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Publication Order of Gertie Johnson: Yooper Mysteries Books

Murder Passes The Buck (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder Grins And Bears It (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder Talks Turkey (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder Bites the Bullet (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder Trims the Tree (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder Begins at Home (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder Decks the Halls (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder Goes To The Dogs (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Deb Baker, a well-known, popular, and creative American mystery writer has created this featured character, Gertie Johnson. The author mainly writes American mystery fictions, particularly in the cozy subgenre. Gertie Johnson is one of the colorful, major, and leading characters of a mystery book series as created by Deb Baker.

It’s often told that “Gertie Johnson series” has been written based on the author’s personal experience. Gertie Johnson is the protagonist character in an enchanting book series of cozy mystery fiction by a famous author Deb Baker. Gertie is the mother of a sheriff and a 66-year-old widow who lives in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula & successfully solves mysteries with her cohorts, Kitty and Cora Mae.

Deb Baker debuted this “Gertie Johnson series” in the year 2006 with her first novel in this book series, “Murder Passes the Buck”. This book series is currently ongoing. The lead character Gertie Johnson is also pretty hilarious. The award-winning & best-selling author, and a native Yooper, Deb Baker has brought her unique blend of humor & sass to this mystery series.

Details of the “Gertie Johnson” Book Series :

1.Murder Passes the Buck : This is the first book of this “Gertie Johnson series”. In the book, the reader meets the one-of-a-kind cozy heroine, Gertie Johnson for the first time. Undoubtedly, the character is pretty humorous and obviously, this is a fun book to read. Here, her neighbor is shot & eventually gets killed in his hunting blind. And a local sheriff rules that death incident merely as a hunting accident. However, Gertie takes charge of this incident in order to solve the cozy mystery with the help of her friends, pin-curled Kitty and man-hungry Cora Mae. The stubborn and spunky grandmother, Gertie will interrogate neighbors and even she won’t simply give up the chase when the killer also takes aim at her. Eventually, the local sheriff happens to be Gertie’s own son, Blaze.

The entire story is a perfect blend of fascinating and feisty adventure. Most impressively, the author has maintained her unique writing style consistently to the end of this story. Gertie tells the entire story in the first person, her decisions, rationales, and conclusions are stunningly understandable & startlingly unconscionable. Plus, the surrounding cast of other characters is also drawn swiftly along with a beautiful detailing. The story moves quite well. Even, it remains absolutely suspenseful right up to the end that further gives a great satisfaction in the appropriate resolution of several subplots. Finally, as a reader, you will definitely find this book – genuinely delightful.

2.Murder Grins and Bears It : This is the second book of “Gertie Johnson series” which was published in the year of 2007. This book also witnessed tremendous positive reviews from a multitude of author’s fans, followers, and other book critics. Like, the very first book, this one also features the character and amateur sleuth Gertie Johnson with her unique ways of solving another cozy mystery. However, the second book of this series plots a completely different story ; obviously, it’s not a sequel. The story of the second book is just unflappable, unpredictable, and unstoppable.

It starts with a bear hunting season organized in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula where a game warden gets murdered on the opening day of this occasion. After that, Little Donny gets disappeared into the backwoods right after the murder incident. Then, the sassy 60-year-old Gertie will use her impeccably unique investigative styles and techniques in order to find her favorite grandson, Little Donny. Here, the tricky part is that the warder gets murdered near to Little Donny’s tree stand which makes the local sheriff (Gertie’s son, Blaze) to think that Little Donny is the actual murderer.

Now, Gertie sets out to prove Little Donny’s innocence as well as to find the actual killer with a posse that includes a police dog, her predatory and single best friend Cora Rae, and along with her self-proclaimed bodyguard Kitty. Once again Deb Baker has created a hilarious yet cozy mystery which whips along to a pretty dramatic finish. Gertie is constantly plagued some of her family members who hinder her investigative work as much as possible, yet Gertie’s strong love towards her family members always shines through. Few great moments of humor are well-balanced by Gertie’s vulnerability as she continually battles to protect her favorite grandson & ferret out the real murderer by following several clues.

3.Murder Talks Turkey : This is the third book of “Gertie Johnson series” which was published in the year of 2008. It’s again a hilarious mystery. The fugitive and geriatric-style third Yooper mystery in “Gertie Johnson series” features Gertie as a lively protagonist who solves a bank robbery case in order to help the hapless local sheriff. The book plots another engaging mystery while featuring a wonderful story of the love of family & friends.

Here, Gertie Johnson is appeared to be standing in a queue at the bank when it suddenly gets robbed. Eventually, the bank robber is shot dead. However, the major twist is that – no one is actually owning up to shooting that bank robber, and the aforementioned bank is also claiming a loss of funds too. So, Gertie takes charge to solve this mystery, and the deeper into this bank robbery case as she goes, the more complicated & dangerous it becomes. This delightful mystery again features a heroine who is strong, feisty, and never a caricature.

Awards – “Gertie Johnson series” : Deb Baker’s debut novel and the very first book in the “Gertie Johnson series”, Murder Passes the Buck, has already won Best of Show in the famous “Authorlink New Author Awards Competition (2003)”.

Final Words – “Gertie Johnson series” : If you like mystery fiction, then you’re bound to love this book series. Plus, this book series is a way unique compared to the traditional cozy mystery books.

This impeccable Yooper Mystery series has drawn an “intrepid Gertie” as a wonderful character. Gertie’s crusty take-charge attitude and her interesting life in a small community with full of characters – is pretty unique. Undoubtedly, Gertie Johnson is considered as one of the most memorable heroines in recent cozy mystery fiction. Along with that, “Gertie Johnson series” continues to grow stronger and obviously, readers are anticipatedly waiting for Gertie’s next appearance.

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