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Sexy like the books which she writes, telling it as it is or should have been or could be, and dyed in the wool bibliophile, Gillian Archer is an American author. Archer specializes in romance and erotica, a niche which has endeared her to many fans in both the book authorship circles and elsewhere across the world. She has written several books that touch on a primal subject which has been there since time immemorial–sex or, better yet, love. Her books are characterized by characters who at times chance upon their heartthrobs and make spontaneous decisions to wow and woo them, sometimes in seemingly awkward or risky settings which are out-and-out primal. Sometimes this is against their better judgement.

As a matter of fact, the characters are torn between priorities and subservient things which cannot be ignored, between wariness and throwing caution to the wind, and whether to ignore their flames or yield to them. Of course, passion carries the day. Romantic books written by Gillian Archer are renowned for their audacity to tackle issues which are otherwise off-limits to mainstream authors. Archer’s books range from her steamy series, especially True Brothers, MC series which is arguably her finest work; to racy standalone novels to an appealingly naughty collection which she co-authored with notable romance writers Shermaine Williams and Maggie Nash.

Gillian Archer’s Personal Life
Who is this woman of letters behind the books with sex romps fit for tempting celibate priests? Meet Gillian Archer. She was born in the United States. Archer is currently domiciled in the United States but has lived in foreign countries for about four years. She has been reading romantic for as long as she can remember. For instance, by the time she was aged twelve, she had developed an insatiable passion for romance literature. This is highlighted by the fact that, by then, she used to steal romance books from her mother. She was underage and knew there would be dire consequences if her mother chanced upon her reading romantic content meant for adults. And thus, to avoid detection and being reprimanded by the concerned mother, she used to read them while pretending to be asleep, camouflaged by blankets, and using a flashlight all the while.

Reading her mother’s romance collection discreetly did not spark an interest in Gillian Archer. In fact, the urge to start writing did not gnaw at Archer until after more than a decade and during her marriage life. She acknowledges her husband for challenging her to try her hand at writing romance literature. Archer acquired university education. In this context, she has a Bachelor of Arts degree even though, unexpectedly, she pursued a totally unrelated subject–mining engineering. Despite the degree, Archer’s past time is writing. Her hobbies include cooking meals which augur bad for her weight, curling up with her house (Archer seemingly gets inspiration from doing this and, apparently, this is one of her writing rituals), and watching television, especially reality shows. Gillian Archer, her husband, and their two pet dogs are currently living in Nevada.

A Summary of Ruthless book by Gillian Archer
Gillian Archer has so far written two series namely True Brothers, MC, and Pleasure. However, True Brothers, MC is not only the most sought-after among the two, but also among the most notable literary work of Gillian Archer. The first book in the True Brothers, MC series of books by Gillian Archer is entitled Ruthless and the only editions, digital versions (Kindle edition and ebook), were published in April 2016 by Loveswept, an imprint of Random House. The book is shelved under contemporary romance genre.

The featured protagonist in Ruthless is Jessica Miller while the contagonist is called Zag. The launch pad of the meeting between Miller and Zag is a pre-planned blind date. Once their dinner is over, the primal instinct in Zag, a sexy and dominant male who associates himself with a motorcycling club called True Brothers, MC, arouses him to attempt a crazy thing at the car park. It might be the right thing and right time but it is at the wrong place. After Jessica Miller has tasted him and his goods, she is reluctant to let go, to love and leave him.

Like the other members of the exclusive motorcycle club, the True Brothers, MC, Zag is as hardy man as they come. He is looking forward to have merely a nice moment with the curious and attractive but innocent woman. But contrary to his hopes, Zag opens up to Jessica and the two lovebirds become mutual. Just when she is soothing away his heartaches, an adversary who is eyeing Jessica throws a monkey wrench in their relationship. Zag must now man up because she is his lover.

A Summary of Rebellious by Gillian Archer
The second book in the True Brothers, MC, series is titled Rebellious. This book authored by Gillian Archer was published in ebook and Kindle versions in September 2016 by Loveswept. The featured protagonist is Emily Clark while the contagonist is a male biker called Reb. This book is all about passion and the extremes which a lover can go or risk their lives in the quest for protecting the loved ones.

Reb is a sexy bad boy and has a penchant for a black leather jacket and gloves, and a Harley motorcycle. Reb is a single parent and his exceptional way of connecting with his child has mesmerized Clark, who has been spying on him. Clark falls for Reb hook, line and sinker and she could give her eye teeth to associate with him. On the one hand, she is not ready to sacrifice her labored for freedom at the altar of her feelings for him. On the other hand, Reb is the president of and royal to their bikers’ club. What’s more, he has priorities and his child tops the list– to him, albeit at the beginning, Clark is an option. The two lovers’ worlds collide when Clark’s life is threatened by a prowler and Clark wants to be a lone ranger contrary to Reb’s eagerness to help her.

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