent novelists of the crime thriller genre.

The first book released in the Geraldine Steel series is titled as ‘Cut Short’. This book was published by the Oldcastle Books in the year 2009. At the beginning of this book, DI Geradine Steel is depicted as expecting Woolsmarsh to be a quiet and dull town. But, her expectation turns out to be wrong very soon when she learns about a serial murderer. There is small parks near the place of her residence where people come to relax and gossip, children play, people do walk with their dogs, and some take shortcuts to the streets. The park soon becomes the hunting place of a predator who hunts down his victims in the dark. It is later learned that the predator hunts only young women as his victims. After a little while in the case, Geraldine Steel comes across a woman who claims that she has seen the murderer. Now, Gerladine Steel is required to protect the woman at all costs as she is the only help that could help her get to the killer. The pressure from the public keeps on mounting due to the growing toll of deaths and so, Geraldine Steel must catch the killer as soon as possible so as to bring back the peace in Woolsmarsh town. When Geraldine Steel had decided to relocate to the Woolsmarsh town, she had expected it to be a place where not much crime takes place. This would help her to focus on the recent of her life and fight her private battle against her demons. But, when she gets to know the real situation in the town, she begins to think that her life has become even more complicated and difficult. Geraldine Steel is proven even more wrong about her views of the town when she gets pitted against the twisted murderer, who makes young women the victims of his deadly crimes. Geraldine knows that the only way by which she could reestablish peace in the town as well as in her own life is by catching the killer and putting him behind the bars. Therefore, she sets out to face yet another challenge in life in a race against the clock.

One of the other books published in this series is titled as ‘Death Bed’. This book was released in the year 2011. Author Russell has shown in this book that Geraldine Steel moves to London to carry out yet another thrilling investigation of murder. When Geraldine arrives in London, she becomes a very good friend of with the new sergeant. Soon, they come to know about the discovery of two dead bodies of black bodies from North London. The police seemed puzzled when they find that dead bodies had one of their teeth missing. As the police moves ahead with the investigation, they learn that one of the girls used to work in a massage parlor. They suspect one of her clients who was known to be a racist. Geraldine searches for the killer in Bond Street shops, but she fails to get any clue. The killer then takes a gay man with him along with a young girl. He takes them to his attic, where he keeps all his victims chained up. Surely, they must have fallen as his next victims. As the death toll continues to rise, Geraldine finally becomes successful in locating the attic of the killer. There, she sees the gruesome collection that he had put up on display. By this time, Geraldine realizes that he has targeted her to be his next victim and must do something to stop him.

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