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Publication Order of Gideon Books

Sleeping with Strangers (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Waking with Enemies (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dying for Revenge (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Resurrecting Midnight (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Finding Gideon (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Eric Jerome Dickey is a prolific American writer who is known for the contemporary African-American life. he was born on 7th July 1961 in Memphis, Tennessee and therefore currently 54 years of age. He has done several crime novels that involve ex-cons, assassins and grifters among others. Eric Jerome Dickey grew up in the southern part of Memphis and attended the Riverview Elementary, Riverview Junior High and Carver High. He graduated with a degree in Computer System Technology from the Memphis State University. He later pursued a career in engineering when he moved to Los Angeles in 1983.

He started a local and national comedy circuit before making his mind to pursue acting and stand-up comedy. Prior to this, he worked in the aerospace industry, where he worked as a software developer at the Rockwell International, ASSD Division. Before he began writing short stories, he started off by writing personal comedy act that was meant for his stand-up comedy. His first publication came in 1994. He has also developed a screenplay that is known as “Cappuccino” that was directed and produced by Craig Ross Jr. This appeared in the coffeehouses around the Los Angeles area. This screen play made its debut on February 1988 at the Magic Johnson Theater in Los Angeles during the Pan-African Film Festival. Some of his novels have featured in the list of the Blackboard. For example, “The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. Eric Jerome Dickey has also featured as a guest on different shows like the CNN’s Sunday Morning Live and BET’s Our Voices.

The Gideon (Series by Eric Jerome Dickey) has a total of four novels. The genesis book of the series is known as “Sleeping with Strangers” while the second book is known as “Waking with Enemies” that were both published 2007 and has 26 editions each. These books are available online and you can always get a copy for more reading. Alternatively, you can read the books online and get to follow the smart story. With only four books in the series, you can easily read the books in a couple of days. Pick your copy today online or at your local bookshop and you will find it very fantastic.

Sleeping with Strangers

This is the pioneer book of the Gideon (Series by Eric Jerome Dickey) that was published on 1st April 2007. It has a total of 336 pages and currently has 26 editions. The protagonist character of the book is known as Gideon. He is described as a hit man since he lives off the grid and always drift along as he makes love on the run. This is because he works as a hit man. The main view of this book is about sex and violence and how Gideon gets his revenge. This drama novel shows how committed a murder in Florida for a fee and has fled to London because he knows things can get ugly soon. On the way there Gideon has a feel for the women. He desires one woman and she doesn’t want him. Gideon soon finds out that there is a hit on him. There is a mix of lust, desire, and murder. For example, Love how Gideon thinks so critically. He has a criminal mind and that helps him on his job that makes everything more interesting because you don’t know what he is planning to do the next minute. The book also has suspense and curiosity. I love how Gideon meets up with his past while running from his present problems. Although he’s strong and tough, he’s a small boy on the inside suffering from his mother’s ill treatment as a child. Throughout the book he realizes no matter where he goes, he is not safe and have to find a resolution for his lifestyle.

This is just a summary of how the troubled Gideon is trying to make ends meets. Life if not comfortable on his side and he therefore has to find the best survival techniques. To continue reading more about Gideon, then get a copy of the book today and you will definitely love it. The novels are available online or locally at the libraries.

Waking with Enemies

This is the second book of the series. The book was first published on 1st August 2007 and has about 26 editions. It has 400 pages and always available online where you can read or purchase your own copy. The main character of the novel is known as Gideon. The novel begins at a point when Gideon is back and the man with the broken nose is still hot on Gideon’s trail in London. He, therefore, needs to find him before the man with the broken nose finds him first. It is a tricky game and things may only be on the safe side for Gideon when he finds him first. The question remains who put a hit out on Gideon, could it be the man he left alive in Tampa, his mother, Arizona, or someone else? This is something that really disturbs him and he cannot be at peace. Gideon also has a steamy sexual tryst with two lovely but yet different women. Both of these women come to him in need of a safe place to be but Gideon begins to wonder if they are friends or enemies and he finds it quite difficult to handle the situation.

This smart book clearly shows that when you do something wrong that guilt will take over. You will be paranoid, you will feel like someone or something is always out to get you, and that it’s just not worth it to do something illegal or something that you know you shouldn’t be doing that isn’t right. It is therefore a great book to anyone above eighteen years. The book is available online at pocket friendly prices. Get it today and you will be amazed by the life, Gideon is undergoing. You can also get the book at the local libraries or bookshop for more advanced reading. Why miss reading this interesting book? Find out how more about the book and you will find the need to read the whole series.

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