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About Gina Chung

Gina Chung is a Korean-American author of literary fiction whose work has been widely appreciated and acclaimed for its brilliance. Stories crafted by Gina allow readers to be enthralled by characterization and protagonists.

Gina’s unique ability to create captivating stories with beautiful narratives give life to her writing. Characters that follow a series of events in her stories take the reader on a journey, allowing them to experience a wide range of emotions and actions.

Drawing on her imaginative gifts for storytelling, Gina Chung has successfully established herself as a dominant voice in the literary fiction industry. Her stories captivate readers, giving them a glimpse into the everyday life of her characters, taking them along for the ride. As a result, her writing has been praised by both critics and fans where her work has been featured.

Delving deeper into her creativity, Gina Chung has a wonderful ability to combine stories and characters, uniquely intertwining them together to create a captivating narrative. Characters developed in her stories are thoroughly explored, providing readers with insight into their lives. Furthermore, complex and engaging stories are thoroughly crafted, rhythmically pulling readers in for the duration of the piece.

She is able to create something truly special in her writing, creating protagonists that the reader sometimes feel they know in real life, as if a long lost friend has become vivid in pages. Through a strong foundation of hard work and determination, she is able to intertwine fascinating pieces of narrative with a unique take on characters within her works. Making her stories fresh and inviting for readers, she provides narratives inspired by her own outlook and experiences.

Using elements of fantasy and science-fiction, Gina Chung is able to explore and uncover deeper and more personal truths of the human experience. Through vivid and creative stories, she offers readers a unique and meaningful journey into other worlds that can relate to and reflect in our own realities. As a result, her fantasy and science-fiction inspires readers to think more deeply about their lives and their experience with characters that resonate with them.

Gina Chung’s delightful collection of work is testament to her talent and unique approach to her writing. Her skillful composition of stories and characters craft a memorable journey for readers, one blended in with memorable moments that the audience can connect with. Connecting readers to the characters, stories, and genre in a meaningful way.

Early and Personal Life

Gina Chung, an acclaimed Korean-American writer, was born and raised in New Jersey. An insatiable reader since early childhood, Chung broadened her horizons by discovering worlds through books and stories. Driven to understand more, she honed her craft and went on to pursue her Master’s of Fine Arts in fiction from the New School.

Chung’s writing has been recognized by numerous awards. Among them is the Pushcart Prize, and even the prestigious 2021-2022 Center for Fiction/Susan Kamil Emerging Writer Fellowship. Now living in New York City, the author continues to grow and create brilliant work.

Chung’s writing often draws from her own experiences. Through her works, she has created a unique style that’s very much hers and hers alone. Working to inspire, Chung’s efforts have been successful, and many have found solace and validation in her work, helping to create a more inclusive, diverse community.

Writing Career

Gina Chung has established a successful career as a writer, having had her work featured in publications such as The Kenyon Review, Catapult, and Gulf Coast. She has been duly recognized for her work, as she has been the recipient of numerous literary awards like the American Short(er) Fiction Contest, the Los Angeles Review Literary Awards, and the Ploughshares Emerging Writer’s Contest.

To date, Chung has published her debut story collection Green Frog (Vintage) as well as her first novel Sea Change in 2023. Thankfully, this is only the beginning of Chung’s writing career as she still regularly contributes to other publications like Indiana Review, Idaho Review, The Rumpus, Pleiades, F(r)iction, and Wigleaf. It’s sure to be exciting to follow Chung’s future successes.

Sea Change

Gina Chung published her literary novel Sea Change on March 28, 2023 with Vintage. This ambitious work combines elements from both science-fiction and fantasy genres to create a unique world and captivating narrative. Readers were wowed by the vivid imagery and strong storytelling of the novel, making it an instant classic. Published on Kindle through Picador as well, it is also an audiobook with Jeena Yi narrating.

Ro, feeling listless in her thirties, was struggling with the disintegration of her relationship and her estrangement from her mother. She was holding a menial job in a mall aquarium and drowning her sorrow in her own concoction, the sharktini. With her best friend preparing for her upcoming wedding, all that remained in her life that reminded her of her long-lost father was Dolores, the giant Pacific octopus.

When Dolores is purchased by a wealthy investor, it awakens Ro’s trauma of her youth and is the impetus for her to their reconcile her past and find her place in the world.

This book was truly captivating – it had an incredibly gripping and heartfelt plot from the very beginning. Ro’s story of a turbulent journey to find herself and piece her life back together resonated deeply. It’s uplifting to see her reconnect with her roots and develop her character. A timeless book with a heartfelt theme, it is sure to be enjoyed by all readers. The unforgettable characters and adventures make this tale a must-read.

Other Writing

Her previous work can be found across the web, shining light on fresh perspectives. In The Prompt, readers can find her work on acclaimed artist David Hockney, and in the Indiana Review her short-story titled ‘The Sound of Water’ can be encountered. Furthermore, there are abundant non-fiction essays and articles, as well as a series of interviews, all of which provide testament to her literary prowess. As more releases surface in the future, the author is destined to become an ever-increasing important figure to watch.

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