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The Skinnytaste Cookbook (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Skinnytaste Meal Planner (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Skinnytaste Fast and Slow (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Skinnytaste One and Done (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Skinnytaste Air Fryer Cookbook (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Skinnytaste Meal Prep (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Eslite Life Air Fryer Cookbook (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Skinnytaste Ultimate Meal Planner (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Skinnytaste Air Fryer Dinners (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Skinnytaste Simple (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Gina Homolka is a photographer, author and recipe developer who has made her name as the chief blogger of the cooking website
The website features family friendly, delicious, low fat and healthy recipes several times a week. She also runs Skinny Bits, where she answers questions on cooking, gives health tips, and does reviews.

Homolka’s cooking career began in 2008 when she had the idea to marry photography and great food, which are two of her greatest passions. It is from this that she developed Skinnytaste which has become a website that attracts more than 3 million visitors every month.

What makes her so popular is that she makes healthy food that does not sacrifice any of the flavor that is to be found in the original full fat versions. She has said that she has to make her food flavorful as this is what she cooks for family and friends, who can be her toughest critics.

Homolka embarked on her journey as a cookbook author, recipe developer and home cook in 2007 as she had always loved making healthy recipes. She was brought up by parents who loved to cook and from a very young age, she would join them in the kitchen.

As a home cook, she always dreamed of helping people make delicious, high quality, simple yet healthy meals at home. Her focus when writing her cookbooks and recipes has always been about making healthy and easy to prepare meals using lots of colors, lean protein and in season produce.
When Gina Homolka first embarked on her journey, it was all about losing some weight so as to be ready for her upcoming wedding. But when she started searching online, everything seemed unappealing and very processed.

It was at this time that she decided to revamp many dishes on her rotation and started documenting her work on her blog. Over the years, she has used all manner of flavors but prefers to keep things fresh and simple, even if she uses high quality ingredients.

Having worked in the food industry for such a long time, Gina Homolka believes the key to creating a great dish is to make something with seasonal and fresh ingredients, which always results in something delicious.

As someone who is half Latina, she loves to go back to her Latin roots to prepare cuisine classics such as tacos, churrasco, beans and rice. She always makes certain that she makes her meals using seasonal and fresh ingredients and this is what makes it possible to create meals with lots of color that are delicious and flavorful.

As a person who once struggled with weight, she loves to visit unhealthy food focused websites to get some inspiration. She has used the ideas from these sites to get some of her most popular dishes. Gina Homolka also listens to her fanbase to identify the interest of home cooks.

Gina wrote “The Skinnytaste Cookbook” in 2014 and the work would go on to become a bestseller. She now makes her home in Oceanside New York, where she lives with her husband and two children.

“The Skinnytaste Cookbook” by Gina Homolka is one of the most trusted cookbooks that provides flavorful and easy recipes that are made of easy to find and all natural low calorie ingredients. On Skinnytaste, she has provided go to slimmed down recipes that have made her one of the most popular home cook authors.
She writes a recipe of creamy, cheesy Fettuccini Alfredo with Broccoli and Chicken that surprisingly has only 420 calories. Her breakfast recipes such as Muffins with Make-Ahead Western Omelet will fill one up for hours while the butter free and low sugar Double Chip Walnut cookies are delicious.
The cookbook comes with more than 100 awesome recipes that most people have never had the opportunity to make. These are recipes that Gina used to slim down for her wedding when she could not find any recipes in her Weight Watchers Program.

She decided to start skinny frying the best recipes she could find and soon started losing weight without having to give up her favorite foods. The cookbook comes with detailed nutritional information and more than 100 exceptional photographs.
It is a great source of joy inducing and fulfilling meals that any home cook will revel in.

Gina Homolka’s “Skinnytaste Fast and Slow” is a collection of 60 high nutrition and low fat recipes that can be prepared in half an hour or less. These are slow cooker meals that can be easily assembled and include healthy morning, lunch and dinner fare.

Her healthy morning meals include slow and fast breakfasts such as five ways to make quick toasts with avocado, and chocolate swirls with slow cooker banana bread. If You are a fan of hearty one bowl recipes, there are butternut apple soup on slow cooker assorted stews, chilis and artichokes with shrimp and quinoa.
The cookbook comes with pasta and squash combined with zucchini and noodles, meatless meals, assorted tacos, seafood and fish, meat dishes and poultry. You can also enjoy a variety of desserts and side dishes.

Homolka also includes the cooking speeds for the various dishes and helpfully labels her recipes as freezable, vegetarian, dairy free or gluten free. “Slow Cooker Secrets” and “Fast Cooking Basics” sections come with useful tips on how homecooks can manage their time.
They also include pre planned healthy recipes in easy to assemble dishes for when one does not have time for meticulous planning but still wants to eat healthy. Using Gina’s strategies, home cooks can make delicious balanced meals even when they are constricted by time.

“Skinnytaste One and Done” by Gina Homolka is a collection of 140 recipes for homecooks seeking healthy and easy dinner time recipes. Homolka uses flavor-forward and healthy recipes that include some of the most popular ways to cook.

These are recipes that may be made with a multi cooker, sheet pan or anything in between. Regardless of whether you are eating for health or are looking to lose weight, this is a work that will simplify your dinner routine while proving immensely satisfying.

Making meals in one vessel means minimal fuss and cleanup for those days you are too tired for intricate recipes. This is a cookbook that is organized by the vessel used to prepare a meal that includes everything from an airfryer, instant pot, slow cooker, sheet pan, skillet and Dutch oven.
As is often the case, her recipes are light on calories and big on flavor. The cookbook also comes with 120 full color photographs, the author’s signature cooking tips and nutritional information for every recipe.

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