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Publication Order of GhostWalkers Books

Christine Feehan is an American novelist who has already created and published greater than 40 novels and that includes four series. She specializes in the fantasy, romance and paranormal genre and her very first debut novel that was published in 1999, Dark Prince, a book in the romance-paranormal section was a great success leading to her creations being consistently on the New York Times bestseller list, as well as in other publications like USA Today, Barnes and Nobles, Washington Post and Amazon. Her talent in writing has also earned her numerous and outstanding awards such as Romantic Times’ Career Achievement Award and Lifetime Achievement Award from Borders in 2008, plus having earned 7 PEARL awards. Christine is a versatile writer and branched off into other literary forms when she made a manga comic entitled Dark Hunger on October 2007. Her literary works are published in multiple formats- hardcover, e-book, large print and other popular types.

The Ghostwalker Series

The Ghostwalker world is complex, focusing on a group of people called the Ghostwalkers who are the product of a secret experimentation that enhanced their psychic mental powers to be used for military purposes by the famous scientist Peter Whitney. The series covers the artificially-enhanced group and their various missions for the Genetic and psychic manifestations and powers are different for each subject and it is interesting and intriguing to see the psychic abilities at play and how they affect the book’s many twists and turns. There are no central protagonists and the series covers the entire Special Forces army in teams, each with their respective military divisions such as Rangers and Green Berets, Navy SEALS, Air Force and the Marines Urban Warfare Recon. The Ghostwalker novel series started in 2003 and is still ongoing with no signs of stopping or slowing down. The novel series is already on 11 books and counting, starting with the first book titled The Shadow game and has published the last recent 11th book titled Viper Game, with the 12th one called Spider Game tentatively scheduled to be released in 2016. Each book has a pair of characters, a “team” of male and female operatives and it follows them as they undertake covert and dangerous missions forcing them to rely on each others’ strengths, powers and psychic abilities to succeed, thereby setting up and establishing a relationship for the romance aspect. The series lays a foundation of science with paranormal elements right from the start and builds it with a groundwork of thriller and suspense with lots of action sequences thrown in each book and mission. The Ghostwalker series also covers different heroes and heroines in each volume. You can be sure that there are various kinds of chemistry and background at work for each pair, and each pair will develop into a different kind of love story. Other than the mentioned 11 books out, the novel series has not branched out into other media forms yet such as a TV show, a movie adaptation or other printed medium such as graphic novels, comics or manga.

The Shadow Game

In this very first book of the continuing Ghostwalker novel series, the reader is introduced to the brilliant and renowned Dr. Peter Whitney and his secret underground experiments with humans to turn them into an elite squadron for carrying out missions. His scientific experiments succeed, turning various military personnel into enhanced psychic men and women, each with a different and unique mental power. Things start to go wrong after that- the men started to die one by one in bizarre accidents, with unexplained and unknown results, most probably from backlash and side effects. But is there more than meets the eye? Enter Lily, Dr. Whitney’s psychic daughter as she enters the fray and tries to help with the investigation and explain the mysterious deaths of the personnel with the insistence of her father. She meets and becomes instantly attracted to the leader of the Ghostwalker team, Captain Ryland Miller and this angle would introduce the romantic side of the novels. The story takes a turn for the worse and Captain Miller fears for his personal safety and life as the famous Doctor Whitney is murdered by someone who possibly may not wish to have his secrets uncovered. As promised, the first book sets off the entire series successfully, although it is slightly different from the author’s original book series genre and style of writing, the Carpathian novels. Christine Feehan has managed to introduce fresh writing in a paranormal form instead of the usual fantasy genre, and make it a lively and entertaining read with lots of action, suspense and mystery thrown in. Lily and Ryland Miller team up in this first book to face their fears and solve the mystery of her father’s dark past, while falling for each other in a passion that they both cannot deny.

The Mind Game

The second installment of the highly recommended Ghostwalker series finds another special heroine, Dahlia Le Blanc, an extraordinary person who is gifted with the powerful ability of telekinesis, being targeted by mysterious assassins and is now fighting for her own life. Dahlia has been living a secluded and peaceful life, but was rudely interrupted by a series of life-threatening circumstances and events. She is not alone though, and meets up with Nicolas Trevane, a warrior who claims that he was sent to protect her. Continuing with the same pace and tempo as the first book The Shadow Game, a new kind of relationship is born and developed through the hero and heroines’ effort to unravel and solve the mystery set before them. Nicolas is the Ghostwalker in this book, and if you were spellbound by the first book and if it left a good impression with you, it is noteworthy to say that you will not be disappointed with the second one. Christine Feehan continues with her unique ability to create a suspenseful atmosphere peppered with lots of action all throughout and does not let up with the scorching romance aspect between Nicolas and Dahlia. What would the ending be between these two fated people?

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