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Publication Order of Ghosts of Albion Books

By: Amber Benson, Christopher Golden

Ghosts of Albion is a series of novels written by Amber Benson and Christopher Golden. The books are supernatural thrillers that have been adapted into role-playing games and web episodes.

+The Story

The Ghosts of Albion series is best known for its author Amber Benson, an actress best known for her work as Tara on the television show ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’. The books, which are mostly self-published, can normally be accessed online. Over the years, the novels have garnered quite the following from readers interested to see the literary efforts of Amber Benson.

The Ghosts of Albion series, which is set in the 1800s in London, follows the adventures of two siblings. William and Tamara Swift are two young people struggling to make it in London. Things do not look too bad for William who has begun making some headway as an architect.

Tamara isn’t quite so pleased, primarily because there never seem to be enough opportunities for women in the Victorian Era and she doesn’t like it. None the less, she finds some comfort in her work as a writer of horror fiction, though the restrictions of her time are such that she is forced to rely on a pseudonym to get her literary efforts out to the masses.

Being the descendants of a wealthy family, though, means that the pair does not have much to worry about when it comes to finances.

Both Tamara and William seem to think they know the direction their lives will take in the long run. They do not expect the death of their grandfather, Ludlow, to change everything. Just before the ailing old man passes away, he makes a point to summon them to his bedside.

Rather than imparting some final words of wisdom, Ludlow reveals that the role he played as a stage magician was a ruse. And rather than just any ordinary showman, he is actually a soldier for what some have taken to calling the spirit of Britain, a mystical entity known as Albion.

Because Ludlow is dying, it will fall on the shoulders of his grandchildren to take his place. Tamara and William must take up the fight against ghouls, ghosts, demons and any other source of dark magic that threatens to bring England to its knees.

Like any normal persons, the siblings are not so quick to accept these revelations. But then they witness the death of their grandfather at the hands of werewolves, this forcing them to accept the truth.

Tamara and William might not think they are ready to face off against the supernatural threats walking Britain but, as it turns out, they have all the tools they need to do the job. The siblings learn that they are sorcerers that possess supernatural abilities that should help them in the fight against the dark.

More importantly, the pair has the so-called Ghosts of Albion, allies of their grandfather who arise to help them face the powers of the dark. They include Admiral Nelson, Lord Byron, and Queen Bodicea.

With their mystical allies in toe, Tamara and William find a new home where they begin to master their powers in the hopes that they will grow strong enough to keep Britain safe from those that might wish to harm it.

The Ghosts of Albion series came about in 2002 with Amber Benson initially producing it as a series of animated episodes available on the internet. The series was eventually translated into book form before finding new life as a role-playing game.

Amber Benson was lucky enough to partner with Christopher Golden, an American author that deals in fantasy and horror. Christopher gets around. When he isn’t writing novels, he’s working on comic books.

Fans might know him for ‘Baltimore’, a title he created for Dark Horse comics with Mike Mignola.


1838 was the year everything changed for Tamara and William Swift. The siblings knew they hailed from a wealthy family. But they didn’t know just how important their lineage was.

An architect and an author trying to make it in Victorian London, Tamara and William’s lives take a turn for the strange when their dying grandfather calls them to his bedside. He reveals the truth to them that he is one of Britain’s greatest defenders and that he has magical powers he has used to protect a mystical entity called Albion.

With his dying breath, the old man reveals to the siblings that they have inherited the responsibility of defender of Albion. Neither Tamara nor William is ready for this revelation. Fortunately for the pair, they are sorcerers with unique talents. They have all the tools they need to fight the dark.

And if that wasn’t enough, they also have the Ghosts of Albion, mystical protectors that were allied with their grandfather and who will not come to their aid when the need arises.

Tamara and William won’t have to wait long before they are called upon to do battle. The slums of London are under the throes of something, an evil
creature the presence of which brings about a plague that threatens to bring Britain to its knees.

Tamara and William will need all the courage they have to stand their ground in the face of impending doom. They must learn to trust in their magic and the honor of their allies, lest they lose their way.


William and Tamara are sorcerers. They have magical powers with which they are expected to keep Britain safe from evil forces. However, it doesn’t take the siblings to realize that their powers are simply not enough in the face of an unfathomable force of demonic evil.

It begins when women start to disappear in Cornwall. Tamara catches wind of the disappearances and realizes that it isn’t just young human women that are going missing but fairies as well.

Tamara goes looking for clues. She is met with rumors of witches and infernal abductions. King Arthur’s Camelot is not the friendly place everyone thought it to be. Instead, there are dark deeds afoot. There is an evil starting to stir and not even Tamara and William’s power can stop it.

Luckily for the siblings, they are not alone. They have Lord Nelson, Lord Byron and Queen Bodicea, the Ghosts of Albion.

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