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Publication Order of Ghost Finders Books

Ghost of a Chance (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ghost of a Smile (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ghost of a Dream (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Spirits from Beyond (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Voices from Beyond (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Forces from Beyond (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Simon R. Green’s The Ghost finders series is based on a secret organization of individuals which exists in Carnacki Institute and whose task is to “Do Something About Ghosts.” The series’ first book was released in August 2010 and the latest in August 2014; with three others being released in between the first and the last. It is a definite must read series for people who enjoy fictional horror that has been coupled with a slight touch of comedy. In this article, each one of the books in the series will be reviewed on an individual basis.

Released in August 2010, the first book; Ghost of a Chance introduces the reader to the problem at hand – ghosts. Carnacki Institute acts as an operation center for fighting the ghosts and thus ensuring that the living humans are protected. At the center of the fight are three instrumental and extremely intelligent characters; JC Chance who is the arrogant but charming team leader, Melody Chambers who is an attractive technology wizard and science geek and Happy Jack Palmer who is a hilarious telepath.

The team is fresh off a job that involved fighting ghosts in a supermarket parking lot when it is assigned to another case of ghosts that originated from the Oxford Circus Underground station. Commuters have been disappearing mysteriously and word has it that they are being sent to Hell. This marks the start of a battle that will see the team give all that they have to offer. Melody Chambers engages in all the technical details that involve devices and gadgets that are used in busting ghosts as Happy Jack Palmer paints a rather disturbing picture of the reality he sees. He claims to be part of a totally different reality which has worldly gods, ghosts, demons and ghouls and he has to pop pills in order to gain the courage he needs to fight them.

Amidst all its efforts to save humanity, the team is also faced with the challenge of dealing with members of the Crowley Project who are bloodthirsty and extremely opposed to JC Chance’s team. The plot gets very intense and exciting when Erik and Natasha try to attack the ghost finders. The book is definitely a captivating way of launching a series.

The second book in the series; Ghost of a Smile (released in August 2011) continues to build on the progress of the first one. The team composed of JC Chance, Melody Chambers and Happy Jack Palmer is tasked with conducting investigations into the strange activities of a closed factory whose owner was found dead. In their investigations, they are supposed to find what is haunting the premise and why. However, that only marks the start of more serious confrontations with such mysteries. The team is summoned to London when a distress call is made from Chimera House which is a private research center for Mutable Solutions, Inc. which is one of the global leaders in the manufacture of drugs.

The Ghost Finders have no idea of what to expect at the scene and as such they happen to carry wrong equipment. To add on the tension and suspense, the mission has a deadline which should not be defaulted; otherwise the whole premise will be destroyed. But they are super intelligent and they have a secret and highly unlikely weapon – JC Chance’s dead girlfriend. In the premise, it turns out that the problem is not only ghosts but also the activities that were being carried out in the lab.

Ghost of a Dream was released in August 2012. The book starts with the Ghost Finders recording success against ghosts that had taken train passengers over a century ago. This is followed by another assignment where the team is dispatched to Leicester in the Haybarn Theatre. The theater was undergoing renovation until the work was halted due to scary and weird events that saw one person literally die of fear.

The team that has come with high motivation after winning thee train confrontation and is shocked by the might of the Phantom of the Haybarn, an evil which has the ability to influence and change reality. In order to establish the cause of the weird activities, the team has to figure out who is behind the power possessed by the evil and answers range from the owners of the theater to the caretaker and actors.

Spirits From Beyond takes the reader to a country village which has been made popular by a haunted inn. Released in August of 2013, the book still has JC as the team leader and in his arrogance holds the idea that the village is simply haunted by the kind of spirits that exist in urban legends. This is until he gets knowledge of a traveler who was mysteriously and unexplainably trapped in a thunderstorm after which she vanished. Shortly afterwards, another thunderstorm starts raging and the team has no doubt that it is of the similar kind that vanished the traveler.

The investigations lead the team to an unfamiliar territory where they question their motives, morality, relationships and their seemingly obsessive nature with ghosts. Jack Palmer’s paranoia is at the highest level possible and it is just a matter of time before he finds himself in madness, a territory he has always anticipated in fear. But still, the team has ghosts to fight and the battle is already on.

Voices From Beyond (August 2014) is the latest book of the series. In this book, the human members of JC’s team have to prove their heroic nature by saving humanity against ghosts. Four university students have the need to satisfy their intellectual curiosity. They are holding a séance inside a haunted house in the suburbs of London. All seemed well until everything went wrong forcing the services of Ghost Finders had to be sought. They find that whatever the students were trying to appeal to actually showed up and stole their minds so now they remain as mere shells. At the same time, in a different part of London, another occurrence is putting the whole humanity race at the risk of extinction and it has breached the threshold of worlds. Ghost Finders have to save the students and the whole race of humanity.

The book is a masterpiece in the use of tension and evidently stakes remain high at all times in the plot as Ghost Finders struggle to ensure that humans are not phased out of the world.

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