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Publication Order of Brandon Blake Mystery Books

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Publication Order of Jack McMorrow Mystery Books

An American author of much repute, the novelist Gerry ‘The Bee’ Boyle has come to be regarded as one of the most influential and prolific writers within his particular field, as he focuses largely on the thriller genre, with a clear gift for suspense and edge-of-the-seat storytelling. This particular knack for well paced narratives being placed alongside in-depth characters has put him at the forefront of his specific genre, with him becoming a leading voice within the industry. Creating a highly versatile and unique style he use all the tools of trade, subverting the tropes of the thriller genre and making it entirely his own.

Early and Personal Life

Born in 1956 in Chicago in Illinois in the United States of America, Gerry Boyle was born and raised in the city. During his childhood he later moved to Rhode Island with his parents, growing up as the grandson of Irish immigrants. With a passion for English literature from an early age, though, he was continually harnessing his love of the written word over the years.

Attending high-school in Warwick, he soon graduated, before going on to study at Colby College in the state of Maine. It was here that he received a major in literature, which he was awarded in 1978, something that factored enormously into his career. Taking his academic learning as the underpinnings of his writing career to follow, he also began to start styling his voice and tone.

Starting out in journalism, Gerry Boyle made a name for himself as a reporter, whereby he worked on the Rumford Falls Times. This was before moving on from Rumford in Maine to Waterville, also in Maine, where he undertook a position at the Morning Sentinel. It was here that he also worked as a columnist, but he would also come to creating the character of Jack McMorrow, the freelance detective-journalist.

Still writing to this day he now currently lives in China in Maine with his wife Mary Victoria Foley, who’s a schoolteacher. With their three children, he continues to put out work at a regular and consistent pace, as he maintains his many franchises. Showing no signs of stopping anytime soon, he’s clearly got a lot more titles planned on the horizon, as his writing career grows from strength-to-strength.

Writing Career

Bringing out his first book back in 1993, he made his way onto the literary scene with the first in the ‘Jack McMorrow’ mystery novels. Not only did this begin his initial franchise, but it also started his writing career as a whole, giving readers a clear idea of what to expect. It is also essential for any fans of the author who may want to get invested in the character from the start, as well as gain an insight into the development of the author.

With his Jack McMorrow series running for over eleven titles so far and counting, it’s proven to be one of his most popular franchises to date. Setting up a strong lead protagonist it worked at using Boyle’s knowledge of reporting and journalism, giving a greater level of insight to the character. He also wrote the Brandon Blake Mystery series as well, a departure somewhat from his McMorrow novels, but still remaining true to the mystery genre.

He is not without critical acclaim either, as he’s also managed to garner the attention of both his peers and contemporaries, as well as the general public. The Jack McMorrow novels have been especially successful, as they’ve not only gained great reviews from a number of different publications, but they’ve also achieved best-selling status. Getting to the top of the charts, they’ve managed to make his name and his reputation, with their intricately woven narratives and strong characterizations.

Writing for a number of different publications, whilst also continuing as a full-time writer, Boyle maintains a variety of outlets. Building a name for himself over the years, he’s managed to create a brand that many have come to respect on a global scale. With his writing being synonymous with both suspense and intrigue, he’s been able to set himself up as one of the most versatile authors working today.

Currently working from his home in Maine still, he will carry on putting out his books to an ever eager public. With more to come from both of his franchises, he continues to live happily married to his wife, whilst their many of their children have now moved to Ireland. As more books are planned, he will carry on writing on into the foreseeable future for many years to follow.

Pretty Dead

First published in 2003 on the 2nd of December, this was to mark the seventh title in the long-running Jack McMorrow series. Brought out through the Berkley publishing house, it manages to continue the story in much the same vein as before, whilst also providing something new in the process. Showing a clearly well developed writer who is at the peak of his career, it’s definitely a clear and confident novel.

One of the elite Boston couples has hit a snag in the form of a major scandal, and it is now up to Jack McMorrow to investigate it. Stepping into the line of fire, Angel Moretti goes to take the case, but it ends up taking her life when she gets too close to the truth. Reaching the front page, it seems that Jack is going to need to do a lot of digging if he ever wants to uncover the secrets behind the lies himself. Will he be able to discover the truth? Can he stay alive long enough to find out? Will he be able to uncover the secrets or will they remain pretty dead?

Port City Black and White

Released through the Down East Books publishing label, this was originally brought out on the 16th of September in 2011. Marking the second title in the ongoing Brandon Blake Mystery series of novels, it works as a continuation of the story. Providing another investigation for the eponymous loner, it sees him making his way once again into the Portland police force.

Finally hired by the Portland Police Department, Brandon Blake has come a long way from the Portland waterfront. That’s when, due to him catching the cop killer, he’s handed a new case dealing with a missing baby after a drug-abusing mother lost it. Not only that, but Mia, Brandon’s girlfriend and aspiring writer, is forced to deal with him going out on long investigations. Will they be able to deal with this as a couple? Can he find the missing baby? What will go down in Port City Black and White?

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