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Grit (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Door to January (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lies They Tell (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Missing Season (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sugaring Off (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Gillian French is a promising writer, who has already published three teen novels; Grit, Door to January Lies they Tell. French’s short fiction was featured in Creepy Campfire Story, an EMP Publishing Anthology. The short story was also featured in several other prints including Sanitarium Magazine, Tales of Extreme Horror and Realm Beyond. Gillian French holds a Bachelor’s of Art in English from Maine University. Currently, Gillian French resides with her sons and husband in Maine, where she constantly works on her next novel.

Gillian French Best Books
Grit is an extremely solid and intense narrative, which features a dark tale that is not only sharp but also rugged as well. All the characters in Grit are extremely flawed. Some of the characters were more flawed than all the other characters. Author Gillian French has done a brilliant task of ensuring that the readers are taken to Sasanoa, a small fictional town, which is located next to Penobscot River. Sanasoa is a tiny community, where as expected everyone knows each other’s business. Both young and old hear one’s life, and what he or she makes out of it. At the center of Grit is a missing girl. Up to a year ago, Rhiannon was Darcy’s closest friend. Despite the fact that Darcy and Rhiannon were not the best of friends, the two used to chat, hangout and also talk about their peers, visit the local drive-in cinema, get drunk or drink booze at the local quarry.

While at school, Darcy became extremely uncomfortable with Rhiannon, when she began inquiring about Nell, her cousin. It does not take long before Darcy’s life takes a downhill plunge, after Rhiannon mysteriously disappears into thin air. On the night Rhiannon disappeared, Darcy was with her other go-to friend Kat. No one in Sanasoa knows where Rhiannon had gone to and if they do, no one seems to be talking. Summer is fast approaching, which in turn means that it is harvesting time. During the summer, Darcy works at a blueberry farm, where she makes some cash for herself. Darcy needs the cash to purchase a new set of school uniform and books before she begins her senior year. Darcy lives with her mother and Mag her elder sister.

When Darcy was only 11 years old, her father passed away in a tragic accident. This, in turn, meant that the two have to fend for themselves. Darcy, her mother, and her sister have been doing okay. However, they do not have so much. Many at times, the money that the family makes is spent on clearing bills or purchasing cigarettes. Darcy’s mother is usually idle, and there are instances when she does not purchase food. There are instances when there is no milk in the fridge. In a trailer that is located a few meters from their house, lives Libby, Darcy’s aunt and Nell her daughter. Despite being extremely simple, Nell is lovely. She is also extremely smart, truthful and extremely beautiful. Nell is 19 years old but is still treated like a ten-year-old by her mother. Darcy loves to spend her time with Nell and Mags. Darcy is extremely protective that her towards her cousin, but not in the same manner as her mother.

Irrespective of the fact that Rhiannon disappeared so many years ago, Darcy cannot run away from Rhiannon’s shadow. As work starts, a police car turns up at the blueberry farm, and rumors begin spreading around. People begin to ask whether Rhiannon has been found or whether the local police have leads about her disappearance. Later on in the day, the local police eventually turn up at Darcy’s home to ask them more questions. Day in day out, Rhiannon’s disappearance haunts Darcy. The police are not willing to let the case go, and the believe that Darcy might be hiding something.

However, Darcy knows that there is something that she is not telling her family. Due to the fact that Darcy is hiding a big secret, which would not only pose a threat to her family but also the entire town, Darcy decides to bury the secret by running away. Darcy goes out with friends who were willing to do anything just for fun and also to laugh. This meant, making out with boys and lots of other things. However, Darcy is willing to protect her cousin Nell at all cost. From the first page, Grit is a painful and truthful attempt at making the readers look beneath the surface. Not everything in Grit is what it seems. Without a crucial support system guiding Darcy to do the correct thing, either by family or friends, Darcy is forced to make decisions which are defeatist. Gillian French has undeniably proven her worth with this extremely dark, gritty and deep tale, which is full of twists and turns.

Door to January
In Door to January, author Gillian French introduces the readers to Natalie. Natalie has constantly been having nightmares about a tragic event, which happened more than four years ago. However, the nightmares are not the only things that are weighing her down. Natalie is constantly lured to an old house that they used to live in when she was still a kid. Thus, Natalie one day decides it is his high time to face her fears and heads back to her old town. One day, Natalie packs her belonging and heads to her hometown. Upon arrival, Natalie heads to her aunt’s place. Teddy, Natalie’s cousin, is the only person who knows the main reason as to why Natalie has returned to her hometown. Teddy and Natalie eventually agree to visit their old home and eventually set up a video recorder.

From here onwards, extremely weird things begin happening. Author, Door to January has three points of views. In Door to January, author Gillian uses Natalie’s point of view, the dream and the flashbacks in time as well. With that said, author Gillian presents both the current and the old mysteries in an exceptional manner. By making use of small hits of romance, author Gillian was able to fully develop the characters. Overall, Door to January is a brilliantly written book that features well developed and all-rounded characters.

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