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Ghost-In-Law Mysteries Books In Order

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Publication Order of Ghost-in-Law Books

Trouble in Mudbug (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mischief in Mudbug (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Showdown in Mudbug (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Helena Diaries (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Resurrection in Mudbug (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Missing in Mudbug (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Chaos in Mudbug (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rose and Helena Save Christmas (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Helena Diaries is a companion novella to the novel Trouble in Mudbug and should be read after it.

The Ghost-In-Law Mysteries is a book series written by Jana DeLeon who is a female New York Times and USA Today bestseller author. It consists of 7 books titles that have been published from the year 2009 to the year 2014. It is a carefully crafted story about Helena Henry, who decides to haunt her friends and former daughter-in-law in an attempt to solve her own murder and catch the person responsible for her death.

The Ghost-In-Law Mysteries which is a story based in the Bayous of Louisiana can only be described as a sexy, steamy, romantic story line filled with wacky adventures, smart and strong heroines, attempted murder and obnoxious ghosts. Each novel in the series introduces the reader to new adventures filled with both new and old characters who find themselves entangled in Helena’s plan in one way or another.

A description section on some of the book characters found in Ghost-In-Law Mysteries

Maryse Robicheaux

Maryse Robicheaux is a botanical scientist who dedicates her free time in looking for a plant with medicinal properties that can cure cancer. She is married to Hank, who has been lost from her for almost 2 years and she constantly seeks to find him in order to serve him with relevant divorce papers. She is Helena’s daughter- in- law who clearly hates her mother- in -law due to her evil antics and manipulative behavior.

Helena Henry

Helena is portrayed as a mean, rude, pushy, and manipulative and a disastrous person who is hated by her daughter-in-law and other people alike. Described as a mother- in-law from hell, it is not surprising when someone seeks revenge on her and murders her in cold blood. She decides to take up a ghost form after she is dead in an effort to find the person responsible for her death in order to get closure.

Luc LeJune

Luc is a yummy, good looking, super fine DEA agent with somehow questionable morals. Due to the nature of his work Luc LeJune is also depicted as a creative individual who uses his investigative abilities to get to the bottom of issues and mysteries. He is also quite protective, especially when it comes to Maryse whom he later comes to marry.

Raissa Bordeaux

Raissa Bordeaux who also happens to be an FBI agent is a very close friend to Maryse. She gets involved in an ambush which results in her being kidnapped and her whereabouts unknown.

Novels in the Ghost-In-Law Mysteries

“Trouble in Mudbug”

Trouble in Mudbug which is a captivating introduction to the Ghost-In-Law Mysteries is a story about Maryse Robicheaux who finds herself mixed in the superstitious world with the ghost of her mother-in-law. Maryse is a female scientist who is constantly absorbed in looking for a plant that can be used to cure cancer in order to make the world a better place. Contrary to her almost perfect morals and demeanor, she happens to have a mother-in-law who is no doubt sent from hell to ruin her stay on planet earth.

Helena’s unlikable traits get her killed in cold blood forcing Maryse to attend her funeral in order to pay her last respects just like any other person would. She later comes to realize that the death of her evil mother-in-law does not necessarily mean that she has got rid of her. Something rather strange happens during her funeral. Maryse Robicheaux gets to witness Helena get out of the coffin, meaning that her ghost is roaming free.

Her fate is later intertwined with Luc LeJune who is engaged in investigating an anonymous tip concerning illegal dumping in the bayou. Working as an undercover agent, Luc moves into Maryse’s office claiming to be a zoologist. Maryse, who had previously considered herself to be an introvert start getting strange desires that make her loose total control when she gets to meet with Luc.

In a bid to tighten the noose around Maryse, Helena makes her the owner of a huge nature preserve which also happens to be sitting under a huge oil reserve. This leaves Maryse indebted to her and they come to an agreement that she will have to find out who killed her mother-in-law as a form of payment. Being the owner of the huge reserve later turns out to be a big mistake by making her the target of a ruthless killer.

“Missing in Mudbug”

Missing in Mudbug introduces the readers to both new and old characters. The story starts off in an unfortunate turn of events that sees two intelligent FBI agents ambushed. Zach, who is the husband to Raissa Bordeaux gets run over in a hit and run attempt while his wife ends up being kidnapped and transported into an undisclosed location. Finding the FBI agent on the side of the road after being seriously injured after successfully completing an undercover mission, the agency sends some of their best agents to bring their asset back safe and sound.

Jadyn, who is a new game warden, is quite aware of the fact that Raissa’s life hangs in the balance and any delay in rescuing her is likely to increase her chances of being killed. Jadyn later decides to team up with Maryse, Sheriff Colt, and Helena in order to find Raissa before anything bad happens to her. The FBI is adamant at first to work together with the likes of Jadyn and Sheriff Colt only to realize that it is wise to make use of the people who have been involved in the swamp long enough as they have adequate knowledge about the terrain.

Fans that are keen to follow the love story between the Sheriff and Jadyn are not disappointed as they are constantly engaged in promising positions and conversations throughout the story. What is even more satisfying is the fact that they manage to steal a kiss or two on the way.

Missing in Mudbug showcases the importance of true loyalty and the extent to which friends and family can go to ensure the safe return of their loved ones. The unpredictable twists and turns are likely to keep the reader glued to the novel till the very end.

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