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Publication Order of Gideon Crew Books

By: Lincoln Child, Douglas Preston
Gideon's Sword (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Gideon's Corpse (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lost Island (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beyond the Ice Limit (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Pharaoh Key (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Gideon Crew Series
Gideon Crew is the main character in a thriller series by an American journalist and author, Douglas Preston in collaboration with Lincoln Child. Gideon is a retired thief and a scientist at New Mexico, Los Angeles working for a super-secret agency.

Douglas Preston began his series in 2011 when Gideon’s Sword, the debut novel of the series was published.

Gideon’s Sword

In the debut novel in the series, we have introduced to the man himself, Gideon Crew who witnessed his father gunned down at the age of twelve.
At the age of twenty-four, Gideon is summoned by his dying mother who informs him about his father’s job of vetting in the government project called Thresher. The NSA had signed a project against the will of Gideon’s father. A few months later, the government of Russia broke it. General Tucker, the head of the whole project made a set up so that Gideon’s father was to be blamed. So they murdered him when he attempted to inform the public.

Ten years later we meet Gideon once again in his 30s working at Los Alamos laboratory. All the things he had done in the last decade were in design to enable him to accomplish the promise of avenging his father’s death. He would fulfill this promise by bringing Tucker down. His job enables him to access some vital information which would help him in accomplishing his mission. Gideon finds the letter his father had written to Thresher advising against it, and his revenge came to fulfillment.

After Gideon has fulfilled his goal which has taken him ten years, he is currently in Limbo without a plan of what to do next. He gets recruited in Effective Engineers Solutions organizations by Eli Glinn where he is to carry out a very sensitive mission. The organization wants Gideon to obstruct a Chinese scientist who is escaping to the United States. The scientist has vital information which could be very useful to the U.S government. They believe that the information is on how to develop a new weapon. Since Gideon has done well over the years on such jobs, they trust that he is the best man for that job
He has some experience that he can put into use. Having been a professional thief before, he can change into different personas. He understands the art of tricks and uses his knowledge in social engineering in his favor and know places where he can get people to give him information which he can’t get from his bosses. This will take everything for Gideon to survive this mission.

Gideon’s Corpse

Gideon’s Corpse is the second book in the series and a continuation of Gideon’s Sword. We find Gideon willing to return to his scientist life. Unfortunately, things are not that simple since he is aware that he is suffering from a brain aneurysm and has a few months to live. He sometimes doubts the source of that information which was Glinn and wants to find out the truth of his condition.

Gideon’s plan of returning to his previous life is suspended and assigned a new job at a hostage crisis in Queens, New York. The hostage taker is former Gideon’s colleague named Reed Chalker. Gideon penetrates a street with all kinds of law enforcers and scientists who are willing to take Chalker down. Before he gets close to speak to Chalker, he finds the scientist paranoid and shouting that he is ‘burning.’ Gideon assists in resolving the situation but Chalker is killed and the burning feeling the fear of being poisoned through radiation. Everyone who was in during the killing is quarantined then cleaned up.

After release Gideon unites with an FBI agent, Stone Fordyce, to find a nuclear bomb. An investigation is done in Chalker’s apartment, and many tools which can be used to create a weapon for Islamic terrorists are found. He also appears to have had converted into Islam and had been a member of the Jihadist group. They also find the map of DC and a calendar that shows that the bomb will explode after ten days to come.

Due to the fear that the weapon might be set in the NYC or the Capitol in D.C, Gideon and Fordyce had to be quick to find the area where the bomb is hidden and the person behind it. According to the dairy found in Chalker’s apartment, it seems that less than 10 days are remaining before the terror attack. They chase all the likely leads including a military group located in the Midwest, a potential leak in Los Alamosa and Simon Blaine who is a fiction author. They also conduct an interview on Reed’s ex-wife who is now a member of a particular cult.

Simon Blaine is a confusing suspect as he just one of the famous writers whose work was liked by Chalker and read most of his books. They find it hard to figure out Blaine’s involvement in this case. Besides Gideon finds himself attached to Blaine’s daughter, Alida who teams up with him to clear up her father’s name and assist in finding the real culprits. Things turned when the U.S government exposed that Gideon was involved in Chalker’s plans for the terrorist attack. Some emails are found between Chalker and Gideon showing their support of Islam and protesting an attack for all the Muslim enemies. Gideon knows that all this is not true, but he now has Fordyce and Alida who now doubts his actions, and he is facing a challenge of proving his innocence to them. He also has to unveil that set up against him and stop the terrorist attack before it’s too late.

During his crusade, he uncovers something that is far worse than the nuclear attack. A file named, Operation Corpse is found on Blaine’s laptop which is an outline of a proposed book on the release of the smallpox virus to humanity. Gideon discovers that someone wants to turn fiction into reality to destroy humankind.

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