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Publication Order of Gilda Joyce Books

Gilda Joyce, Psychic Investigator (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ladies of the Lake (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ghost Sonata (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dead Drop (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bones of the Holy (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

Writing mystery novels for much of her career, the American novelist Jennifer Allison is a hugely successful and influential writer. With her having been writing books for a number of years now, she writes for audiences both young and old, as her novels appeal to all ages. Creating much beloved children’s franchises, she focuses on the supernatural as well, with long-running and greatly enjoyed iconic characters. Creating the character of Gilda Joyce, this was one mystery novel series that was particularly suitable for children. Following the mysteries that Gilda Joyce had to solve, it followed her as she works as an undercover-reporter and spy. Not only that, though, but she’s also a psychic investigator, as she uses her supernatural powers of deduction to get to the bottom of the case and solve the mystery.

With the series having amassed five books in total so far, this series had been running strong for quite some time. First debuting in 2005 and running all the way up to 2011, these came out in a relatively short amount of time, but were nonetheless highly successful. Creating a brand of sorts with her character here, Jennifer Allison managed to establish a protagonist who was witty and astute, leaving a legacy that will be appreciated by generations to come.

Gilda Joyce: Psychic Investigator

Originally published in 2005 on the 1st of January, this was initially brought out through the ‘Puffin Books’ publishing label to much acclaim. Setting up the first in the ongoing series of Gilda Joyce novels they follow her career as a psychic investigator and spy. Firmly establishing her character along with all the others, it manages to create a magical world that kids and adults will love.

Many of the supernatural themes and ideas for which Jennifer Allison would become famous for are highly prominent here. Creating the world and the characters she lays out the rules of the franchise in this novel, setting up them up for the reader to follow. Focusing on a strong sense of individuality, particularly that which is seen in the main protagonist, is something of a familiar theme to Allison as well. The location of San Francisco is also very well realized as well, with it being a seemingly obvious point of reference for Jennifer Allison. With the Gothic ambiance and tone of the novel it really manages to take its surrounding environment and work it into the overall story. Becoming a character in of itself almost it really manages to come to life, as it perfectly juxtaposes the action going on throughout. In regards to the cast as well, they are really well utilized too, as they manage to play off each other well, along with each others initial perceptions and judgments. The uncle and the daughter are the ideal foil for Gilda Joyce, as their personalities clash somewhat over the course of the novel. Gilda Joyce herself is an eccentric and quirky personality who is a bit of an outcast, largely due to her abilities and her interest in the supernatural.

In the wake of father’s death many years ago, Gilda Joyce has been honing her skills as a psychic in order to communicate with the supernatural realm. Visiting relatives in San Francisco she soon discovers that her uncle and his daughter require psychic services of their own. With a long-suffering and tortured ghost stalking their home in torment, it’s up to Gilda to put it to rest once and for all. Will she be able to uncover the family secret, though? Why is the ghost so upset? Just what does it entail to be a psychic investigator?

Gilda Joyce: The Ladies of the Lake

Brought out through the ‘Dutton Children’s Books’ publishing house this time, this was to be the follow up adventure for Gilda Joyce. Providing another case for her to solve it takes her character forwards, whilst developing it in the process, giving her a greater level of depth. Establishing the world she inhabits to a greater level as well, it provides a more detailed look at her life for loyal fans of the series.

With more of Jennifer Allison’s trademark wit and sense of fun, this goes along at a light and entertaining pace. Knowing how to cater to her young audience well, Allison has managed to take the mystery novel and make it accessible for younger readers. This means it’s not too dense, yet still engaging at the same time, still with many of her entertaining and playful ideas still there. Setting the action in an all girl’s Catholic school this time, it once again really makes the most of its location. Coming into contact with a lot of the other children, the outsider status of Gilda Joyce really becomes apparent here too. Contrasting the characters against their environment, it manages to bring the reader in and make them feel a part of it all. With Gilda Joyce herself as the central protagonist, it manages once more to convey her quirky and eccentric charm to the young readers. Providing a good role-model of ‘always being true to yourself’, it’s also a positive message to send out too. Celebrating her individuality, it manages to allow her to flourish over the course of the novel, developing to a greater depth in the process.

There’s a mysterious death that’s occurred at a Catholic all girl’s school, a death that would appear to require Gilda Joyce’s particular set of skills. It could really be that ‘Our Lady of Sorrows’ is, in actual fact, haunted by none other the ghost of one Dolores Lambert. On the other hand it may be that the entire student body there is really suffering from a mass group hysteria that’s taken over everybody. Will Gilda Joyce be able to solve the mystery? How did the death really occur? What will become of the ladies of the lake?

The Gilda Joyce Series

For readers both young and old, these are ideal family friendly novels that will appeal to all age groups, with both adults and children alike. Following many of the standard tropes of the mystery detective genre, it manages to keep readers guessing throughout, right up until the final page. Not only that, but its fantasy elements will ensure that it remains a timeless classic for many years to come.

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