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Publication Order of Ghost Mountain Wolf Shifters Books

Ghost Mountain Wolf Shifters series by Audrey Faye
Author Audrey Faye pens the “Ghost Mountain Wolf Shifters” series of urban fantasy novels. The series began publication in the year 2019, when “Alpha” was released.

A note from Audrey herself: there are some series that can be read out of order, but this is not one of them. Each of these books builds on what happened previously. Begin with “Alpha” and consider yourself welcomed to Ghost Mountain!

“Alpha” is the first novel in the “Ghost Mountain Wolf Shifters” series and was released in the year 2019. A pup in danger, a pack broken. A submissive wolf that is going to fight with her very last breath.

Hayden Scott does not realize that his stroll in the woods is going to begin with a backpack filled with watermelon and then end with him being the new alpha of the Ghost Mountain Pack. One very traumatized pack, at that. And these are just the shifters he is able to see. Too many are hiding in the woods, missing, or even worse.

His wolf does not care. He has his pack. One that has maple-syrup covered toddlers, one ten-year-old boy that smells like wolf right up until he shifts, and one brave woman with serious trust issues and green eyes that defended her pup without much more than just sheer guts and a tree branch. The walk ahead is not going to be at all easy, however he does have a list.

Readers found the story line to be pretty simple and the characters to be perfectly complex. The book shows you how damaged and broken families/people are able to make a comeback to loving and connect with friends and family. The story is driven more by the characters which some liked more than a complex story line.

“Heart” is the second novel in the “Ghost Mountain Wolf Shifters” series and was released in the year 2019. Lissa decided to stay, to stand with the tattered remains of her pack while they attempted to make themselves whole once more. Somehow, she never expected it to try her patience this much.

Which means it may be time for one meek bookkeeper to take matters into her hands. Before her wolf does so for her.

These are some magical characters that readers just love to spend time with, and they are interesting, deep, and fun. The story being told here is also richly detailed, and this is a fantastic community that Audrey Faye has brought to life in Ghost Mountain.

“Rebel” is the third novel in the “Ghost Mountain Wolf Shifters” series and was released in the year 2019. One baby alpha that absolutely does not want to upend her entire pack. And will do it anyway. Kennedy is a badass and knows it.

She is also scared. That she is too fierce, too strong. Too much in general. That her pack is not going to be able to hold her, no matter how much she wants to stick around. We will just wait and see what her pack has to say about all that.

Fans of this series find that each book is better than the one before it, and love how the pack continues evolving while they heal. These are characters that are brought to life and you truly care about them immensely.

“Raven” is the fourth novel in the “Ghost Mountain Wolf Shifters” series and was released in the year 2019. The pack’s coming out from the shadows, however a few of its shifters do not know how to live anyplace else.

Fallon grew up on the street. She is a survivor and all of her skills kept her pack alive during the darkest of times. Now that the sun has started coming out, and she has no clue how to be a bird that lives in the light.

She will do anything to help her baby pack get there, that is for sure. Even if this means returning the shinies that she stole from that polar bear.

“Breath” is the fifth novel in the “Ghost Mountain Wolf Shifters” series and was released in the year 2019. Shelley Martin believes that she needs to be steady, sensible, and practical. However that is not what that huge truck from HomeWild will soon be delivering.

Ghost Mountain will soon be getting their school, the first building of their brand new den. The construction teams are finally ready, the big strong guys plan to be just as useless as can be, and Shelley has got the kitchen piled high with baked goods to fuel this work they are doing.

Except what comes off of that huge truck ain’t just a building. And Shelley, who walked through hell six years prior to save her pack, ain’t just a baker.

“Bear” is the sixth novel in the “Ghost Mountain Wolf Shifters” series and was released in the year 2020. That one day when the polar bear shifter shows up in a plane filled with purple yarn and all hell ends up breaks loose.

Ronan is coming. He is an enormous, gigantic bear, and arriving in Ghost Mountain will change the shape of who he truly is forever. All it is going to take is just a lot of duct tape, a bit of engineering, and a pack that is willing to use history and hope in order to do the impossible.

“Elder” is the seventh novel in the “Ghost Mountain Wolf Shifters” series and was released in the year 2020. The Ghost Mountain pack has waited for their fancy new den building for months now, however it will not be the only thing that is unloaded off of the trucks.

The coming days are going to have a bunch of surprises. For betas that were not expecting to lose their hearing just yet and for pot-scrubbing dominants. As well as for an elder that was present the day that her pack was born and every single day since. Myrna was ready to stand right at the center of her pack’s rising. Except that is not exactly where they need her to be.

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  1. Karla Gilmore: 2 years ago

    Not sure how to contact Audrey Fey, but I’m just a fan here. My sister turned me on to your Ghost Mtn Shifters series. We’re reading them together and about half-way through Bear now. It has taken a LONG time to get this far.. I get overwhelmed easily.

    I’m writing as a retired Therapist. And a recovering ACA (Adult Child of an Alcoholic – tho both of my parents drank). I have found that I am in tears most of the time .. until things get really technical. The amount of awareness and compassion the Alpha has (as well as countless others) is so amazing. I want to live there and I can’t even shift. I want to create a world like this, but I’m too harsh/abrupt.

    What you have done in writing this is just phenomenal. I want to think you know this… but just in case you don’t, I’m writing.
    I wish every therapist read this … just to recommend to clients who are hurting from abusive partners/teachers/parents.

    Thank you Ms Fey, thank you for whatever it took for you to write this…
    You rock,


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