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Gilbert and Alys Cunningham Mystery Books In Order

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Publication Order of Gil Cunningham Books

The Harper's Quine (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Nicholas Feast (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Merchant's Mark (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
St Mungo's Robin (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Rough Collier (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Stolen Voice (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Pig of Cold Poison (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Counterfeit Madam (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fourth Crow (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The King's Corrodian (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lanimer Bride (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Gilbert and Alys Cunningham Mystery” series written by Scottish author Pat McIntosh are historical mysteries that are set in medieval period (the fifteenth century) in Glasgow, Scotland. These novels are a departure for McIntosh, as her usual writing are fantasy short stories.

Gilbert Cunningham is a lawyer or notary. Gil’s family wants him to become a priest. He is a young man that struggles with his desire to do what his family wants him to, but at the same time, he knows that he is not a good fit for the priesthood. His uncle, who is named Canon, is a priest.

“The Harper’s Quine” is the first novel in the “Gilbert and Alys Cunningham Murder Mystery” series written by Pat McIntonsh that was released in the year 2004. Gil Cunningham, someone who has just gotten qualified to practice the law, finds a body and is asked to investigate matters. He is able to identify the corpse as he remembers her from the May Day dancing that took place in Glasgow Cross. She was the runaway wife of a nobleman named John Semphill. John is a cruel and unpleasant man. Gil begins looking for the murder weapon along with a French master mason (named Maistre Pierre) who is helping with the building of the Cathedral. It is now that he asks some tough questions. Through the investigation, he is taken to Semphill and the house that he lives in. He finds out about Semphill’s mistress and his men at arms. He has to deal with the constable, musicians, householders, and his feelings that he has for Pierre’s daughter (Alys). She is lively and Gilbert finds her more and more attractive the more he sees her. Pierre and Gil are led to the Isle of Bute because of a second murder that makes things tougher. There are certain elements that they must get past once he gets there. Justice strikes from an odd place when the killer is revealed.

Fans of the novel found this to be an even and detailed read. Some found that it was entertaining to read about Gil figure things out, even though they already had, pages before. The novel was an enjoyable read and made fans of this series for some readers. The novel was easy and entertaining to read. Some liked both Alys’s character and the way that she figures in to the mystery solving. Alys is true to the period, as a character, and is a strong, smart, and capable female character. The other characters in the book were well rounded too. McIntosh even includes the jargon that was used back then in Scotland.

“The Nicholas Feast” is the second novel in the “Gilbert and Alys Cunningham Murder Mystery” series written by Pat McIntonsh that was released in the year 2005. This novel takes place only days after the first novel in the series. Gilbert returns to his old university, Glasgow University, for something called the Nicholas Feast. He and fellow students are entertained with a play that is put on by the current students. William Irvine, one of the actors in the performance, is later found murdered. Gilbert, with the help of Alys, is able to sort through everything that has been going on; which involves some people that tutored William and were his fellow students. It turns out that there is espionage and blackmail going on here. Gilbert and Alys have become betrothed to one another, and this is complicated by the fact that his formidable mother shows up and wants to inspect Alys. She does not approve of Gil marrying her, and wants to see what he is getting into with her. They do not yet realize that she has the final piece to this gigantic puzzle that will unmask and reveal the motives of the murderer, and the murderer themselves.

Fans of the novel found that the best part of the read was the historical elements. The novels excel as both historical fiction and mysteries. She does a great job researching, putting in the details, and is on a solid ground. The novels do a great job of showing the atmosphere of the medieval period. But they are also great as novels overall. This story has a great mystery, the relationship that Gil and Alys have is a great one. This is a great series to read. One that makes fans wish that there were more books released, as they read them as quickly as they can get their hands on them. Surely they read them quicker than McIntosh can write them.

“The Merchant’s Mark” is the third novel in the “Gilbert and Alys Cunningham Murder Mystery” series written by Pat McIntonsh that was released in the year 2006. Augie Morison, Gil Cunningham’s friend, is a merchant. He opens a barrel that he got from the Low Countries, it is supposed to contain books, but has instead a severed head and a treasure. The inquest before the Provost that takes place the next day, ends with Morison being accused and imprisoned for the crime. He calls on Gil to help him clear his name. The trail of the barrel, that Gil follows to find the killer and the dead man, from his father in law to the royal court of King James to cooper’s yard in Linlithgow. It also sees them find another corpse found on the Pentland hills, his body still intact.

Fans of the novel liked the way the characters develop throughout the series; especially the relationship that Alys and Gil have, the way it grows and change through the first three books. There are interesting new characters that interact well with the old ones found in this book. It has strong and likable characters, and takes readers back to another period in time and place. It brings to life a forgotten age. Fans read these books as quickly as they get them, and then want more and more. This is a great series to read, and is recommended for fans of mystery series, whether or not they like historical elements in their mysteries. This novel is full of great suspenseful moments.

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