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Getaway by Jay Crownover is a series of novels written by one of the best contemporary, romance and suspense authors from the United States. Jay Crownover is a USA Today, New York Times and International bestselling author known for the Breaking Point series, Welcome to the Point series, The Saints of Denver series and the Marked Men series. Her novels have been translated into different languages from across the globe. She lives near Fort Carson in Colorado with her three dogs. Growing up in her small town in the Colorado Mountains, she never did fit in and decided to embrace this even further in adulthood with her crazy tattoos and fiery red hair. Since she has such a good understanding of how it feels to be judged unfairly, she can write eloquent stories that showcase her views on such themes through her characters and plots.

When Crownover is not writing, you can find her enjoying some terrible shows, live music, and a cold beer and Tacos. She is an outspoken book lover that is often found with her nose in a book. She also engages in the good old people watching that she picked up in her days working in the bar industry. She asserts that this is what gives her such fascinating insights into the relationships between women and men that are reflected in her characters and plot lines. She has dreams of becoming a successful rock star.

The first novel of the series “Retreat” features Cyrus Warner, a grumpy and blunt man with a mysterious vibe. However underneath all the gruffness is a primal instinct to protect, love, passion, and loyalty. His true qualities shine through when he meets Leo, a woman that built up walls after having her confidence and trust dashed to pieces. However, she is trying to embrace her fears and move on and Cyrus may just be the person to help her in her journey. The lead character of “Shelter” the second novel in the series is Sutton Warner, a man dealing with demons from his present and past. He is fighting for a place in the family business, wrestling with poor choices and trying to be a father to his six-year-old daughter. Emry, Sutton’s love interest is a beautiful woman of substance that is always struggling to shake the conception that she is all beauty and no brains. In the fight against her own demons, she showcases her independence, strength and compassionate ways, proving that she has more to offer in addition to beauty. In the third novel of the series “Escape,” Lane Warner is the youngest of the Warner brothers is known as the one that does not make waves with very little getting under his skin except for Brynn Warner. No one had the power to spin him out of control like Brynn not least because she shared the family name. He has never been one to cause waves and since he thinks he cannot have her, he thinks the only way to resolve the issue is to leave. On the other hand, Brynn was brought up as the daughter of a greedy gold-digger that thought nothing of causing suffering and pain to her daughter. The one thing Brynn knows is that she loves Lane Warner and that he is the only thing she could ever want.

“Retreat”, the first novel of the Getaway series is a novel that opens to Leo trying to leave a life she hated after a relationship went bad. Her best friend suggested they go on a retreat to a ranch and she readily agreed. The ranch is deep in the wilderness and she tells her it comes with real sexy cowboys out of the pages of a Wild West romance ready to take her out and protect her. But the men that pick her up to take her to the ranch are nothing like the cowboys she had envisioned. The oldest is Cy, a gorgeous man who is as much of jerk a he is handsome. But grumpy and blunt as he is Leo cannot seem to get him off of her mind. They two soon realize that the sexual tension between them will not be going away anytime soon. Cy has been trying to keep his cool but all he can think about is the gorgeous redhead. However as the leader of the group he needs to keep them safe rather than have his mind on Leo. Danger looms and sends the two into a collision over control of the group that may just break their new found bond. Will their bond be powerful enough to stand against the rising doubts, and in doing so heal their hearts, and compel them to take the plunge and take a chance at happiness.

“Shelter”, the second novel in the Getaway series is a narrative full of compelling and complex characters, and romance to set emotions swirling. Sutton had hardened his heart right from the first time he met Emrys Santos in the first novel. He knew she has the power to get under his skin like no one had ever done before. He was a single father who believed that by keeping women at arm’s length, he could avoid the hurt he had once suffered. But what he never planned for was the resoluteness and resilience of Em in the face of emotional and physical scars. Despite his best efforts to drive her away, he cannot help but feel the intense connection between them. He can feel a mutual desire even as she fights, it until it finally becomes too palpable for them to simply ignore. With sexual tension and chemistry so thick, the unbridled passion could be its own character. Emrys and Sutton have a deep level of vulnerability and intimacy in the relationship that makes for something steady they can hold on to when danger comes knocking and the world starts spinning.

“Escape” is a story of finding a true home, family, acceptance, first love and eternal love. Lane has always wanted to forge his own identity away from his more illustrious brothers. He has always been the easy-going and funny brother though he always hid his insecurities and pain. Since childhood, he had been Brynn’s protector and friend and knew her better than anyone on the ranch did. But then she rebuffed his attempts to protect her deciding to get the protection of her father instead. The rebuff was so painful that he had closed off his heart for years. This had made communication between them difficult and awkward with neither willing to push as they risked pushing the other out their lives for good. But Brynn is a determined, strong and loving woman who will go after what she wants, and she wants Lane. She has had a hard and traumatic past and will not let a good thing slip away from her. She has lived on the Warner Ranch for decades and she is ready to bring her cowboy and stand by him of he agrees to come back home.

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