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Publication Order of Getting Shipped! Books

The “Getting Shipped” series is a set of romance fiction novels by Savannah Scott who has made a reputation for herself writing happily-ever-after romantic comedies with heart-melting scenes.
She first started out writing nonfiction as part of her passion to support women and mothers.

In fact, she never thought she had it in her to become a professional fiction author, even though she used to write short stories when she was in high school and college.
In 2019, Savannah was driving through town when she had an idea for a character. The idea came from seeing a photographer taking pictures of several buildings and she thought that would make a very fun character.
When everything shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic she decided to pen her story which would become her debut novel Love’s Second Chance.

Savannah Scott published the debut novel of the “Getting Shipped” series of novels “Friendshipped” in 2021.

Savannah Scott grew a lot while writing her news as she studied hard to incorporate humor and humor into her novels.

It was in 2021 that she began her shift toward romantic comedy and took up the name Savannah Scott to differentiate her novels from the clean romances she writes under another name.
When she is not penning her novels, she can usually be found hiding somewhere reading romantic comedies, or dancing Zumba.

She also tends to go crazy cranking up her tunes as a carpool mum with a penchant for taking copious amounts of fat and sugar on her way home from picking up the kids.

The “Getting Shipped” series of novels is a set of enthralling closed-door romantic comedies that are all set in the town of Bordeaux in Ohio.

Each novel of the series is a standalone and can be read on its own, even though the author has built them in chronological profession and order and some of the characters make an appearance in subsequent novels.
“Friendshipped” the first novel of the series is a friends-to-lovers romantic comedy with some insane blind dates that introduces you to the small town of Bordeaux.
It is a work that will leave you swooning and laughing and you will never want to leave the small town with all its fun.

The second novel of the series is “Battleshipped,” a novel that is for the most part a second-chance romantic comedy with sprinklings of enemies to lovers.
In the novel, Rob abandoned Laura on the worst day ever. She has forgiven him but is not sure if she is ready to risk her heart with him again.

In “Townshipped,” the third novel of the series, we are dealing with a forced proximity romantic comedy, amnesia, and a bride on the run.

The lead is Aiden, who had always been told that a woman would never appear on his doorstep and fall for him but this is just what happens.

They are some beautiful novels with small-town shenanigans, found family, kisses, and crazy goats that often culminate in happily ever afters.

“Friendshipped” the first novel of the series introduces Lexi who has secretly been in love with Trevor her best friend for years. There are three things that are peculiar to Lexi that she has always kept a secret from just about everyone.
The first thing is that she hates running and will only run when she is being chased which fortunately has never happened.

Her ideal Friday night includes The Princess Bride, pizza, and dancing like her life depended on it.

Her last secret is that her feelings for Trevor have been getting more intense in recent times.

They grew up next door to each other and even as adults they rent opposite sides of a duplex and work at the Corn Corners Tribune across the aisle from each other. Trevor touches just about every part of Lexi’s life but has yet to touch her.
A few weeks earlier he had informed her that the feelings he once had for her were in the past and that she was firmly in the friendly zone.

Meanwhile, her feelings are only growing stronger even if she is resigned to try getting the man out of her system once and for all.

If only Trevor could see her as more than a friend…. She would have some hope. But until that happens she knows she needs to move on.

The second novel of the” Getting Shipped” series of novels by Savannah Scott is “Battleshipped.”

Laura had been left heartbroken after Rob had broken up with her before he left for college. It has been half a dozen years since that time and Rob is back and acknowledges that he was a dope.
However, Laura refuses to fall for any of his antics and makes him work hard for what she knows he wants so much.

On her part, Laura convinces herself that she is not in love with her former boyfriend and there is no happily ever after in their future. Sure Rob her former boyfriend knows how to spark the embers which he has made into a science.
He is one of the most popular Youtubers in the country and has been making a good living using his brain. She believes the man is destined for greatness and knows he will just leave and hence will not allow herself to fall for him.
Rob has his work cut out for him as Laura is fighting him with all that she has got. Her heart is locked up tight with booby traps all over the path to it which could be best described as an obstacle course.

“Townshipped,” the third novel of the “Getting Shipped” series of novels is an interesting addition to the series.

For the longest time, Aiden’s friends had told him that he needed to get out there and find someone to fall in love with. But then a little sassy and beautiful woman crashes into his life suffering from a severe case of amnesia.
The longer she says with him, the more he feels like she belongs with him. Most people in the small town he lives in believe she is his imported bride.

Meanwhile, his mother had been sharing family recipes while his best friend had been taunting him about the way he looked at her. For once in his life, he can picture a future with someone even though she had been brought to him out of nowhere by fate.
But even with fate, things just never go as planned.

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