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Gerardo Samano Cordova is an artist and writer from Mexico City that is best known for “Monstrilio” his debut novel.

The work was about a boy who turns into a monster and then later tries to be a man. It also provides insights into the people who love him regardless of the form that he takes with each transformation.

At some point, the author went to the University of Michigan where he graduated with an MFA in fiction. He has also been a work/study scholar at Bread Loaf and Tin House too.

Before he became a bestselling author, he had been writing and his work has been featured in the likes of Chicago Quarterly Review, The Common, Passages North, and Ninth Letter among others.

In addition to his writing, he is also a filmmaker and artist who like to draw little creatures. Nonetheless, he has said that while he has worked in film and art, writing was his first artistic practice and hence it was not surprising that he would decide to write a book.
After developing himself in the visual arts, photography, and film, he felt that he needed to fully commit to his dream of becoming an author.,

Gerardo found writing in film to be awesome but since it required networks, money, and a lot of fund-seeking and organization, it was not something that he was prepared for at the time.

Since Gerardo Samano Cordova has been publishing short fiction in journals and has been a reader for the longest time, he has been inspired to some extent by other authors.

There are many authors that have influenced his writing but he has variously said that there is not a specific bunch that has been specifically an inspiration for his debut novel “Monstrilio.”

Some of Cordova Samano’s most influential author inspirations include the likes of James Tate, Samanta Schweblin, Bruno Schulz, Mariana Enriquez, Clarice Lispector, Kelly Link, Shirley Jackson, Jorge Luis Borges, Julio Cortazar, and Juan Rulfo.
He has also had a range of non-literary influences that have included games, TV shows, and movies.

As for movies, some of her favorites include the likes of “Raw,” “The Babadook,” “La mujer sin Cabeza,” “The Fly,” “Hereditary Pan’s Labyrinth,” and “Let The Right One In.” Her favorite TV show that has influenced her novel is “The Leftovers.”
As for games, Gerardo Samano Cordova has been influenced by “Inmost and Limbo.” He particularly liked the visuals and mood in the games and this provided a lot of inspiration.

As for the plot of his debut novel “Monstrilio,” Gerardo Samano Cordova got the idea for it from his interest in love and how far it could take one before it fractured or raptured.
During this time, he was thinking, what if a family was forced to love a monster because of a blood bond? He was thinking that it would be a very demanding test that would probably cause a lot of grief.
It was from this that he would come up with the idea for Monstrilio.

“Monstrilio” by Gerardo Samano Cordova tells the story of a son of a Mexican immigrant known as Santiago.

The kid was born in New York City with the misfortune of having only one misshapen and very small lung. No one expected that he would survive the night but he beat expectations and lived for nearly a dozen years.
When he finally dies, Magos his mother cuts him open and making use of a kitchen knife takes part of his deformed lung. She then moves back to Mexico to live with her mother and leaves behind Joseph her husband.
In Mexico, she is told a folktale about a kid who had grown from a fragment of a heart. Desperate and acting on instinct she keeps part of Santiago’s lung in a jar where she feeds it daily with chicken soup.

Ultimately, it becomes sentient and grows hair, eyes, and a tail-like appendage that it uses for locomotion. It is not long before a furry bob they call Monstrilio emerges and takes up the space left behind by Santiago.
The monster ultimately becomes “M” who has a resemblance to Santiago, but he comes with pointy teeth, fur on his forehead, and brutal instincts he keeps trying to suppress.

It sounds like the ultimate horror story even if it isn’t. Nonetheless, there are some grisly scenes that the author has said have been influenced by the likes of Stephen King.
This is the novel for you if you are looking for something unusual and unlike anything you ever read before.

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