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Ghost Recon Books In Order

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Publication Order of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Books

The writer Tom Clancy is a well respected author and American brand of sorts, as his name has long been synonymous with intense political thrillers that aim to grip the reader throughout, as well as providing a contemporary view of modern military technology, along with intensely complex geopolitical situations that hold the readers attention and keep them held continually throughout. This will usually feature the American armed services, along with an in-depth view of how they operate on the field, something that has obviously had a lot of research done into it. Known for his keen sense of accuracy and background knowledge on each and every subject, he’s able to draw the reader in making them feel as if they’re really there in the middle of the action.

With his name becoming an institution of sorts he’s managed, over the years, to also branch out into other areas, such as that of video-games, something which he also does alongside other writers, as he’s set-up an industry around his own name. Bringing in other authors, he will oversee the action a lot of the time, working as a director in a sense, thus ensuring that his creative vision is fully reached with each and every one of his franchises. Known for combining mystery with character and action, he is a master of suspense, something which enables him to create the series and visions that he ultimately wants to create. Two authors that he’s known to work with is that of Peter Telep and Grant Blackwood who goes under the pen-name of David Michaels, both of whom have worked in other genres, such as science-fiction and fantasy.

This allows them to be far more versatile when approaching the work of Clancy and achieving what he wants to be achieved, when bringing his ideas and concepts to the page for a worldwide audience. One series that they’ve all become particularly well known for is that of the ‘Ghost Recon’ series of novels, as they follow a highly specialized team of elite trained operatives, as they work for the U.S. Army’s Special Forces, performing missions as only they can. Set to be stealthy and unseen, they work and operate invisibly, doing the seemingly impossible tasks that no-one else can, as they are the most deadly and feared special services unit in the entire world. Made up of the best soldiers, they manage to get the mission done, something which goes some towards explaining why they are some of the most feared and deadly of their kind.

Running for over three novels so far, this is one franchise that’s particularly successful, as it is run under the Tom Clancy name, whilst the first two titles are written by David Michaels, a pseudonym of Grant Blackwood, with the last one being written by Peter Telep. As a brand in of its own right, the novels were initially spawned in 2008 from the hit video-game series ‘Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon’, a franchise which began all the way back in 2002.

With a long and illustrious history behind the series, it is these novelizations that really add another dimension, as they provide the player with even further backstory into the world and the characters. Almost an institution now in of itself, the brand of ‘Ghost Recon’ is recognized by many as being synonymous with high-octane entertainment that never sacrifices realism along the way. There’s no reason why this should stop anytime soon either, as there’s plenty of life left in the series yet, whether it be the video-games or the novels, as the world can be built upon and developed indefinitely throughout the following years to come.

Ghost Recon

Brought out through ‘Berkley Books’ this was originally released in 2008 on the 4th of November. Setting up the first in the series, this would introduce the characters for the first time, as well as establishing the world. It would also work to progress the series and move it on from the original video-game series.

Everyone knows the U.S. Special Services and that they’re the guys to call when in need of some serious help, but less well known is that of the Ghost Recon squad. A team of specially trained operatives, they’re sent behind enemy lines on stealth missions to get the job done when nobody else possibly can. Here they complete a series of missions that are loosely connected to one another, as they’re introduced to the readers for the first time, establishing who they are and what they actually do. Will they be able to save the day? Can they stay alive long enough to see victory? Just what lies in store for the squad of Ghost Recon?

Combat Ops

Released around three years after the first in 2011, this was to be the second in the ‘Ghost Recon’ series of novels. Providing another mission for the squad, it picks-up directly from where the last left off. It also manages to develop many of their stories in the process too.

Sent into the heart of Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, the men of the Ghost Recon squad are sent on a hunt for Mullah Mohammed Zahed, the terrorist leader operating there. Lead by none other than Captain Scott Mitchell, their mission is to navigate the difficult political climate there, something which will be especially difficult that the Americans are definitely not trusted by the locals there. Making their way through the intense climate there, they find that they must work their way through a minefield of terror and bloodshed if they want to achieve their goal. Will they complete their mission? Can they survive the ordeal this time round? What lies waiting for the combat ops?

The Ghost Recon Series

Whether the video-games are appreciated or not, these novels really make the most of the premise, as well as of the Tom Clancy name. Whilst there’s plenty there for fans of the games, giving them plenty of backstory and development, they also work alone as gripping thrillers that keep the reader on the edges-of-their-seats constantly. This is only to be expected, though, as this is something that the Clancy brand excels at producing, as these are novels and worlds that will continue to grow for many years to follow yet.

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