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Publication Order of Gold Books

Gold / Gold Digger (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fools Gold (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Diamond Geezer (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rough Diamonds (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Queen of Diamonds (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Forever Diamonds (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Tony Lambrianu Books

Gillian Godden is a crime and fiction Indie writer born in London, The UK. She’s also an NHS key worker at a local inner city medical center in East Hull, East Yorkshire, England. She gets all kinds of patients, and each day differs from the previous one.

Gillian offers care to her patients as most people rely on her help to get guidance and support. They are dedicated to providing help to the people who need their help. She spent thirty years of her life in the East End of London listening to stories about the local striptease clubs.

She resorts to writing to relieve all day’s stresses

Dangerous Games
Dangerous Games is the first in the Tony Lambrianu series. Annette is a young blonde beautiful but bored lady. She lives in the family vineyard with her husband and son, and life is far from what she expected. She craves a more lively life and travels to London with her lover and the boy only to realize that the streets aren’t as pleasing as she thought.

Since Antonias was taken from home by his mother at night, he is fighting to survive. He also understands that money gives one power and sees himself as having a better future. Soon his past meets his present and unexpectedly gives him new opportunities accompanied by new threats.

Antonias focuses on emerging triumphant, but the danger is roaming everywhere, and the stakes seem high. Everyone around him appears to be playing dangerous games, and Antonia is one of them. Antonia and his brother Jake are now in charge of protection for East London pubs and have just redesigned an old west End building previously used as a nightclub where the rich are respected.

Before, their life was very different, and as the reader gets to know them, seeing the hell they experienced while young, living in the streets and starting to live as ‘feral.’ The author takes you through the journey interestingly and excitingly.

Jake and Antonia survived a lot and loved Elle, Sharon, and Tony’s grandmother but kept their wits about themselves.

Dangerous games is a gritty and powerful story perfect for fans of gangland crime. It’s a story of selfishness, love, betrayal, and cruelty. Who will finally emerge as the winner? Be sure to be sucked in the right from the beginning keeping you hooked to the last page.

The characters are well developed, adding more flesh to the story. The setting and the storyline are brilliant enough to keep the reader engaged.

Nasty Business
Nasty Business is the second in the Tony Lambrianu series. Tony owns so many qualities, including daring, brave, and ruthless. These qualities have driven him and Jake Sinclair to the top in London’s corrupt but lucrative underworld. Jake and Tony are looking forward to refurbishing the nightclub they acquired.

They’re currently running a high-end west nightclub where he got his newfound status with a chain of beautiful ladies at arm’s length. The nightclub operates with a money laundering system on the side, and now they are about to add strip club nights where they’ll be charging an entry fee to make more profits.

However, despite his success, Tony still feels he doesn’t get the respect he deserves and the class he has always admired. The boy in him who used to live on the streets is not too away from the new him.
Feeling desperate to be recognized, he feels the urge to achieve more and more. Above all, tony craves acceptance of Ralph Gold and to become a more significant part of his wide web of planned crime.
He faces his enemies fearlessly, winning battles, knowing that turning out to be among the undisputed bosses of the London underworld is a nasty business, but what will they do? It’s the only Business Tony and Jake understands, and they are not prepared to give up until they succeed.

Nasty Business is a gang thriller novel with lots of crime, drama, violence, and actions. The characters are well developed to keep the readers hooked to the end. Nasty Business is a perfect book for anyone looking for a gripping , compelling and twisty novel.

There is both dark and dry humor blended in with real and gritty crime scenes. The author did an excellent job explaining the story to make it an easy read.
Dirty Dealings

Even though Tony Lambrianu may appear his life is going well, being the kingpin of the gangland empire, he has to ensure the empire is safe. Betrayal and deceit are everywhere, and no one is what they appear to be.

There are threats from all sides, and he almost realizes who his real enemies are. In the meantime, Katie and Scarlet Lambrianu have their eyes set on discovering their life ambition. Their dream is to build their empire and establish a Lambrianu legacy of their own.

Tony faces a huge life challenge as he struggles between personal survival and keeping his family safe. At this point, the danger is luckily to come from any corner. Will the empire be brought down? Everyone appears to seek last resort in dirty dealings. How far can Tony go to avoid the heartbreaking consequences in the empire goes down? Who can he trust in these challenging moments?

The author takes the reader through the journey with the characters during both good and bad times. The family goes through real-life situations and is there to sort the issues out.

Gillian wrote the story well with passion, including the theme of family. She also throws in some surprises to keep the reader at the edge of their seat. Dirty dealing is a compelling story where its characters come to life, keeping the reader engaged.

For readers looking for an emotional roller coaster ride, Dirty Dealings is your type of book. The story is both heartwarming and heartbreaking, making it feel more real. It’ll have you both laughing and crying at the same time.

There is excellent humor which makes the story more outstanding. It’s the kind of book that leaves the reader craving for more of the story. The twists and turns will make you guess what will happen next.

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